Canton Cover-Up Part 94: Michael Proctor Said Fake Corporation Owned By Albert Family Friend Plowed Fairview Road, Lied About GPS Being Broken In February 3 Report



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On March 15, 2022, Detective Michael Proctor wrote a report that was reviewed by his unit supervisor Lt. Brian Tully, in which he interviewed Canton DPW director Michael Trotta. In light of new information from Canton DPW plow driver Brian “Lucky” Loughran, this report directly implicates Proctor in the coverup, and shows the extent he is willing to lie in order to protect the people who murdered John O’Keefe.


Proctor’s report states that he spoke with Trotta on February 3, 2022, the day after Karen Read was arraigned on manslaughter charges in Stoughton District Court. How could they charge her with killing John O’Keefe before speaking to any employees of the DPW?

The report conveniently states that the the GPS system in the Canton plow trucks went down on January 24, 2022, just days before Lucky Loughran plowed Fairview Road and reported that John O’Keefe’s body was not on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house at 2:30 AM.

I thought that was suspect when I first read it, but now we know for a fact it’s a lie because Lucky Loughran told us that the FBI approached him with GPS data showing that he plowed Fairview Road on January 29. Either Michael Trotta lied to Michael Proctor, or Proctor intentionally misquoted him in order to cover up the fact that Loughran plowed Fairview Road.

The report thats Trotta told Proctor that a company called “By The Yard” is used to assist with plowing roads in Canton. Proctor claims that Trotta said that By The Yard was not called until 3:30 AM, and that the town DPW trucks were only plowing the major streets in town. Fairview Road is not a major roadway.

But when Michael Proctor wrote his report on February 3, 2022, there was no company in existence called By the Yard. There are 3 companies that have ever existed under that name.

The first is By The Yard Inc out of Duxbury, but that was dissolved in 2012.

The second company is By The Yard Landscaping, INC owned by a man named Calvin Seaman from Norton (not far from Canton), but it was dissolved in 1998.

The third company was a corporation formed by a Duncan Calvin Seaman under the name By The Yard Landscape LLC on April 25, 2023. His wife Rosana Seaman is listed as a manager, and they are based out of Sharon (another town that abuts Canton).

Rosana appears to be from Brazil, and has two teenage boys.

Duncan Calvin Seaman’s Facebook profile lists him as a CO for Plymouth County Correctional Facility.

If you search for Duncan Calvin Seaman on Google one of the first things to come up is By The Yard Landscaping. Despite not being a registered corporation until 2023, Duncan Calvin Seaman has been posting pictures of jobs his “company” has been doing since 2014 on Facebook.

The problem is that By The Yard had no contract to plow with the Town of Canton in January of 2022 because it didn’t exist at the time. More importantly, Lucky Loughran works for the Canton DPW, not By The Yard, so the statement that By The Yard normally plows Fairview Road is a lie. Lucky Loughran plowed Fairview Road that night, and Michael Proctor had to throw people off his scent. Thus the dummy corporation, owned by Calvin Duncan Seaman.

I first began reporting on this story on April 18, 2023, and I stated that I would be looking into who plowed the roads the morning John O’Keefe was found on Brian Albert’s lawn. Michael Proctor knew that I would eventually see his report and that the “By The Yard” company that didn’t exist. Coincidentally the company was incorporated a week after I began reporting on April 25, 2023.

According to their Certificate of Organization, By The Yard Landscaping LLC has been in business for 40 years, but was a DBA until they decided to incorporate immediately after we began investigating this story. They do not list anything about plowing under services provided, and claim to have two to five employees.

None of those employees are Brian Loughran. We have reached out to Duncan Calvin Seaman to ask if he does plowing, or was contracted by the Town of Canton, but have not heard back.

This means that either Michael Trotta made up a lie about a nonexistent corporation that doesn’t plow roads being contracted to plow Fairview Road, or Michael Proctor is putting words in Trotta’s mouth and implicating him in the coverup. Trotta still has not returned our phone calls, and hid from us when we visited the Canton DPW in June. Like many people in Canton he likely hopes that if he ignores this it will all go away.

A man by the name of Dwight Seaman donated $500 to the Chris Albert campaign fund, and is listed as a teacher at Blue Hills Technical School in Canton. He lives in a $1.5 million home at 79 Spring Lane in Canton.

It’s unclear how a teacher can afford to live in a $1.5 million mansion (one street over from Fairview Road). Perhaps his wife Tina, who is good friends with the Alberts, is raking in the bucks.

Pictured in that family photo is Danielle Seaman, a 2022 graduate of Canton High School, and the daughter of Tina and Dwight Seaman. She posts pictures of her parents’ wedding day on her VSCO.

Danielle is Facebook friends with Jennifer McCabe, because adults and their friends co-mingle and socialize in this town like it’s going out of style.

Danielle Seaman is good friends with Colin Albert and Jen McCabe’s older daughters, and has pictures with them all over her VSCO, including a couple where they’re giving the Canton salute.

Danielle is also Facebook friends with Duncan Calvin Seaman, who is believed to be Dwight’s brother (her uncle).

Just to review:

  • Michael Proctor lied about the GPS being broken in the town plow trucks in his report.
  • Michael Proctor made up a fake corporation that plowed Fairview Road, which was later incorporated as a real company a week after we began reporting on it.
  • The fake corporation already existed but wasn’t registered with the state.
  • The fake corporation had no contract with the town, and was later incorporated by a man who has direct ties to the Alberts and McCabes.
  • Michael Proctor did all of this to avoid questioning Lucky Loughran, who was willing to tell him and anyone else from law enforcement that John O’Keefe’s body was not on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road at 2:30 AM, and thus could not have been killed by Karen Read.


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