Canton Cover-Up Part 58: Michael Proctor Used Video Surveillance, Cell Phones, Eye Witnesses In Milton Murder Investigation, Failed To Do So With Karen Read Case



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Michael Proctor, Adam Lally, and Beverly Cannone are all central figures in three open murder cases in Norfolk Superior Court – Karen Read, Brian Walshe, and a Milton rapper named Myles King. The way these cases have been handled by the lead prosecutor, detective, and judge have been completely different though.

Myles King is awaiting trial in Norfolk Superior Court on charges that he murdered a man named Marquis Simmons in Milton in 2021.

The lead investigator in that case is none other than State Police Detective Michael Proctor, the CONFLICTED lead investigator in the Karen Read murder trial. Based off of a reading of the charging documents in the Myles King case, Proctor has put significantly more effort into finding out who killed Marquis Simmons than he has for finding out who killed John O’Keefe. Here is the 11 page charging document: (19)

The first thing police did after hearing from witnesses that a car driven by the suspects had turned onto Blue Hills Parkway, was retrieve video surveillance from Blue Hills Parkway.

In the case of Karen Read detectives were told by Matt McCabe and several other witnesses that Karen Read was facing south on Fairview Road. Yet not one of the hundreds of homes, businesses, MBTA stations, or other buildings had their surveillance videos pulled to see if Karen Read had a broken tail light. The only institution that did have video pulled was the Canton Library, except their video had missing video from the exact moment that Karen Read drove boy.

From there Proctor’s next step was to speak with a witness who lived near Myles King.

The primary eye witness in the Karen Read trial should be Brian “Lucky” Loughran, the man who plowed Fairview Road multiple times between 12:30 AM and 6 AM on January 29, 2022, and stated that he did NOT see a body lying on the lawn of 34 Fairview Road. Michael Proctor has never even made an attempt to speak with him.

Proctor was much more thorough in finding out who killed Marquis Simmons because it’s a lot easier to put away some shitbag rapper of no consequence than it is to put away a well connected Boston Police Sergeant. In order to get justice for Marquis Simmons Trooper Proctor went door to door asking civilians to look at their surveillance videos until he found what he was looking for.

Trooper Proctor has never knocked on the doors of anyone living on Fairview Road, or any of the other streets Karen Read would’ve driven down after allegedly killing John O’Keefe to see if they had video surveillance. He and Bukhenik did knock on the doors of residents of Cedarcrest and Dedham Street to see if they had surveillance of Read’s car, which they would if she did a three point turn on Fairview Road. When none of them showed her car driving by they gave up and stopped knocking on doors.

You would think from reading Proctor’s reports in the Karen Read case that he is completely incompetent, but he only forgets how to spell and do basic police work when his close friends are the killers. When it’s some 22 year old douchebag black kid he does normal cop stuff, like pull security camera video from several businesses, and get call records from the most obvious suspects in the case.

Key phrase – “in the days and weeks following the shooting.”

The John O’Keefe murder mystery was solved in a day or two. No DNA, no video surveillance, or eye witnesses were required. Just a second hand story from Jen McCabe that she “recalled” Karen Read saying “Could I have hit him” (after a morning meeting with Brian Albert), a statement from Caitlin Albert’s best friend/paramedic, and some tail light fragments and a shoe that the State Police found 12 hours after the Canton Police completely missed it.

Proctor also conducted an interview with a man who Myles King spoke with on the phone in the hours after the shooting.

But in the case of Karen Read Trooper Proctor never questioned Jen McCabe about what she said to her sister Nicole Albert when she called her twice at 6:07 AM. He never asked McCabe why she Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM because he and Trooper Nicholas Guarino withheld that evidence from the defense. He never asked to see Brian Albert’s call logs or applied for a warrant.

In the Myles King case Trooper Proctor went out and got all of this evidence on his own.

In the case of Karen Read her attorneys have been begging police to go out and get this evidence but they’ve done nothing.

In the Brian Walshe case Proctor had Cellebrite reports for all the Walshe family devices submitted into evidence by April 27, less than a month after he was indicted for murder.

In the Karen Read case Proctor still to this day has not compiled Cellebrite records from Karen Read’s phone.

In the case of Brian Walshe DNA evidence linking him to the murder was obtained and entered into evidence within weeks of him being arrested.

In the case of Karen Read the defense has been asking for DNA evidence since she was indicted for murder on June 9, 2023, but still has not received anything.

Myles King has been having people update his Instagram promoting his next album from jail, and demanding that the court “Free Mizzie Cash.”

Yet he receives due process.

Karen Read has handled herself diplomatically and doesn’t post anything on social media, yet she is denied due process.

Adam Lally and Michael Morrissey would not prosecute a case against Myles King or Brian Walshe if it was handled the way Karen Read’s case was handled. Beverly Cannone would not allow the Commonwealth to withhold exculpatory evidence against Brian Walshe or Myles King, despite the fact that they are both clearly sociopaths, unlike Karen Read. The actions of Lally, Morrissey, Cannone, and Proctor have made it clear that some lives matter more than others. Inside Norfolk Superior Court John O’Keefe’s life matters much less than the lives of Marquis Simmons and Ana Walshe.


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