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Charlton Photography Scam Artist Taunts Grieving Fiance On Wedding Date After Refusing To Refund Deposit When She Died 


We’ve exposed too many scammers for me to count over the years, but none of them compare to Jesse John Francis Clark, originally from Charlton.

In 2013 he was ordered by the Massachusetts AG’s office to repay $500K to the 90 clients he had ripped off with his wedding photography business at the Millbury Mall.

The owner of SureShot Portraits, which authorities said ripped off more than 150 couples by charging them for wedding videos that were never provided, was ordered to pay more than $500,000, the state Attorney General’s office said. Jesse Clark of Charlton, who operated SureShot, was ordered to pay more than $136,000 in restitution and $370,000 in civil penalties and fees. He was also forbidden from being engaged in such work in Massachusetts. SureShot had a storefront operation in Shoppes at Blackstone Valley in Millbury.

Complaints began piling up against SureShot, which collected deposits or full payment from the couples but never delivered the videos. Some video footage was obtained by investigators and provided to some of the victims. Clark collected $800 to $2,000 for each video order, Coakley’s office said. Clark also operated the business under the names SureShot Videography, In Focus Studios, Magnolia Films, Wedding Filmology, and Wedding Avenue, and used the aliases John Francis, Jaie Hart, and Michael Collins.

The Telegram and Gazette wrote about it, which prompted a fight with his parents and his estranged wife who had a restraining order out against him at the time, and he was sentenced to 60 days in jail and a mental health evaluation after he smashed in his mother’s SUV.

Now fast forward seven years later. This is Justin Montney, a former cross country runner from Kansas who resettled in Colorado Springs.

Justin was supposed to get married to his fiance Alexis-Athena Wyatt this week, but she died in a car accident in February.

He attempted to get a refund for his deposit of $1,800 from the wedding videographer Copper Stallion Media, a Dallas based company that claimed to do weddings all over the country. Their website looks legit and is filled with testimonials from people they claim are clients.

But Justin didn’t get the refund so he left a bad review for Copper Stallion on Tie The Knot, which led to a threat of a defamation lawsuit from Copper Stallion Media, not only against Justin but other people who left bad reviews for them in support of Justin.

The local media in Colorado did a story on it.

Copper Stallion responded to that story by posting this on their website.

Copper Stallion took that post down but you can see it in the archives hereIn it they announced that they bought the domain JustinMontney.com.

And to add a sinister twist they took this charming photograph of Justin:

And photoshopped it to make him look sinister.

Upon closer examination it appears that Copper Stallion Media’s testimonials, videos, and pictures are all fake. They get them from Adobe stock photos.

Then on what would have been Justin and Alexis’ wedding day they posted this on their business Facebook page.

“We hope you sob and cry all day long on what would’ve been your wedding day.”

That’s one way of doing business I suppose.

The mother of the deceased fiance also left a bad review on their Google page, and the company responded by telling her that “you cannot get your money back, even from the grave,” and vowed to ad her to the defamation lawsuit.

At this point it was shared far and wide on social media and the company looked awful. In order to garner sympathy from people and make the victim look like the villain Copper Stallion did what ratchets often do when they’re backed into a corner – blamed the whistle blower for causing a suicide.

Except there’s just one problem – there is no Allison Davis, nor are there any employees from Copper Stallion Media. Also, the post was originally made by Copper Stallion in 2018.

And then updated.

After Copper Stallion started getting flooded with bad Yelp Reviews they renamed their Yelp page Justin Montney and left this review.

Copper Stallion Media also has a bad habit of not paying their contractors.

Copper Stallion often puts ads that they need videographers on Craigslist and fails to pay them. Local media in Colorado did some more digging about this company and guess who owns it?

Jesse Jonn Francis Clark.

Although he quickly denied it on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Jesse has created LLC’s in Colorado, Nevada, and California, but swears it’s another guy.

But wait, it gets crazier.

Jesse Clark also pretends to be the man behind a world traveling brand called Jetset Jesse where he stays in luxury hotels and rates them on his website.

He has social media pages including Facebook and YouTube that feature videos depicting glamorous, wealthy people doing glamorous, wealthy people things, and superimposes his Jetset Jesse logo on everything.

He rated an $800 a night hotel in Newport Beach, CA on the website and talked about his alleged experience there.

Who is “we?” Apparently this woman.

At first glance that appears to be a mannequin, but here is what appears to be a human being eating breakfast with him too.

I could be mistaken though. If anyone knows who this woman is I am interested in learning more about her. Email [email protected]

He very well might actually stay at these hotels using money he gets from couples he’s ripped off with his various LLC’s, but his long and documented history of lying and fraud leaves room for doubt.

The website says that he is the President of HemoAware Corporation, which he pretends is a non-profit that he occasionally tends to when he’s not busy being a “busy entrepreneur.”

In this video he tells a story from 2013, the same year he was sentenced to jail in Dudley District Court. He lies about traveling to Fort Lauderdale, contacting his parents and telling them, “wish you were here,” despite destroying his mother’s SUV that same year. He talks about how he gets stretch limousines and free champagne, which of course is all a lie.

On his Twitter account he is also promoting his online store on Tee Spring.

The store exclusively sells Jesse John Francis Clark gear, including this poster of himself which costs $21.

According to the Tee Spring site he is an “executive, professional, entrepreneur, with marketing savvy, digital expertise and advance knowledge of AI.” It also says that he is currently the CEO of Flash House Media, which is listed at 70 Winter Street in Worcester.

Then there’s his website www.JesseJohnFrancisClark.com that claims that he went to Harvard, MIT, Yale, and the Massachusetts School of Law.

According to the website you can “book” him to come speak for you.

He actually has two videos on there that he claims are him speaking at UNLV and
Nevada State College.

But who knows if that’s just another video that he added himself into.

His website connects to his Medium page, where he is somehow a published author. He’s written articles about how to crush the “haters” by working 80 hour weeks and eating steak at The Capital Grille.

He published another blog about a real estate investing company he claims to own called Brendan Capital Group.

That links to this website which is likely another WIX site he created. Then there was this blog about his glory days as a drummer, in which he shared a video of a song that is almost definitely not him playing the drums.

He also published a blog about his previous career as a paralegal.

10 years ago today I was let go from my full-time job in Boston. I was a Foreclosure Paralegal where I would prepare Acceleration Letters, Complaints and Notice of Sales. I was the guy who would evict you from your house after you wouldn’t be able to pay your mortgage during the subprime mortgage crisis. I did this during the day while attending law school at night. This would be the last time I ever worked for someone else. I have been on my own for a decade now.

Small towns like Dudley don’t have their own police academies and instead go to regional police academies, so that seems doubtful.

During his “paralegal” career in 2010 the aspiring male model apparently harassed Auburn Attorney Rosaleen Clayton via email and told her that women shouldn’t be admitted to the bar. She shared his emails on a Lawyer’s Weekly forum, and even though she redacted his name he responded by degrading her on a Craigslist ad she put up. When a man named Noah Shaffer wrote about it Jesse Clark responded by renaming his modeling page “Noah Shaffer,” and said that Noah was available for noodz. He then announced he would no longer pursue becoming an attorney in Massachusetts.

Much like he did with JustinMontney.com website.

And just to top it all off he abandoned his two children to do all of this. He is quite literally the worst person on earth, and should be in jail for all the harm he has caused to people who he’s preyed on over the years.


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