Canton Cover-Up Part 84: Police Seen Spying On Massive Protest Outside Norfolk Superior Courthouse For Karen Read


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I’m still blown away by our protest on the steps of Norfolk Superior Courthouse on Tuesday. Over 500 people showed up in person armed with signs, shirts, and their voices, to show their support for Karen Read and their disgust with the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. Over 3,500 people were watching the live stream, which unfortunately became blurry due to the amount of cell phones using data in the area.

When I first started streaming a couple blocks away I could hear my voice coming out of multiple cars, as drivers in Dedham were tuning in to listen to the protest. That was the moment I realized how big this was going to be.

As I approached the courthouse I saw well over 100 people already there despite the fact that I had arrived 15 minutes early. Turtle riders were fired up for justice!

I took a lot of pictures with people, and gave them the choice between nice pictures, or “Canton salute” pictures.

My sport coat lasted all of 5 minutes before I discarded it due to the fact that my “hos long to die in cold” t-shirt was drenched in sweat from the 86 degree heat.

I knew some people would show up, but I didn’t realize there would be this many enthusiastic people who are just as outraged as I am.

The Court Officers were very friendly and we worked together to make sure there were no safety issues. They brought me inside several times to discuss how we could make sure that people coming and going from the courthouse could enter without being impeded. Take notes communists – this is how you protest with class.

We cheered people like Karen Read’s brother and parents as they arrived at the courthouse. We booed people who deserve to be booed, like Michael Proctor’s partner Yuri Bukhenik, who is well aware that Proctor planted evidence to frame an innocent woman.

I later found myself alone with Bukhenik in a bathroom where I attempted to ask him about Proctor’s corruption, but he had no comment.

The loudest boos were saved for Boston Police Detective Karl Dugal, who harassed Read during a May 24 press conference, but had nothing to say when I began to question him after that. (5:10 mark)

On their way out Karl’s wife Jackie, who had been shouting things at Karen during the press conference, harassed a woman named Lindsay who happens to be John O’Keefe’s former girlfriend prior to Karen Read, and sits on Karen’s side in court. Jackie Dugal accused the woman of looking for her “15 minutes of fame,” despite the fact that she said nothing and was standing in the back observing.

Things were much different this time around though. Here’s the greeting Karl received as he entered the courthouse.

Luckily for Karl I decided to escort him to his Lincoln Town Car because it was raining.

Even Lunchbox Lally got it easier than Karl did.

The highlight for me was the dump truck driver who parked in the middle of the road, showed the crowd his Karen Read/Turtleboy t-shirt, and then lifted up the bed of the truck to show us a message.

I had to go inside to get my seat so I missed the arrival of Karen Read’s entourage. Karen’s family was nice enough to save me a seat directly behind them so I could watch my Facebook DM’s get entered into evidence.

Just listen to this support she received though, and watch her Dad turn around and give thumbs up to the crowd:

This is a criminal defendant being charged with murdering a police officer, being cheered on like a rock star by hundreds of people who have backed the police their entire lives. Something is very wrong when that happens.

Karen was clearly holding back tears after seeing the outpouring of support from complete strangers.

Her parents were extremely grateful as well, as they spoke to the media for the first time.

Despite being peaceful we were being surveilled the entire time by men from an organization called MetroLEC, who were taking our pictures.

Guess who the President of MetroLEC is?

Disgraced former Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz, whose retirement party was attended by Brian Albert, Brian Higgins, Kevin Albert, and DA Michael Morrissey. Berkowitz planted tail light evidence and pressured a reporter to remove a tweet that mentioned that O’Keefe’s body was found on Brian Albert’s lawn. Why was his organization of cops taking pictures of who was in attendance? What database will those images be put in?

I was mentioned on Court TV and was later invited on for an interview at 8 PM on Thursday.

I’ll be doing that prior to Turtle Club at 9:30 and urge you to all tune in.

Our activism and protesting has made a huge difference in this case. Matt Gutman from ABC News and 20/20 attended our whole protest and was taking pictures and videos with protesters. Dateline was in attendance once again for the episode they’re doing on this. Soon Karen Read will be a household name across the country, and we are responsible for that. It has put public pressure on the DA’s Office and Judge Cannone to remind them that there are millions of us watching their every move. We will not allow them to frame and prosecute an innocent woman for murder while her killers remain free. We will continue to make our voices heard until there is REAL justice for John O’Keefe.


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