Canton Cover-Up Part 98: Private Facebook Support Group For Alberts And McCabes Keeps Track Of Who Attends Protests, Includes Canton High School Teacher


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The Alberts, McCabes, and their dwindling legion of townie supporters aren’t used to people pushing back on them, and have virtually no one in the media supporting them. Thus they’ve been forced to run into the arms of a woman with a YouTube channel who we’ve blogged about a number of times before. I won’t mention this person’s name (we will just call her Krusty, although diehard turtle riders can probably guess), because she would love nothing more than to insert herself into this story, and I won’t allow her to be part of the official narrative when this is all said and done. Just know that she’s extremely vile, has lost 2 of her 4 children to the state, has tried and failed to silence my speech by obtaining harassment prevention orders in court twice, and has an unhealthy obsession with my personal life. She frequently emails my family members at their workplaces, telling them lies about me and the blog content, thinking that they’ll pressure me to discontinue the blog. She sends mail to my house, and recently had her 16 year old truant daughter send me graphic messages threatening my children. She was apparently proud of this, and has been doubling down on Twitter.

More than anything this individual is obsessed with all things Turtleboy, and no matter how long I ignore her she cannot stay away. Her thirst for my attention is insatiable.

After seeing the success and attention we’ve gotten from our award winning journalism on the Canton Coverup, this individual saw an opening where she could try to gain the attention she craves by taking the contrarian point of view that no one else was – defending and becoming the protector for murderers. If I had sided with the Alberts and McCabes, she’d be siding with Karen Read. She doesn’t actually believe anything she says, she just has an unhealthy obsession with me.

I’m only bringing this individual up without naming them to show how far the Alberts and McCabes have fallen. They used to have an army of people in their corner, but now have to hide behind a Ratchet Madness Finalist as their official spokesperson. To that end this individual has created a private Facebook support group called “Support MAO’s” (McCabes, Alberts, and O’Keefes). She uses that page, along with her barely viewed YouTube channel to smear Karen Read and spread misinformation about the case. But I find what she says interesting, not because she has any original thoughts, but because we can assume anything that comes out of her mouth was fed to her by the people who killed and covered up the murder of John O’Keefe. Since these people are not speaking publicly (as guilty people often do), this is the only way to get in their minds.

A Boston Magazine reporter is working on a big story about everything that’s happened. She interviewed me for 2 hours, and said that she’s reaching out to Jen McCabe, the DA’s Office, and everyone else on the other side because she wants a fair and balanced article. I’m all for that, because I would love to hear from Jen McCabe why she Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM. But apparently Krusty has appointed herself spokesperson for the McCabes and Alberts, and is attempting to speak to the reporter on their behalf. Krusty says she’s “wary of her intentions” because she isn’t an easily manipulated rube.

Pro tip – if you have nothing to hide, just talk to the reporter yourself. Don’t appoint a woman who lost half of her kids to the state as your official Karine Jean-Pierre.

The group admins are Krusty and Lisa Crisileo – the girlfriend of Tim “Fredo” Albert.

Lisa explained in the group why she decided to fill the pool in her backyard a week after her boyfriend’s family was accused in court for the first time of being involved in the murder. She says she plans on getting a new pool after this is all over and they sue me.

“I was the procrastinator who didn’t pick a company to take it out till October, which we all know now stupidly coincided with a court date I had no clue was even a thing.”

Except the problem with that statement is that the “company” was Tim Albert himself, according to the permits they pulled with the town. Also, Lisa forgets that she posted a video of her kid filling in the pool, which an outside company is unlikely to do.


They seem to think that I actually will be sued for deformation, because their new leader has convinced them that she has connections to get them a pro bono attorney.

Unfortunately for the McCabes and Alberts they have no idea that this individual is mentally unbalanced and has been promising to sue me for 4-5 years now, has raised money to do so, but never does anything. This isn’t the well resourced person they seem to think they’re dealing with.

They convince themselves that they’re the real victims because people don’t like the fact that they’re covering up a murder.

The group is filled with many names you recognize the from the blog, including Canton Police Officer Kevin Albert, Tim Albert, Jen McCabe, Jill Daniels, Elizabeth Proctor, and 88 others.

Jen McCabe doesn’t post on Facebook at all, but she does post in this private group. And she tells herself that she’s not going to jail because Krusty and crew have been analyzing her heart rate data.

Elizabeth Proctor uses her real name in the group.

Which begs the question – why does she care? If her husband doesn’t know the Alberts and McCabes as the DA’s Office claims, and if her husband didn’t help participate in the coverup, then why is his wife in this support group?


They monitor the Turtleboy Facebook pages religiously and create lists of people in Canton who have to be ostracized like Tom Beatty for believing the facts that prove Karen Read didn’t kill anyone, and not participating in a murder coverup.

You’re only a friend to John O’Keefe if you help protect the people who murdered him, or something.

They feed into the narrative that Karen Read is a liar who will end up in jail, because it makes them feel secure that someone outside of their circle is pretending to believe their bullshit, even though her motives are purely out of spite for me.

They convinced themselves that “the truth will come out,” as if evidence will magically appear that explains why Jen McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM.

They tell themselves that I am being paid by the defense, as if that’s the reason why millions of people now believe that the Alberts and McCabes killed John O’Keefe. They convince themselves that Karen’s brother gave me a free 2023 Lexus for my troubles, because he works at a Lexus dealership in Rhode Island. Their evidence mostly comes in the form of memes and nonsensical YouTube videos.


They occasionally come to my house, post pictures in my driveway, and make fun of my bootleg mailbox that the town plow guy won’t stop hitting over. I guess one of them left a letter for us while I was at the Canton Rolling Rally, but we didn’t receive it so it must’ve blown away.

“Someone you’re related to you is doing something that you have nothing to do with, therefore I’m driving an hour and a half to your house, leaving this note, and posting it in my super cool Facebook proof so I can receive social approval from the Canton cool kids.”

Sadly, this psychopath sends notes like this to my family all the time and they’re getting used to it. We all just laugh at this point because it’s the only thing you can do. This is the only person the Alberts and McCabes can go to for help.


They paint themselves as victims of harassment, simply because they’re being held accountable and can’t bully and threaten people like they used to. Michelle Nalli seems to think they’ll have a class action suit against me.

Michelle is the troglodyte sitting next the “fupasaurus” egg thrower Diana White, who was peeved at Angela Chan O’Donnell for speaking out about the coverup at a Select Board meeting.

Sadly, these were the cool kids at Canton High School in the 90’s that never grew up, never moved, and still think that they can bully anyone who isn’t in their clique. They really hate people who don’t wear pink on Wednesdays like Angela Chan O’Donnell, because they speak out against them at meetings. But we’ve neutered them, so the most they can do is post pictures of them in a private group with 93 people (which includes at least one man who they think is in their corner, but sends me screenshots).

Michelle Nalli wasn’t fortunate enough to live the dream and marry an Albert, so she’s doing what every Canton girl dreams of doing in their mid 40’s – waiting tables at Not Your Average Joe’s in Foxborough. Last week Karen Read’s parents went out to dinner there and Michelle eavesdropped on their conversation and reported them to the DA’s Office to have them gagged.

She apparently thinks Karen’s parents are her attorneys.

For most of their lives these people have been able to hurt others by ganging up on them, spreading rumors, and not letting them sit at their lunch table. So their natural inclination is to find out dirt on people who come on my show, like retired DEA agent Sean McDonough.

But he doesn’t care because, ya know, he’s a grownup.

It’s rather concerning that one of the members of the group is a Canton High School employee named Heather Sullivan.

Like everyone in their clique, Heather graduated from Canton High School in the 90’s and is well known to be inappropriate with the “cool” students like Colin Albert, because she’s good friends with his family.

This is a group that exists to harass, target, and ostracize town residents for not being loyal to a group of murderers. The fact that this woman is allowed around other people’s children while participating in a group that targets their parents seems like grounds for termination.

Heather uses her influence in the school to get CHS to throw Chris Albert’s dying business a lifeline by paying him to cater school functions.


They pray for a gag order because the more people talk about this the more the truth comes out. Their philosophy is “don’t talk to anyone,” which isn’t something people do when they’re innocent and have nothing to hide.

They don’t just want to silence Karen’s attorneys though, they also want to silence me for being too effective. When they found out that I was going to be interviewed on Court TV Matt McCabe’s sister Meaghan McCabe Mallon drafted a form letter lying about me and sent it to every Court TV employee they could find.

In the McCabe family she qualifies as the smart one.

Sadly for them their nonsensical pleas on Twitter were ignored by Court TV and the interview happened last night.

Karl Dugal, a Boston Police Detective, is also a member of the group.

The fact that anyone as stupid as this man is allowed to investigate anything should be cause for concern for all Boston residents.

They lost it when they found out that Karen Read was going to be featured on a Dateline episode, because the last thing they want is more people looking at the facts of this case.



They cling to the only evidence they have against Karen Read – how many drinks Karen Read had and things that Jen McCabe says that she said.

The best part is that they think they’re innocent because their story is consistent – John never came in the house. Except telling a consistent lie that’s been disproven by cell phone data only proves that this is a coverup.

They discuss Turtleboy protests, and how they hope that turtle riders resort to violence in the hopes it will discredit our movement. One guy even called the Dedham Police to take pictures of us.


But we didn’t act violently because we’re not like them.

They were really upset about the rolling rally and cried to their friend Chief Rafferty about it.


Krusty is so desperate for friends, acceptance, and affirmation that she offered to buy them lunch in order to get out of town during the rolling rally.

Keep in mind, these people would never be caught dead hanging out with someone like Krusty normally. But they have to like her because she’s all they have left.

Michelle Gallery, whose bratty twin daughters are good friends with Colin Albert and Jen McCabe’s daughters, was following me around and taking surveillance photos.

They got me! Don’t worry Michelle, I’ll be making LOTS of trips to Canton in the future, so I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take some pictures with me.

Anyway, this group ultimately doesn’t mean that much, but it should be very satisfying for supporters of Karen Read. These are lifetime bullies who are so used to controlling other people, but they can’t do it anymore because we’re putting a stop to it. They hate people like Turtleboy, Karen Read, Angela Chan O’Donnell, Tom Beatty, and anyone who fights back against them. And the fact that the only person they can go to to be their protector and spokesperson is a raging alcoholic with half her kids and a dying YouTube channel, shows you how much the mighty have fallen.



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