Canton Cover-Up Part 87: Cracked Tail Light Found At Fairview Road Does Not Match Karen Read’s Cracked Tail Light From Ring Video


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On The Today Show Monday it was announced that Dateline would be doing a show about the Karen Read case. The two minute clip showed us for the first time the tail light that Michael Proctor’s SERT team found at 5:45 that the Canton Police missed 12 hours earlier.

They expect you to believe that that right hand corner of Karen’s right tail light fell off of her vehicle after she slammed into John O’Keefe in reverse. The Canton Police somehow missed that, but 12 hours later after a foot of snow had fallen that big chunk of tail light miraculously rose to the top of the snow pile where State Police found it without shoveling.

We have Ring video from John O’Keefe’s home showing Karen Read backing the right tail light of her Lexus LX 570 into John’s Chevy Traverse, before going out to look for him at 5 AM. Look very closely at her tail light as she leaves.

When Karen was not hitting the brakes this is looked like this:

There is definitely a small piece of the tail light missing, but when she hits the brakes it illuminates perfectly.

If anything fell off at 1 Meadows Ave when she backed into his car it was a very small piece of the lower right hand side of the tail light:

The bulbs still worked fine, which is why it fully illuminated when she hit the brakes.

There was no tail light missing, it was just slightly cracked. Yet the piece that they “found” at 34 Fairview Road is significantly larger than the area that was white, and would not fit into that part like a puzzle.

This is what the tail light of a 2021 LX 570 looks like.

How does this…..

Come out of that?

Notice the left end of the tail light is curved.

What part of this is curved?

The very far and upper right of the tail light. That piece of tail light found at Fairview Road came from right here:

But the piece of tail light that appears to be cracked or missing in the Ring video is right here:

That part has no curvature, so please explain to me how this would fit into there?

Now if Michael Proctor brought the car back to the Canton Police Department, took out a tool box and pried this part off:

And then he placed it on top of a foot of snow where the SERT team would find it quickly, then it would make a lot more sense.

Regardless, this:

Does not fit into this:

Therefore the evidence the SERT team found at 5:45, which was not seen at 6 AM, was clearly planted by someone.

If the tail light does not fit, you must acquit. (cant take credit for that one, saw it from a turtle rider on the Justice page)


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