Canton Cover-Up Part 67: Retired DEA Agent Questions Canton Police Chief Gross Mishandling Of John O’Keefe Murder Investigation



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On the Live Show Saturday night we had a retired DEA agent named Sean McDonough come on the show to share some insight about how the investigation into John O’Keefe’s death should have gone. He came on around the 55 minute mark and I recap some of the more interesting points he brought up below.


1. There was not enough blood found at the scene to explain his O’Keefe’s death.  

Canton Police took 6 blood samples from the snow and put them into red solo cups. If he was lying in the snow for 5.5 hours with a huge gash in the back of his head, there would be blood everywhere. This alone justified searching the house.


2. Brian Albert never came outside the house. 

This has been discussed many times before, but Sean found this to be the most unexplainable part of the whole story. How can a Boston Police Sergeant not come outside when another Boston cop is found dead in his yard? It’s not believable that he slept through it all.


3. Chloe had to have been barking. 

Chloe was an admittedly aggressive dog that barked a lot. There is no way that dog would not be barking nonstop if a bunch of first responders with flashing lights, making lots of noise, were on the front lawn. This would have certainly awoken the three residents we know for a fact were inside the house – Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, and Brian Albert Jr.


4. The theory was originally that John was killed with the cocktail glass. 

The cocktail glass being taken from the Waterfall Bar and Grille was specifically mentioned by Jen McCabe and many others in the reports written by Michael Proctor for a reason. They broke a glass and placed it next to his body to explain the cuts on John’s arm. The theory was originally going to be that Karen got out of her car in a rage, smashed John over the head with the glass, and cut his arm in the struggle. We know that the cocktail glass was assumed to be the murder weapon, and was the working theory of the Canton Police and State Police, until at least 10:41 AM. Detective Bukhenik contacted the ME’s office to tell them that there was a possibility that John was struck in the face with a cocktail glass.

But the plan changed once Karen Read, in a state of hysteria, started blurting out “did I hit him?” At 9 AM Jen McCabe called Sgt. Michael Lank back to the house to tell him that she suddenly “recalled” her saying that. At 11:30 the friends and family meeting with the McCabes and Alberts took place with Proctor at the McCabe’s house. This is when the Lexus suddenly came into play and became the official narrative. No other possibilities were considered.


5. Why was Karen’s car towed by Proctor to the Canton Police Department? 

Dighton Police have a garage, as does the much closer Middleboro State Police barracks. We have more information coming on this that shows that Chief Berkowitz was much more involved in the coverup than previously reported. The only reason to bring the car to Canton PD would be to have it closer to 34 Fairview Road in time for the 5:45 State Police search of the crime scene, in which they suddenly discovered Karen Read’s tail light fragments, John’s other shoe, and his hat.


6. John had no jacket or shoe on. 

Karen Read told police that she dropped John off at 34 Fairview Road. He was found outside with no jacket on in the middle of a blizzard, and with only one shoe on. Wouldn’t the police assume that his jacket and shoe were inside the house? That alone was grounds to search the property. Miraculously State Police found the shoe 12 hours later that Canton Police had missed when only 2 inches of snow had fallen.


7. The 911 call has not been released. 

Often in murder cases the 911 calls can be revealing because it’s hard for killer’s who call 911 to show genuine emotion, shock, and sadness. Did Karen sound genuinely shocked when Jen McCabe called 911? Can she be heard screaming? Can she be heard saying “Did I hit him?” What was Jen McCabe’s tone? Jen McCabe immediately called her sister Nicole at 6:07, 15 seconds after hanging up with 911. Is there audio of that? Normally the prosecution puts forward the 911 call because it makes the defendant sound guilty. Why haven’t they done that with this case? Considering the scrutiny they’ve gotten wouldn’t they want to put something forward that makes Karen Read look slightly guilty?


8. John’s cell phone data matches up perfectly with Karen Read and Ryan Nagel’s story. 

Ryan Nagel did not see John inside our outside of Karen Read’s car after he pulled up behind her. Nagel was very specific and offered many details when he spoke with police. He told them that the did not see any damage to Read’s car, that her brake lights were on indicating that the car was not in park, that her interior lights were on and she had her hands at 10 and 2, and that he witnessed her vehicle move up towards the fire hydrant where O’Keefe’s body was later found. His testimony is the most damning because it proves John O’Keefe was inside the house, and John’s cell phone data showing him ascending and descending stairs confirms that.

McDonough wrote a letter to Chief Raferty, officer to officer, asking her questions about how her department handled the investigation.

We need more law enforcement to come forward publicly, using their real names, and go on record with their concerns. Every member of the Canton Police Department knows the truth about what happened that night and they’re all remaining silent for fear of their boss. They know that a cop was murdered in their town, and they know that the killer is not Karen Read. They know that their investigation completely disregarded their formal training. Yet they remain silent for fear of crossing Helena Raferty, Michael Proctor, Brian Albert, and others who they believe to be more powerful than them.

The Canton Police must be shamed until some officer comes forward and does the right thing. Who’s going to be the hero in this story?


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