Canton Cover-Up Part 70: Chris Albert Jr Posts Video Discussing FBI Investigation And Grand Jury Subpoena This Week 


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Last week Chris Albert Jr, the older brother of Colin Albert and the son of Chicken Parm Charlie, posted a video on Facebook that accidentally caught him saying something interesting. Listen.

“….by the FBI. He goes to grand jury in a week.”

More context would be nice, so we are left to speculate who he was talking about. But it is interesting that the brother of a man accused in open court of participating in the murder of a police officer, who we know as a fact hired well known Brockton Attorney Joe Krowski, would be openly discussing the FBI and going in front of a grand jury. People his age normally don’t talk about the FBI and grand juries while socializing with drinks in hand poolside.

We know as a fact that the Feds have launched a grand jury and subpoenaed several suspects in the murder and subsequent coverup of the murder of John O’Keeefe.

We know that this is a lengthy investigation that involves many layers, including the murder itself, the District Attorney’s complicity in keeping exculpatory evidence from Karen Read’s defense team, the State Police’s involvement in planting evidence, and the silencing of key witnesses who initially came forward and then stopped cooperating with the defense after getting cold feet.

We know that Colin Albert was inside 34 Fairview Road, that he had a violent temper, got into lots of fights, got an Albert family crest tattooed on his chest, didn’t like his former neighbor John O’Keefe, and that these things would make him a prime suspect in a properly investigated murder case.

We know that Colin Albert called for a ride home at 12:31 AM as John O’Keefe lay bleeding out inside 34 Fairview Road.

We know that Colin and Chris Albert Sr. both are fully aware that Karen Read had nothing to do with O’Keefe’s death.

We know that Chris Albert Sr. messaged this award winning journalist prior to publication of Canton Coverup Part 1, and said it would be “unfortunate” for me to write about Colin’s alleged involvement in the murder.

We know that Chris Albert Sr. told me two weeks ago on camera that Turtleboy is “gonna get it” for being a “losahhh.”

We know that this is how the Albert’s pose for family pictures.

Chris Albert Jr is in the Navy and lives in San Diego, so he had nothing to do with the murder of John O’Keefe. But like all Alberts he values displaying himself as a hardo, and admired Brian Albert, who he drank with and posted fists up pictures together.

We know that Chris Albert Jr. frequently posts pictures of the Sopranos, perhaps because this is how he views his family.

And we know that this family is incredibly stupid and arrogant, and has a history of providing the defense with useful evidence by posting pictures and videos like this on Facebook.

He could have been talking about someone else he knows who was called in front of a grand jury, but that seems unlikely. And although most people would assume he was talking about Colin, don’t be so quick to assume he wasn’t talking about his father. Did Colin get a ride home from Chris Sr. that night? Surely Chris must know something, since his brother and son are the two prime suspects in O’Keefe’s murder. It would be expected that he would also be getting letters in the mail from the US Attorney’s Office.

So who do you think he was talking about being grand juried? Vote in the poll below.


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