Charlie Baker Appointed Press Secretary For Department Of Conservation And Recreation Advertises Spicy Only Fans Account On Instagram 


This is Olivia Dorrance, the Press Secretary of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, appointed by Governor Charlie Baker in 2018.


The Acton native duties include issuing press releases, generating content for social media, planning events, responding to media inquires, and advising DCR Leadership on media relations strategies.

If you Google “Olivia Dorrance DCR” you’ll see a plethora of press releases from her about really important stuff like this:

Olivia Dorrance, a spokeswoman for DCR, said the roadway transfer “will aid in alleviating traffic congestion, provide outdoor recreational opportunities, and create a safer travel experience for all.”

Prior to that she worked as the Communications Director for former Senator Richard Ross from Wrentham, who filled the seat vacated by Scott Brown in 2010.

Ross lost in 2018 to Becca Rausch, the communist who filed legislation to force masking on children in all Massachusetts schools, despite previously claiming that any masks that were not KN95’s were useless.

Olivia likely used her connections with the RINO/Baker wing of the Republican party that she had made working for Senator Ross to land her the very important job of press secretary for the DCR, where she now gets paid $58K a year from the taxpayers to regurgitate information from her superiors.

Evidently Olivia needs more income, because she has a linktree in the bio of her. private Instagram account.

That brings you here, which contains a link to her PayPal, CashApp, and Only Fans account. The Only Fans account for Madame Press Secretary, which can be accessed for just $4.99 per month, is quite spicy. Too spicy for me to include unredacted images on this blog.

Some of the highlights can be found on this Imgur account though, which might make you thirst for a Rueben sandwich with extra thousand island dressing.

Her posts are pretty graphic and reference her experience as a cheerleader.



She also has pictures doing fun things to herself inside a Walmart bathroom, referring to herself as the “naughty secretary (of conservation and recreation),” and claiming to be in taxpayer funded work meeting fiddling with her lady bits.

I’m not trying to slut shame this woman, and I don’t care if she has an Only Fans account. But she’s a public figure, and when you’re in a position like that you can’t charge strange men to watch you strumming the clamjo, buttering the muffin, and double clicking the mouse on an easily accessible public platform. She also got paid to do all of this at home during the pandemic because she is an “essential worker” and you probably are not, while collecting her government salary. This is the kind of individual who gets promoted to jobs in the Baker administration.


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