Charlton Teen Doxxes Mother Who Was Assaulted At Capitol Protests, Tries To Get Her Fired From Job As PCA at UMass Medical Center, Uses Twitter Fame To Profit


This is Helena Duke, a Shepherd Hill graduate from Charlton.

She has #BLM and her preferred pronouns in her Twitter bio, which tells you everything you need to know about her.

Her mother is Therese Duke, a PCA at UMass Memorial hospital who happens to be a conservative Trump supporter and clashes with her daughter over politics.

Therese happened to attend the Capitol protests that the media is calling a failed coup and insurrection. We know this because a video of Therese getting punched in the face by a woman there went viral.

Helena saw this video of her mother being assaulted and used it as an opportunity to dox her to the woke mob, along with her aunt and uncle.

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What a horrible daughter. I thought the protest was stupid, and if you went inside the Capitol you deserved to be arrested and fired. But now people are trying to get others fired form their jobs for simply showing up in Washington DC at a political protest. Helena knows this and is trying to get the woman who raised her fired from her job after getting punched in the face at a public event.

Helena’s tweets got worse too.

I highly doubt she was kicked out of the house for going to a BLM event. More than likely she was an entitled, disrespectful brat who thought she was better and smarter than her Mom, so she moved in with her new girlfriend and decided to declare war on the woman who still loves her unconditionally.

Another video underneath the first video shows Therese bleeding profusely and telling the guy holding the camera that the black woman assaulted her.

But according to this horrible excuse for a daughter her Mom deserved to get punched by “that powerful black woman.”

The ironic part here is that Helena is probably pro-choice, while Mom is likely anti-abortion, which worked out great for Helena but horribly for Therese. One trip to Planned Parenthood could’ve prevented this awful child from existing.

This is Helena’s girlfriend Chase Cook.

Chase is taking joy in helping to cause this division between her girlfriend and mother, because she is also a horrible person who appears to be a Wachusett graduate and prefers the pronouns she/they, because that’s a thing now.

Newsflash – if you actually gave a shit about your significant other you wouldn’t drive them away from their family under any circumstances. And you certainly wouldn’t do it for Twitter clout. You are likely temporary, but her mother will be there for her for life. If your girlfriend went to jail for 10 years you would dump her, but her mother would visit every weekend. There isn’t enough contempt you can have for these two.

Mobs of adults on Twitter encourage young people like this to do horrible things to their parents just because their parents are conservative. It’s disgusting. And Helena is profiting off of it.

Not to be left out Chase Cooke is also attempting to profit because she happens to scissor the chick who doxxed her Mom and tried to get her fired from her job after she was assaulted at a political protest.

You just KNOW that UMass will fire her. They always do because they are petrified of online mobs. Someday this snot-nosed brat will grow up and realize how horrible she is for doing this to her mother, and her mother will be there with open arms to huge her and take her back. Because at the end of the day Therese is a good person who has the misfortune of having a daughter who is a soulless waste of space.

P.S. Someone might want to tell Miss Bratty BLM that her hairstyle is culturally appropriating black women, and is a big no-no in the circles she’s about to travel in. Maybe stop being racist dear.


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