Celtics Fan Who Threw Bottle At Kyrie Irving Identified As Braintree Resident, URI Student, And Environmental Activist Cole Buckley


I didn’t watch last night’s Celtics game because I won’t waste my time supporting a team that can’t defend its fans when a horrible person like Kyrie Irving calls them racist. But they apparently got creampied by the the Brooklyn Nets super team, Kyrie stomped on the Celtics logo on the way out, and then a fan threw a water bottle at him as he exited the arena.

His name is Cole Buckley, he’s from Braintree (obviously), and there’s a 99.9% chance this he owns several articles of clothing with the words “Saturdays are for the boys” on them.

Both of his parents are physicians, including his mother who worked as a radiologist at Brigham and Women’s, and his father who just passed away in February. Their salaries meant they could afford to waste $52K a year sending him to Thayer Academy, only for him to end up in handcuffs and on TB.

Cole is a junior at URI and appears to be a brother in Lambda Chi Alpha, although it’s hard to tell if any of these cheese sandwich eaters is him.

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He’s also a big environmentalist.

The guy who’s concerned about the future of the environment is drinking out of plastic bottles and littering in public places. Take THAT climate change!

He’s currently getting demolished on his Facebook page, which he cannot deactivate because he probably hasn’t been bailed out of jail due to the fact that his dumb ass got arrested on the day before a holiday.

Not that anyone should care what Kyrie Irving thinks about anything since he believes the earth is flat, but he’s now claiming that Cole Buckley did this because he is racist. This of course is exactly what Kyrie wanted and intentionally provoked – a white Boston fan throwing something at him so that he could turn around and point out that he was right about Boston being a racist city.


Underlying racism? Newsflash – he didn’t throw a water bottle at you because you’re black, he did it because you’re a douchebag. No other black players on either team had a water bottle thrown at them. Just you, because you came to Boston, underperformed, whined the entire time you were here, told the fans that you wanted to sign a long term deal and retire as a Celtic, ran to a super team because you couldn’t win if you were the leader, and then went to the middle of the court so you could stomp on the logo. You go exactly what you wanted, and any championship you win will be fake, just like Kevin Durant and James Harden, who also had to flea their teams for super teams because they couldn’t win while playing with All-Stars like Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook.

A lot of Celtics will say that Cole Buckley is a bad person because he “gave Boston a bad name,” and provided fuel for the ridiculous “Boston is a racist city” false narrative. But these Celtics fans are forgetting that the people who say this stuff are going to say it regardless of whether or not this incident happened last night. Opposing fans have been throwing things at players since the beginning of time, and Kyrie Irving earned that bottle thrown at him yesterday. Would I have done it? Nope. Am I glad someone else did it who wasn’t me so that they could go to jail instead of me? Definitely.

P.S. Speaking of people who don’t matter, this might be the dumbest thing Martin Luther Cream has said in his long history of really dumb posts.


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