Canton Cover-Up Part 47: Plow Driver Who Went By 34 Fairview Road And Never Reported Seeing Body Is Selectman’s Brother, Friends With Albert Family


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It is alleged in the case of Commonwealth vs. Karen Read that the defendant dropped off her boyfriend John O’Keefe at 34 Fairview Road somewhere between 12:20 and 12:45 AM, before intentionally murdering him with a 3 point turn which propelled his 217 pound body 12 feet from the curb next to a flagpole.

Karen Read apparently felt confident enough that bumping him with the back of her car would sufficiently kill him, and that he would not get up, walk inside the house, and alert the house full of law enforcement friends and family that his girlfriend had just tried to murder him.

She then drove home, deleted all Ring footage of her arriving at the house (which would’ve shown the state of her tail light), and intentionally left an incriminating voicemail with the boyfriend she assumed was dead, telling him that she hated him.

At 5 AM she went out to meet up with Kerry Roberts and Jen McCabe to search for him more. Miraculously she was the only one in their party to see his large body illuminated by the 2 inches of snow that had fallen, despite the fact that there was nothing obstructing his body, the only reason they were out to begin with was to look for his body, and she had allegedly told McCabe and Roberts that she had hit O’Keefe with her car.

This is how much snow there was on the ground at that time):

This is where his body was found:

We know as a matter of fact that over a dozen people were inside the house and left after Karen Read allegedly killed O’Keefe.

We know that not one of these people claims to have seen his body.

We know that it would have been physically impossible for people to have not seen his body, especially if they were driving south on Fairview, which all of them would have, including Jen and Matt McCabe who were giving Sarah Levinson and Julie Nagel rides home at 1:47 AM in order to pass by O’Keefe’s home at 1 Meadows Ave.

We know that this means one of two things:

  1. All of these people are lying about not seeing a body.
  2. O’Keefe’s body was not on the lawn when the final guests left at 1:47 AM.

If #1 is true then Karen Read could have killed John O’Keefe, or his body could have been planted there after 1:47 AM. This would require all parties to be involved in a lie that they repeated to police and the grand jury.

The second option is therefore much more believable as people inside the house like Levinson and Nagel could conceivably not have known what happened to O’Keefe, and told the truth about not having seen his body.

But what is being lost in all this is that if Karen Read had left John O’Keefe to die at 12:30 AM before discovering his body at 6 AM, then anyone driving down that street during that five and a half hour time period would’ve also seen his body. Although most people do not drive in the middle of the night during the beginning of a snow storm, some people work municipal or state jobs that require them to be out when most others are sleeping.

The most obvious among them are plow drivers.

There is no mention of Michael Proctor speaking to anyone from the Canton DPW or trying to track down whoever plowed Fairview Road that night anywhere in any PUBLIC documents. We have requested the official police report from the State Police but have not heard back. We called Canton DPW Superintendent Michael Trotta, but he has not returned our calls.

But despite this obvious obstruction from town officials and the State Police, we found out who the plow driver that night was anyway. This is Brian “Lucky” Loughran.

Brian is a lifelong Canton resident who lives close to Fairview Road. His brother Michael sits on the Board of Selectmen with Chris Albert, alongside Town Administrator Charles Doody.

Doody’s daughter and Albert’s son were both inside 34 Fairview Road on the night John O’Keefe was killed.

Chris Albert’s campaign received $100 from Michael Loughran, as well as donations from Chief Ken Berkowitz (who “found” tail light evidence a week later and pressured a reporter to remove Brian Albert’s name from a tweet about where O’Keefe’s body was found), Canton Police Officer Kevin Albert, Jill Daniels, Brian Albert, Matt McCabe, State Rep William Galvin, Kerry Roberts, and a generous $500 donation from a teacher named Dwight Seaman.

Brian “Lucky” Loughran graduated high school with Chris Albert and is well liked in town, but known to be a little bit “off.” A search for his name in Stoughton District Court shows 17 civil actions in which he was the defendant, including a number of judgements against him totally tens of thousands of dollars.

Lucky used to work for Chris and D&E pizza, but also does plowing for the town. Sources tell us that the Alberts picked on him because he was slow, but accepted him as one of their own.

We know through multiple sources in Canton that Lucky was the person who plowed Fairview Road multiple times between 12:30 AM and 6 AM.

We know that the Commonwealth has alleged that John O’Keefe was lying outside of 34 Fairview Road at that time.

We know that if Lucky had seen a body, he would have to stop driving, and report that to authorities.

We know that he did not do that, therefore we can assume that he did not see O’Keefe’s body, which would have been physically impossible if a body were there.

We know that plow drivers are instructed to be well aware of their surroundings so as to not hit anything, and that John O’Keefe’s body was allegedly in plain view, 12 feet from the road, next to a fire hydrant.

We are told by sources that Brian Albert is believed to have called Lucky Loughran personally after the McCabes left, knowing that Lucky would do anything for the Albert family asking him to plow Fairview Road.

We know that ADA Adam Lally and Judge Beverly Cannone have gone to great lengths in order to make sure that Brian Albert’s cellphone is not handed over for forensic analysis.

We know that the initial plan, prior to seeing Karen Read’s tail light broken, was to suggest that John O’Keefe was accidentally hit by a plow.

We know that at 2:27 AM Jennifer McCabe Googled “how long to die in snow,” knowing that O’Keefe’s body was about to be staged on the lawn, and needing to make sure that Karen Read did not find him before enough time had passed.

We know that no one from Canton Police or the State Police made any attempt to reach out to Brian Loughran to ask him about any of this.

We are told by sources that although Loughran initially had told multiple people about not seeing O’Keefe’s body that morning, he has since refused to talk about what he saw.

Lucky Loughran is currently grieving the loss of his wife Michelle, who died in April. We know that Chris Albert has been publicly offering condolences and help.

We know that prior to John O’Keefe dying Lucky was not Facebook friends with many Alberts, but since then has become Facebook friends with several of them.

We know that Jill Daniels had been friends with his wife for many years.

I’m sorry that Brian Loughran lost his wife, but for more than a year he has withheld evidence that not only can exonerate Karen Read, but bring John O’Keefe’s murderers to justice. Doing that makes him complicit with cop killers, and his silence makes him just as evil as the rest of them. I do understand that he likely fears the Albert family, which is why I told him that I would not mention his name if he didn’t want me to. But he told me that he would not be answering any of my questions.

“I’m not answering any questions anymore.”

Anymore? I hadn’t asked him any questions yet. Whose questions did he already answer? I know as a fact that a source who is in touch with federal investigators told them everything that I just reported in this blog. It is likely that Lucky has been contacted by them, and possibly subpoenaed by the grand jury. He is by far the most critical witness in this case, and refusing to tell investigators what he saw is a crime.

There is no reasonable explanation for why Michael Proctor has not interviewed Brian Loughran (we have put in a request for a police report that we hope will give us more answers), other than this being yet another example of Proctor orchestrating the coverup. If ANY of this is untrue then I am BEGGING Brian Loughran, Michael Proctor, or anyone else involved in this coverup to sue me personally.


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