Central Falls Couple Starts $1,500 For Puppy With Parvo They Bought From Breeder On Craigs List Despite Having House Full Of Neglected Animals And No Jobs


This is Wayne and Becky O’Brien from Central Falls.

Central Falls is Rhode Island’s version of Lawrence – a congested, crime filled hellhole filled with unemployed freeloaders living on top of each other.

Becky recently started a GoFundMe that she shared in a Rhode Island pet group.

As well as a Facebook fundraiser.


Her dog died so she bought another dog, even though she’s unemployed and has no income stream or savings. The new dog has parvo, which is extremely deadly and contagious, and she can’t afford to take care of it, so instead of giving the dog up she’s asking the community to pay for the dog’s healthcare instead.

She forgot to mention that she also bought a golden retriever in April as soon as the other dog died.

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And some rabbits.

Here’s how that golden retriever is living.

Adjacent to fupa in a cramped apartment, getting no fresh air or exercise, with no room to play. I’ve watched a couple of her home videos, and apparently she and her also unemployed baby daddy Wayne sit around all day drinking vodka, ripping butts, and acting as ratchet as possible in a bedroom that their litter of free ranger children keep popping in and out of. Watch the whole 47 minute video here because it’s too big to download. Here’s a clip.

What a life these dogs get to live!

I’d rather have parvo than spend an hour with septic Shamu.

They also might have a cat.

And maybe another dog too.

It’s hard to keep track.

In that video you can see the dog that died in April, and the sad, miserable existence he had looking for a place to lie down.

This really isn’t that hard – if you cant pay vet bills then you shouldn’t own pets. They’re not stuffed animals or toys. You don’t collect them. They are living creatures who should be treated as an extension of your family. Golden retrievers and pure bred huskies are not small collector’s items. They’re for people who live in homes and have access to open spaces, not unemployed lardvarks who sit at home live streaming themselves getting drunk on $9 vodka. You’re a selfish person if you confine your dogs to cages and backyard kennels, just so you can you have a pet.

That is a very nice looking dog though.

How did they acquire a dog like this? No rescue would ever sell them a dog considering they have no money and live like guttermuppets, so according to Becky she found a breeder on Craigs List and met him at the Family Dollar in Connecticut.

What could possibly go wrong?

And just in case you weren’t convinced that these are two of Rhode Island’s biggest trashbags, here she is writing “f*** 12” after her 17 year old son got arrested for riding dirt bikes through busy streets in Central Falls with weed on him, and justifying her son resisting arrest because “dum cops killing people he was trying to get home we’re (where) every thing was watched.”

If you ever find yourself writing “free my kid” on Facebook you have completely failed as a parent and shouldn’t have any children, never mind a house full of sick pets you bought from a guy at the dollar store. If her kid got arrested he deserved it. And if your kid posts stuff like this on Facebook it’s because you raised him wrong.


She really hates the Central Falls cops, who do a thankless job in an urban dumpster fire where everyone hassles them as they try to do their job.

She and the hubby also ride through Central Falls encouraging the “bike life” kids to risk their own lives by shielding them from the police with their vehicles and filming it.

Then there was that time a couple weeks ago she made up a lie about her two kids being robbed for their bikes at gun point in Providence, as she articulated in this legendary sentagraph.

Meanwhile, there are actually people defending these swamp swine by pulling the “who are you to judge” card.

Who am I to judge? I’m a person who calls out ratchet behavior for a living, and you’re the person enabling it by prioritizing feelings over facts. It’s not “holier-than-thou” to point out that these animals deserve better owners than this. And it didn’t “take a lot” for them to ask for help, because their entire lives have been one handout after another. When you post in a community group and ask strangers to pay for your pet’s healthcare, you best believe people can and will judge you for that.


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