Canton Cover-Up Part 66: New Judge Assigned To Karen Read Courtroom Previously Ruled In Turtleboy’s Favor


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Last night on Turtle Club we addressed the recent announcement that Judge Beverly Cannone was no longer assigned to the main courtroom in Norfolk Superior Court as of Monday, July 3.

People who have been watching this case closely were excited about this, since it’s obvious that Judge Cannone favors the Commonwealth. Additionally Matt McCabe’s brother previously threatened to murder me and bury me in the backyard of “Auntie Bev’s” Barnstable summer home, and claims to have her phone number.

The defense has legitimate grounds to ask for a recusal, but ultimately the person who decides whether or not Cannone recuse herself is Cannone. And that’s not going to happen.

Shuffling judges around is standard in Massachusetts courtrooms. In civil cases I’ve been involved in I’ve seen three or four judges on the same case the longer it drags out. In Karen Read’s case she’s had two judges – Cannone and Peter Krupp. The latter has been much more reasonable. Krupp has allowed several motions from the defense to inspect O’Keefe’s clothing, Karen Read’s tail light, preserve Geofence data from 34 Fairview Road (to determine who was there that night), and ordering several people inside the home to preserve all cellphone data. Cannone has not only denied almost every defense motion, she has failed to force the Commonwealth to hand over any of the evidence that Krupp ordered them to hand over.

Cannone then allowed a Commonwealth motion to cancel an evidentiary hearing where forensic expert Richard Green could explain how he determined Jen McCabe deleted her 2:27 “hos long to die in cold” Google search. She has made flippant comments during hearings, asking Read’s defense attorneys “are we almost done?”, as if she had better places to be. And she clearly dislikes Attorney Alan Jackson, who she suggested could represent his client via Zoom if hearing dates didn’t fit into his schedule.

The Commonwealth has taken the unprecedented step of asking Cannone to gag Read’s defense attorneys at the July 25 pre-trial conference hearing. Normally it is the defense asking the judge to gag the prosecution in order to prevent a jury pool from reaching conclusions about their client. But that’s because most defense attorneys represent guilty clients, and aren’t trying to compel the court to look into the actual murderers.

I have no doubt that on July 25 Cannone would gag the defense if she was the presiding judge, so I get why people would be optimistic about the announcement that Judge Daniel O’Shea will now be the presiding judge in the main courtroom. He was briefly the judge in the Aaron Hernandez case when he was arraigned in Attleboro District Court, and has a reputation of being fair. I have personally seen his fairness when he ruled in my favor 3 years ago in Attleboro after a deadbeat ratchet who goes by “Krusty Panties” attempted to obtain an order against me.

He was since promoted to a Superior Court Justice.

However, it clearly says on the state’s website that “judicial assignments are subject to change at any time,” and the Regional Administrative Justice in Norfolk County is Beverly Cannone.

She is the player/captain of Norfolk Superior Court, and can sub herself in and out of any courtroom she likes. This hardly ever happens, but I have no doubt that on July 25 she will be the judge that shows up. She doesn’t care how it looks, and she certainly doesn’t care about her reputation, which is severely tarnished. Why would you if you had the job security of a judge in Massachusetts? This woman is a vindictive shrew who takes this case personally and doesn’t want to take the chance that the defense won’t be gagged. When she shows up on July 25 you will officially know that the case is rigged against Karen Read.

That hearing begins at 2 PM in Dedham, and we will be organizing a protest on the steps of the courthouse starting at 12:15 PM. I am urging all turtle riders who can make it that day to show up with signs, demanding justice in this case. It is unprecedented for this many people to show up in person to protest on the behalf of a defendant who’s been charged with murdering a police officer, and would send a loud message that the people are watching this case closely. They WILL gag Alan Jackson, Elizabeth Little, and David Yannetti, but they can’t gag us. There is only one way in that courthouse, so if Jen McCabe shows up (which she has for every hearing date), I want her to go through a sea of turtle riders with signs demanding that SHE be held accountable.


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