Chelmsford Man Accused Of Stiffing Dracut Bartender On $137 Tab Denies Guilt Despite Past History Of Robbery, Larceny, And Judgments From Credit Unions


This is Brandon Frechette from the mean streets of Chelmsford.

If a pimped out 96 Honda Civic had a face.

Brandon recently went out with his friends for some drinks at the Sports Zone in Dracut, ran up a bill of $137.50, and was accused of not paying the check. The bartender gave him the benefit of the doubt since she knew him, and assumed that this was some sort of miscommunication. However, when she confronted him about it he responded in the the douchiest way possible by laughing at her and telling her that he wipes his rumpus with hundred dollar bills.

This is exactly the face I would imagine someone who claims to wipe their ass with $100 bills would look like.

Flat brimmed hat, bathroom selfies, oversized earrings, and a chinstrap that just screams, “I got court on Tuesday but I’m not planning on wearing a belt.”

Just in case there was any doubt that he was indeed guilty of what he was being accused of, Chinstrap Charlie showed up in the comments to defend his honor. It didn’t go as planned.

Beat up a few years back with a crowbar by a girl he robbed? What’s that all about? Could that be his 2011 arrest for assault and battery on Mill Road?

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Or was it that time he was charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery when he stole someone’s wallet?

It certainly has nothing to do with his 2013 arrest in Haverhill for larceny over $250, forgery, and uttering a false check.

But it does seem to show a pattern of being a thieving queef mongrel. He’s also not good at paying bills, which is why Workers’ Credit Union got a judgment of over $16K out of him in Lowell District Court in 2014 after he defaulted.

Maybe he couldn’t pay his bill at Sports Zone because he agreed to pay $50 a week to the credit union.

Shockingly other people in the service industry have had similar interactions with him.

Despite being proven to be a certifiable deadbeat he still wanted to prove his innocence, so he went with the ‘you got the wrong guy” excuse, claimed he only had one beer and showed “evidence” of his bank statement.

All this seems to prove is that he went to the bar separately from his group to order a drink, which he paid for. The group collectively then dipped out on their check and he hit got an oil change, bought a coffee, and got some rolling papers at Cumby’s.

However, his claim that he only had one beer that he paid for seems contradict what he told the bartender when he threw his friends under the bus and said that he gave them $40 for his one beer, and alleged that they were the ones who didn’t pay the bill.

Nevertheless he is now claiming that the bartender is the one who looks “dumb as f***” here.

I don’t know who he was with that night, but based on his Facebook pictures I would imagine that they wear backpacks full of Busch Light at parties, refer to each other as, “yo, that’s my boy,” and own ample amounts of jorts.

In fairness, his fashion sense is impeccable.

The unnecessary gold chain with a Celtics tank, flat brimmed hat, and blunt roach complement the boat shoes and man capris so well.

Despite all of his past financial problems though he still purports himself to be a home owner.

If you’re “striving for greatness” and you end up on TB Daily News, then you’re not striving hard enough. But if the Chelmsford Chinstrapnado wants to come on the live show to share his side of the story he’s more than welcomed to.


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