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Charlton Police Help Raise $3,200 For Medical Bills For Tow Truck Company Owner Who Offered A Woman $3K To Film Sex With Her In Order To Upset His Ex-Wife


This is Mike Lundquist the owner of Boomba’s Towing in Charlton.

He’s a well respected man about town who donated $8,000 to the Charlton Fired Department, has a good working relationship with the Charlton Police Department, and up until recently was their first call for tows.

On November 30 CPD shared a fundraiser on Facebook for Mike Lundquist because he was in “poor health” and wanted to support him in his hour of need.

Thanks to CPD’s use of their official Facebook page to share the fundraiser they were able to raise $3200.

But the purpose of the fundraiser was vague. According to the About section Mike had previously battled cancer, and had surgeries scheduled to see if he had cancer again. As a result he couldn’t work or provide for his family.

This was all pretty vague, but mentioning the word cancer, and the fact that the police themselves shared the fundraiser, certainly legitimized the fundraiser.

However, just two weeks prior to that Lundquist was going through a divorce and suspected his wife of cheating on him with an ex-boyfriend who happens to be the father of her oldest child. Lundquist and his ex-wife also have a younger son together. Out of spite Lundquist contacted a woman who happens to be another ex-girlfriend of his wife’s first baby daddy, and offered her $3,000 for sex. He wanted to take pictures of them doing it, send it to his now ex-wife to upset her, and said he was doing so because he was hateful and evil.

The woman he sent these to was horrified, and two weeks later when she saw the Charlton Police sharing his fundraiser she posted the screenshots in the comments. Whoever runs the page quickly deleted them, but allowed all the positive posts to remain. I commented on the post yesterday asking why they shared this fundraiser without vetting it, and my comments were deleted. The post can be found here.

On top of that Lundquist purchased his stepdaughter (his ex-wife’s daughter) a new car in early December, shortly after the fundraiser for his unknown health condition. This was upsetting to the girl’s father and mother because they did not approve of it as they wanted to be the ones to buy her her first vehicle. Regardless, the fact that he just had a fundraiser but could afford to offer a woman $3,000 for sex while buying his former stepdaughter a car, seems problematic.

On February 16 the Charlton Police posted on Facebook about Mike Lundquist and his son baking them brownies.

Once again people in the comments posted about the text message offering a woman money for sex, the police were aware of it, and they removed the post entirely.

Like many divorces Lundquist’s has been ugly. I have no interest in sorting through these sorts of affairs as they are personal, complicated, and biased. However, on January 16 Lundquist filed for a restraining order against his ex-wife, claiming she assaulted him, and contacted DCF. Despite being at least 400 pounds, and over 3 times the size of his ex-wife, Lundquist claims he felt scared and threatened by her and was able to get an order. Due to that he also has their son.

I contacted Mike Lundquist last night before he deactivated his Facebook page to ask him about this, since he insisted he had done nothing wrong. He initially accused me of attempting to blackmail him, even though I didn’t want anything in return from him.

Self-victimization turned out to be a theme of our conversation, as did frequent references to what a great guy he was according to him.

When asked about the money for sex he admitted that he did indeed offer the woman $3,000, but then attempted to justify by deflecting with a long and drawn out story about her which I had zero interest in since the Charlton Police were not raising money for her.

He also attempted to smear his ex-wife some more and once again made himself into the victim by telling me about how he was hit by a car in October.

He justified his own actions by claiming that he was “pissed,” but only because his ex-wife and the woman he offered $3K for sex made him that way.

After that he accused me of conspiring with his ex-wife, although her and I had never had any communication.


I asked him about the order, and how he could be afraid of his wife despite being three times her size. He insisted that he was scared of her due to her temper.

He claims he was unaware of the fundraiser, which seems unlikely. Regardless, he had the opportunity to return the money and did not do so. It allegedly went to his medical bills which apparently his insurance did not cover.

He also attempted to smear his ex by pointing out that DCF, which he contacted after getting the order, had taken the child away from her.

He deflected once again and said that he was being dragged through the dirt for caring about his kids, since he’s such a swell Dad. He also accused me of only having interest in the story now that DCF was involved, when in reality I was tipped off to this story in December and didn’t have time to get to it. It was the recent brownie post by Charlton Police that caught my attention.

He admitted that it was a mistake to offer a woman $3K for sex, but also blamed her for setting him up because he trusted her.


He claimed that the woman he offered $3K for sex to couldn’t possibly think he was a bad guy since they were still Facebook friends, which is silly since I never block my enemies unless they turn into psychopaths and cause me to have a mental health breakdown. As usual he referred to himself as a good guy and a loving father, but could not provide any evidence to back up anything he was telling me.

He claimed that he had recorded private conversations with the woman in order to use them against her, but later in the conversation claimed he never said that.

At one point he threw the woman who created the fundraiser under the bus, claiming that he was sorry she felt the need to make the fundraiser for him. He blamed his lack of quality insurance on his ex-wife, even though he was the primary breadwinner.

When asked how he could afford to buy his stepdaughter a car just days after the fundraiser was created he claimed that he took out a loan.

Over the weekend Lundquist’s snowmobile caught on fire.

The next day there was another fire that started in a car in the garage at Lundquist’s home.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Lundquist gave the fire department $8,000 in 2017.

After contacting him yesterday Lundquist deactivated his Facebook page. Today his ex-wife received a text message from their son, who Lundquist currently has custody of as a result of the RO. The 8 year old boy allegedly told his mother that Karma was coming for her.

Eight year olds don’t know what Karma is, and they don’t text message their mothers to let them know that Karma is coming the day after Turtleboy contacts their father asking him questions about offering women money for sex. I have no proof that this child was up to this, or that Lundquist himself sent the text, but it’s a huge red flag.

It’s not appropriate for the Charlton Police Department to be showing favoritism by sharing GoFundMe’s to a man who has profited off of them in the past (by getting calls for tows). They are well aware of the text messages soliciting sex for money for the purposes of angering his ex-wife, yet still their post is up. They have gone out of their way to censor and silence people who bring it up, while bragging about how he made them brownies. Although Mike Lundquist is a self-proclaimed great guy and seems to be one publicly, his actions privately don’t show that. By his own admission he is “hateful” and “evil,” he is preventing his wife from seeing their child, and his story is just not believable.


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