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Celebrity Chef Mike Fucci Hid His Mother In Law From Me When I Showed Up At Their House In Newton To Ask Questions 


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Last night I drove to Newton to pay a visit to celebrity chef Mike Fucci, who lives with his wife Jennifer in a home owned by her parents. Mike hasn’t been returning my phone calls and is always telling people he gets into spats with online to come see him, so I decided to take him up on his offer. More than anything I wanted to speak to his wife’s parents to ask if they were aware that their free loading son in law was committing crimes under their roof. Did they know he and Jennifer raised almost $20K by lying about having cancer, and that it only failed to get there because we exposed him as a fraud? Did they know that their son in law has a 4 year old son with a year long girlfriend, that he told this woman he was worth $28 million, and that he lied about being raped by her in order to justify not paying child support or helping her raise his son? If not, I consider them victims too, so I went to ask them directly. I knew I was in the right place when I saw the ChefMik license plate on the Explorer parked outside.

Unfortunately he didn’t have much to say to me when he answered the door.

That face you make when you’re a celebrity chef and you think fans are showing up to ask for your autograph but it’s really just Turtleboy.

Funny, when women show up to collect money from him and he’s not at his in-laws house he’s got a lot more to say.

As you saw in the video, he immediately moved his mother in law away from the front door when he realized who was knocking. They all hid in a corner of the living room and I could see his wife on the phone with the police. As I walked away two cruisers drove by me but I wasn’t stopped or questioned. I waited in my car for a bit too just in case they had any questions, as I was happy to answer them.

But the fact that he felt the need to hide his mother in law seems to indicate that he is keeping her in the dark intentionally. If anyone knows how I can reach Jennifer Fucci’s parents please feel free to reach out. They deserve to know what crimes are being committed under their roof.

This is further evidence that Mike Fucci is a pathological liar who will say and do anything to get people to feel sorry for him. After Part 1 came out he told the woman who started the GoFundMe that he was checking into a hospital for mental health treatment, and that he would be making a statement to explain why he lied about having cancer.

But it’s now a week later and Mike never checked in at the hospital or made any sort of statement because he’s not mentally ill. He’s just a selfish, narcissistic, pathological liar, and this was yet another delay tactic.

Part 6 will be published tomorrow, or perhaps later today, depending on time. But we will be looking at his wife Jennifer’s role in his crimes, as she carries on as a well respected Talent Acquisition Consultant of Insulet Corporation in Acton.



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