Canton Cover-Up Part 78: Norfolk Superior Court Clerk Jim McDermott Tells Me He’s Impounding Public Court Documents “Because” After Getting Caught In Several Lies


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It’s been four days since Karen Read’s defense team filed two motions in Norfolk Superior Court in preparation for the upcoming hearing on May 25, and as of right now neither is docketed on The motion for Judge Cannone to recuse herself was up for two hours on Monday morning (we have the time stamped copy), but was removed after the defense asked for it to be impounded. They claim that it needs to be hidden from the public because it contains the address of Judge Cannone’s summer home, but nowhere in the motion does it state that:

Motion for Recusal

The motion to oppose the Commonwealth’s proposed gag order of the defense was not listed this morning, but later in the day it was listed as file #103. The problem is that the motion itself was not put up for the public to read, and there is no image to click on.

The Attleboro Sun Chronicle published a story about the motion today, which listed me as a “blogger,” rather than the more accurate term “award winning journalist,” despite the fact that I am listed by name in the motion. They also failed to mention the names Brian Albert or Jennifer McCabe, and if you read their story you would have no idea what’s going on in this case. Sadly, it looks like we will be the only media outlet seeking the truth in this high profile murder case.

The story also mentioned that the reporter from the Sun Chronicle called the courthouse on Monday and was told that Judge Cannone wasn’t working.

Ya got that? She just doesn’t work on Mondays. Yet she still had the ability to order the clerk to remove the public documents from public view because they alluded to the fact that Judge Cannone has a house 4 miles from Sean McCabe’s home, where he vowed to bury my corpse.

I decided to call the courthouse myself to ask them what was going on. The woman who answered the phone refused to speak to me since I told her I was recording, despite the fact that I could walk into her office whenever I feel like and record her without her consent. She transferred me to the head Clerk, Jim McDermott, who gave me the runaround and couldn’t have made it more obvious that he’s covering for the Commonwealth. Watch.

First he lied to me when he said it was never there. The document was uploaded to Masscourts for two hours and we have it time stamped to prove it.

After I called him out on that he changed his story to “it was impounded” at the defense’s request. When I asked him on what grounds they asked for it to be impounded he said it was “personal information.” But Judge Cannone’s address was not listed on the document that was uploaded to the docket. He told me that he “disagreed with what you just said,” which means he disagrees with undeniable facts.

When I called him out on that lie he made up another lie that it was not up for two hours, so I realized we were going nowhere and changed the subject. I wanted to know why the other motion (opposing the gag order) wasn’t posted and I caught him in another lie when he said that “we just received it 10 minutes ago.” I informed him that it was sent to him on Friday but he intentionally chose not to post it, and he said that he had no received a hard copy.

At that moment he tried turning the tables on me and began asking me questions, particularly “what information do you have that it was received on Friday?”

This is what the court refers to as a “fishing expedition.” He was trying to get me to reveal my sources, which I don’t do.

But it was all moot anyway because he said a PDF of the motion wouldn’t be put up because it contains sensitive information. I have a copy of the motion and it does not contain any sensitive or private information. I’ll be posting it in part 79. Nevertheless he told me that the court would be impounding it. That led to this telling interaction:

TB: Why is that being impounded?

Jim McDermott: Why?

TB: Yes.

Jim McDermott: Because.

TB: Because?

Jim McDermott: Yes.

TB: Because why?

Jim McDermott: The rules of impoundment. Rule 8 of the trial rules of impoundment.

TB: Why is this impounded by the other….

Jim McDermott: I don’t have to tell you that. It’s impounded.

After that he hung up on me.

Just to review how Jim McDermott’s story kept changing:

  1. “I just received the motion.”
  2. “It was impounded at the request of the defense.”
  3. “It was impounded by the judge who wasn’t working.”
  4. I’m not telling you why it was impounded. Because….reasons.
  5. Hangs up phone.

But besides that he has nothing to hide, and there is no coverup going on at Norfolk Superior Court. Just a bunch of government hacks, sucking off the public tit, hiding public information on a murder trial from the public because it will show that a bunch of cops and politicians conspired to kill a Boston Police Officer and frame an innocent woman.



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