Charges Dropped On Worcester Scumbags Caught Filming, Raping 2 Year Old In Walmart Parking Lot Because Witness Died 


MassliveProsecutors on Friday dropped charges against Joshua Rezsnyak and Mary McForbes, who were accused of raping a 2-year-old girl inside a car outside the Worcester Walmart store two years ago. In a nolle prosequi filed Friday, prosecutors wrote that “further prosecution of this matter is not in the interest of justice due to the death of a witness.”

“The prosecution’s sole eyewitness to the crimes charged is now deceased,” the Worcester District Attorney’s office said in a statement. “The extensive testing regarding DNA evidence in the case has proven inconclusive. As a result, there is no longer sufficient evidence to proceed to trial in this case.”

Rezsnyak and McForbes were charged with aggravated rape indecent assault and battery on a child younger than 14 and reckless endangerment of a child. McForbes was accused of taking photos and videos while Rezsnyak allegedly assaulted the child inside a maroon Ford Explorer that was parked outside Walmart at 25 Tobias Boland Way in Worcester on Jan. 18, 2018. Authorities previously said that a witness saw the incident and that surveillance video showed Rezsnyak and McForbes entering Walmart after the alleged assault. A sexual assault nurse examiner determined the child had injuries consistent with penetration, prosecutors said when Rezsnyak and McForbes were arraigned in district court. After the alleged incident, the state Department of Children and Families took “emergency custody” of the 2-year-old, officials said at the time.

We wrote about these two trashbags over two years ago. My question is, why hasn’t their been a trial yet? How long do they need? Seems like an open and shut case. A witness saw him sexually assaulting a 2 year old while she filmed. The victim was raped according to a nurse.


But instead Joe Early’s office did what Joe Early always does – let two dangerous criminals walk free. They will do it again. You can’t fix people like this.

This can’t be the first time a witness had died before trial. You still have his statement to police, you still have the physical evidence, and no jury on earth would exonerate them. They must have the video too. There is no reason for them to be in a car with a child who was sexually assaulted. They can’t explain their way out of that one. There are murderers who get caught 30 years after the fact and get convicted. I’m pretty sure if Joe Early really wanted to, he could’ve found a way to bring that child justice.

I happen to have a connection to this story, as I had the pleasure of being Mary McForbes’ teacher at the Fanning Learning Center. Each Worcester high school and middle school sent us their 10 worst kids every year, who they just couldn’t deal with anymore. Read my book to learn more about the Fanning Learning Center. Don’t let the name fool you – there wasn’t much learning going on. The goal was to keep the kids off the streets and get them to attempt to do a minimal amount of work without calling you a wack a** b**** n***a, which might as well have been my nickname during my two years there. That’s me on the last day of school 2006, and Mary on the right after she got kicked out of Sullivan Middle.

The fact that she’d grow up to be this much of a guttermuppet is the least surprising news ever. I met plenty of dumb kids at Fanning, but Mary was by far the dumbest. Just absolutely nothing in her brain. Couldn’t read, write, or follow directions, and just like most of the kids there she didn’t like being told what to do. I could write a book about my two years at Fanning that just includes the writeups for kids who got kicked out of class and it would be a best seller.


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