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Charlestown Parents, Youth Football Officials Mock Medford Kids, Ban Them From Playing After Incident That Bratty Charlestown Player Started

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (4:50)

A couple people contacted us about a youth (middle school aged) football game last weekend in Melrose between Charlestown and Medford, after a Charlestown Youth Football Facebook post started making the rounds. The long and short of it is that Charlestown alleges that 2 Medford players were ejected for punching a Charlestown player after a penalty, prompting Medford coaches and parents to yell obscenities and charge onto the field. This forced the league to shut down the game because it was “unsafe” and call the cops. After that it is alleged that a woman from Charlestown was accosted with racial slurs at her car by a Medford coach and players, and that a 74 year old woman was beaten by Medford parents for no reason. As a result the Medford teams of all ages have been thrown out of the league.

The way the post is made is extremely condescending.

“We gave Medford shoulder pads and helped them do their books because people from Medford are poor AND stupid.”

They’re basically saying, “we control this league, and you’re only allowed in it because we let you. But what they claim happened isn’t actually what went down.

A Medford parent named Brandon Toro posted video on his Facebook page breaking down exactly what transpired, leading up to the end of the game. It’s a long video, so if you don’t watch it I’ll break it down for you.

Keep in mind, this is being used not just to punish the parents and coaches, but to punish the children from Medford. It might not seem like much to us, but for kids this is all they have. Organized sports are especially important for kids from urban areas because it provides them with structure and discipline, and keeps them away from mischief. It’s an outlet for them to be aggressive in a productive manner, and learn to work as a team in order to reach a common goal. It should only be taken away from them under the most extreme circumstances. What we saw in that video is not extreme.

The league banned not only the Medford team in the video, but also the Medford team in the younger Spartan division, who weren’t even there. They are essentially being banned due to association, as all children from Medford have been labeled as problematic. The top 6 teams make the playoffs, and now the kids in Medford are having their season ended by adults from Charlestown who are lying about what actually happened.

The videos shows the Charlestown quarterback (#12) throwing a horrible interception that is picked off by a Medford player (also #12). The quarterback tackles him, and in obvious and understandable frustration pushes him back to the ground when he attempts to get up.

The post claims that the push happened AS the whistle was blown, but it clearly happened after. No biggie though, because this is just part of football. It’s a penalty, and the Medford players had a right to stand up for their teammate, which they did as #48 pushed the Charlestown quarterback away.

The post also claims that 2 Medford players punched #12 from Charlestown. It suggests a systemic problem with the Medford coaching staff for not being able to control their thug players. But the video shows that was a lie. A Medford player (48) gets up the kid’s face, prompting #12 to hit him in the face. While that’s happening another player from Medford (#1) pushes #12 in the back.

No punches were throw, and this is all just part of football.

As the video shows, #30 from Medford jumps in between them to break it up before anyone could get punched.

The entire coaching staff from Medford immediately did the responsible thing and pulled away all the Medford players, screaming at them to get back in the player’s box.

The one douchebag from Medford was the guy in the Champion shirt, who was screaming about his son (#12 from Medford) being pushed.

Chill out dude. We get it – you’re a real hardo who protects your kid. But it’s football. Sometimes you get pushed and there’s a penalty. Sometimes they miss calls. It’s a kid’s game, and if you act like this during a kid’s game then you shouldn’t be allowed there. I have no problem with them banning a parent who acts like this. But that’s not what they did. They banned the entire team instead.

They ended up kicking #25 and #1 from Medford out of the game, which is ridiculous since all they did was come to the defense of their teammate. The player who started it all (#12 from Charlestown) was not kicked out. Here’s what he posted on Snapchat about it.

He sounds like a well raised child, and not an entitled brat. He is able to gloat like this because he wasn’t kicked out of the game, despite the fact that he started it all, but the Medford players who pushed him were. He knows that the power in this league comes from Charlestown, so he’s free to act like an asshole.

The guy in the Champion shirt was the Randall Clark mentioned in the Facebook post, and he did indeed yell at the Charlestown coach on the Medford sideline (Scott) acting as a monitor. For doing so he was rightfully and repeatedly told to leave the field by the grizzled leprechaun Medford coach. After that no other parent came onto the field.

But this woman from Charlestown was on a power trip and kept antagonizing the Medford sidelines, threatening them with the “I’m on the executive board” power trip.

After that they let the game go on for several minutes, but her mind was made up. Medford was clearly dominating because they were a much bigger and faster team, and she was looking for a reason to end the game early. If there were any sort of safety issues for Charlestown it was only because the teams were slaughter.

The Facebook post says that Kelleigh (the hefty chick from the executive board), was the one who decided the game should be ended for safety concerns.

But if it was too dangerous to continue, then why did the game continue for several minutes after the incident? Obviously there was no safety issue, and this hefty chick on a power trip, whose team was getting killed, just felt like exerting her authority. More importantly, she was reminding the welfare team from Medford that they were only in the league because they got shoulder pads out of pity.

This is a case of adults who can’t control their own ego intentionally harming children, and it’s the only reason I’m writing about a youth football game. When grownups hurt children they need to get called out for it.

The Facebook says that the guy in the Champion shirt accosted Kelleigh in the parking lot, but there’s no video or evidence of this. Regardless, he’s just a parent. Ban him from the league if he’s a problem, but don’t punish the kids.

Charlestown goes on to allege that a 74 year old Charlestown woman, who presumably was just minding her own business in the parking lot, was attacked by two unnamed thugs from Medford. They claim there is a police report to prove this, and indeed there is. However, the police report doesn’t mention anything about an elderly woman being attacked, doesn’t say that anyone involved was a Medford player or coach, and suggests that any fights that did occur were between Medford AND Charlestown parents.

This is just adults acting shitty. I’m all for banning people like this because they’re horrible. Play the games with no parents if need be. But to suggest that Charlestown was some sort of victim here, while Medford was the aggressor, is a complete lie.

This is Victoria Dostie, a parent from Charlestown.


She saw the video proving that the statement was a lie and has been going on a tirade for the last week and a half, mocking the children of Medford for being banned from playing football.

Sentagraph Sally is the textbook definition of white trash, and certainly isn’t in a position to speak down to any other parents.

She posted a picture of Brandon politely messaging her, and her acting like the guttermuppet she is in response.

She gets to exert some sort of moral authority and claims to care about the well being of children, while actively trying to prevent children from playing organized sports. The coaches and parents from Charlestown only want these kids to be banned because they’re trashy people who want to harm them because they know it will hurt the Medford parents too. People like this are not better than anyone:

This is not a defense of the Medford parents either, as several of them were out of control. I’m sure Victoria will argue that Brandon Toro is a bad person with a ratchet history. Maybe he is, but it’s not relevant to the issue at hand. Don’t pretend that you’re any less trashy than they are. You’re not.

Here she is crying about a “cheap shot” from a bigger Medford player, pushing a smaller Charlestown player.

This is also known as “football.” But it shows the root cause of the problem here. Medford was bigger and better and they were beating up on Charlestown, therefore they should be banned.

The worst part about this isn’t just that kids from Medford are being punished, or that the Medford coaches who did everything right to control their team in a volatile situation are being blamed. The worst part is that trashy parents like Victoria and an out of control kid from Charlestown who started the whole fight because he threw a bad pass, feel emboldened enough to gloat about it.



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