Chicopee Man Recently Arrested On Gun Charges Arrested Again After Leading CPD On High Speed Chase With Stolen Dirt Bikes He’s Been Selling Online For Years


A Chicopee man arrested 3 weeks ago on gun charges was picked up by police again after stealing ATVs and dirt bikes and leading CPD on a high speed chase early in the morning.

What a waste of a perfectly good mask.

Honda Homeboy appears to have already satisfied all the prerequisites of TB fame.

  • Flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat
  • Gucci fanny pack he wears as a sash
  • Overgrowth of lice infested pubic hair he calls a chinstrap
  • Bag of crappy Chicopee weed
  • Bottle of Hennessy

The only thing he’s missing is a pack of Newport Lights hanging out of the back pocket of his skinny jeans. Safe to say that this young man look like he’s practically begging for permission to use the n word casually in conversation.

He’s certainly come a long way from his days of bathroom selfies and deep soulful looks out at the ocean while wearing tapered pants, socks, and thong sandals.

“One day, I’m a be on Turtleboy dawg!”

Honda Homeboy has been selling bikes that totally are almost definitely stolen on Facebook yard sale pages for years now .

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Hit him up if you want a brand new bike that rides perfectly and costs less than what he would’ve paid had he purchased this brand new bike legally. Nothing shady about that.

A Boston police officer died from the commie cold yesterday, which got me thinking. Anyone arrested for anything during this crisis should get triple the punishment they’d normally get. I’m sick of watching Apple commercials about how we’re “all in this together.” We’re clearly not when degenerates like this are out there getting arrested multiple times and directly endangering the lives of police officers. It’s hard to social distance when you’re forced to handcuff someone. We’re not “all in this together” when judges are letting people go free after getting arrested on gun charges, while gun owners have their rights restricted by the state. We’re not “all in this together” when prisoners are being emptied out of jails because they might get sick while incarcerated. If this was really a crisis then we would treat it like one and increase the punishments for people like Chance Champagne who think it’s business as usual and can’t take a month off from being criminals.


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