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Canton Cover-Up Part 60: Animal Control Records Show Brian Albert’s Dog Sent 2 People To ER After Biting Them, Attorney Greg Henning Committed Perjury In Attempt To Keep Records Sealed


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Last month Karen Read’s defense team had a rare victory when Judge Beverly Cannone granted their motion to gain access to Canton Animal Control records to find out information about Brian Albert’s re-homed dog. The primary purpose of this was not to see if the dog is still alive (she almost certainly is not), but to see if the dog has a history of biting human beings. The court immediately impounded the animal control records, forcing the defense to file a motion to unseal them. ADA Adam Lally filed a motion in response, requesting that Karen Read be ordered to disclose the names of any private investigators she has hired to look over the records.

Lally wants to know the name of Read’s private investigator because he can’t control him or her. If the dog bit someone else in Canton then Lally wants to be able to get to them before the PI does. The last thing he would want is for Chloe dog bite victims to speak with Karen Read’s defense attorneys.

Brian Albert’s attorney Greg Henning stated in a motion filed on May 3 that the defense was lying when they said that Chloe the German Shepherd has a history of attacking human beings.

Greg Henning said the dog was re-homed after biting someone else’s dog, not a human being. If the animal control records showed that the dog had a history of biting people then it would be much more likely to conclude that John O’Keefe was bitten by Chloe.

In today’s motion we found out that the animal control records proved Greg Henning is a liar. Chloe has attacked at least two other people, both of whom had to be taken to the ER as a result of the attack. In both cases the dog went for appendages, but in one attack she also went for the neck.

Clearly this dog is dangerous around strangers, which Brian Albert himself admitted in grand jury testimony. If a stranger like John O’Keefe was involved in a physical altercation with Albert in Albert’s house the dog would almost certainly attack O’Keefe.

Greg Henning is a liar and he should be held in contempt of court. This is a murder trial, and this “attorney” (who lost a primary election to Rachael Rollins for DA despite being the establishment’s hand picked candidate) lied in an official court document, designed to prevent Karen Read from having access to exculpatory evidence that could prove that the bite marks on John O’Keefe’s arm came from Chloe. If Chloe bit O’Keefe then it would prove that Karen Read is innocent, and that someone inside 34 Fairview Road killed him. Henning tried to PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING BY LYING! He should be disbarred. I messaged him for comment but have not heard back.

One of two things is true:

  1. Henning knew that Chloe had attacked people and intentionally lied to the court in order to deny Karen Read access to evidence that could save her from life in prison.
  2. Henning was told by his client Brian Albert that Chloe had never attacked any human beings and blindly took his word for it.

Either way, he certainly did not know for a fact that Chloe had never bitten anyone, but he said she hadn’t with such certainty in court. He did this in an effort to prevent the defense team from finding out this information.

Now imagine what he’s trying to hide on Brian Albert’s phone.

It’s notable that Henning is WCVB’s official legal analyst.

WCVB is the only local media outlet that has refused to mention the names Brian Albert or Jennifer McCabe in their reporting. In a May 3 story they stated why.

While names of several individuals related to the case were used throughout the court documents, WCVB is not using those names in this report because they are not accused of any crimes.

More than likely Henning advised them that for legal purposes they should refrain from mentioning the name Brian Albert in their reporting. Like Ken Berkowitz, he was attempting to prevent Albert’s name from coming up on Google searches for this story. In reality WCVB is legally allowed to say his name, they just likely deferred to the advice of their “legal anaylst.”

WCVB failed to mention that on the same day they published this story their official legal analyst had filed an appearance to represent one of the people the defense was accusing of murder, and filed a motion to prevent the defense from accessing Canton Animal Control records as well as his client’s phone. Seems relevant.

In their May 24 story about the evidentiary hearing being cancelled they said this:

“Attorneys were permitted to provide arguments about evidence the defense is seeking in the case, cellphone information from the owner of the home where O’Keefe died and his sister-in-law. The homeowner is also a Boston police officer.”

In a June 10 story about the Commonwealth’s motion for a gag order WCVB gave their OPINION that the most revealing part of the motion was that the black box recorded Karen Read striking John O’Keefe – a complete lie that Lally fed exclusively to WCVB:

But perhaps most revealing in the filing is a reference to evidence that “establishes that the defendant, while intoxicated, in a snowstorm, operated her motor vehicle in reverse for a period of time, before striking the victim at a high rate of speed.”

A spokesperson for the DA’s office said the information was based on their reading of a newly available report prepared by the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section of the Read’s vehicle data.

This is a trend with WCVB, who intentionally did not report on widespread animal abuse going on at Falco K9 because morning traffic reporter Katie Thompson, the wife of indicted owner Tyler Falconer, tried to suppress the story.

Henning is far from the only establishment hack tied to this story who works for a mainstream media outlet. Former BPD Commissioner Ed Davis is WBZ’s Security Analyst.

Former BPD Superintendent In Chief Dan Linskey is the Security Analyst for Boston 25 News.

You may recall that he spoke glowingly about corrupt former Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz at his retirement party, which was organized and attended by Brian Higgins and Brian Albert, both of whom were inside 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was murdered. He told Berkowitz that he could cut the line if his boat needed a mooring.

“I know the harbor master if you need a mooring.”

WHDH anchor Adam Williams and his WCVB reporter husband John Atwater both live in Canton as well. Williams frequently interacted with Chief Berkowitz on Twitter before Berkowitz got rid of his Twitter account within minutes of our story about his corruption in April. 

This is why the media hasn’t been reporting on any of this. Their “legal analysts” are all in bed with the people who killed John O’Keefe, and their “reporters” are all personal friends of the key co-conspirators. Sadly this relationship between the media and law enforcement has become a trend across the national media landscape as well, as CNN and MSNBC have hired a plethora of former CIA and FBI officials to be their experts on national security – all of whom agreed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.

Adam Lally and Greg Henning have gone out of their way to prevent the defense from accessing the animal control records, and now we know why. Normally the prosecution fights for the truth, but in the case of Karen Read they’re actively looking to keep the truth hidden.


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  1. How do we take down wcvb? How do we “cancel” those fucking bastards?! This is WILD!!!!! Karen literally has to put everything she has into this fight, and everyone who is supposed to protect the citizens of MA are Fuckin’ lying. Now they’re exposed. It’s OVER!

  2. Former Suffolk County DA Dan Conley is a personal friend of Greg Henning. Conley broomed charges against a Boston Police Officer, Clifton McHale, who sexually assaulted a woman in his police cruiser.

  3. The Commonwealth, through District Attorney Morrissey and ADA Lally are not only wasting Karen Read’s time and money in this witch hunt – they are ultimately wasting taxpayers’ money and resources on this cover-up that has gone too far for too long. Even Stevie Wonder can see that Officer O’Keefe’s body suffered an attack by a vicious animal. How long until Governor Healy steps in to clean up these corrupt institutions covering for the Canton scum known as Brian Albert? I have zero faith in Mass State Police, Norfolk County DA’s office, and the Canton Police Dept.

    1. Just like the new england compounding center cover up. A certain big shot had a relative working at that God forsaken criminal company

    2. Since she cannot sue Donald Trump over it, the Governor will likely remain silent regarding this case.

  4. RELAX everyone. The dog was sent to live on a farm in New Hampshire
    , He never bit nobody, Capiche?

  5. Has anyone noticed those losers are downvoting every comment. Like that will keep them out of jail lol.

  6. I’m sure the commonwealth is reading every story, at what point are they going to realize the defense is going to rip every part of this case apart. They must be hopping the judge doesn’t allow the defense to bring any of there arguments before a jury. There is no way ànyone could say guilty.

  7. Just wait until one of the people bitten provide photos of the wounds and they match those on O’Keefe…Did either of the people who were bitten sue? I bet there’s a paper trail waiting to be uncovered. If it got reported to the town it had to have been pretty serious.

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