Chicopee Police Save Lives By Staking Out And Busting 4 Guys Drinking Beer In Bar Basement 


The Chicopee Police Department are quite proud of themselves for saving lives on Friday afternoon by catching four grown men drinking beer in a basement.

Live look at the criminal masterminds.

I’ve written many positive stories about the Chicopee Police Department in the past, but I was embarrassed for them reading that. They actually refer to this unit as the “COVID compliance police.” They dedicated several cops to staking out a bar for over an hour in the hopes of catching people drinking a beer together. They used the term “cash money” in an official press release. They said they “seized evidence,” presumably with a straight face. They posted it on Facebook and truly believe they saved lives by doing what they did.

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Now imagine what happens when a governor comes along and says that guns are a health emergency, and the only way to save lives is to confiscate your guns. The government can count on the Chicopee Police Department to do their bidding.

The guys who own that bar were told that they just had to shut down for a couple weeks. It’s been over 2 months now and their livelihoods have been stolen from them. The police have been collecting a salary this entire time, and have gone out of their way to ensure that these guys now have to pay a fine on top of this, and will be punished even further once this lockdown ends. “Essential workers” have no idea what it’s like to be affected by this, and they just don’t care because they think that breadlines and destitution are a minor inconvenience because five people died in Chicopee.

Over 60% of commie cold casualties in this state have occurred in nursing homes. If the Chicopee Police actually cared about saving lives they would expend 100% of their “COVID compliance officers” into protecting every nursing home in Chicopee. This is a city right next door to Holyoke where close to 100 veterans are now dead in a nursing home, and they’re bragging about busting guys drinking beer in a basement.


They kept responding to the hundreds of people who reminded them how badly they looked by bragging about this.

Yes, thank God the COVID Compliance SWAT team didn’t have any actual crime to solve in Chicopee. The opiate epidemic and crime in general magically stopped because of a virus too.

They apparently are unfamiliar with the constitution as well.

The right to peaceful assembly is in the First Amendment, right before the part where they wrote, “unless a virus comes along.”

They kept repeating the same nonsense about people’s lives being at risk over 4 guys in a basement.

“You don’t know who’s carrying the virus and those people will then go out into public or home and could spread the virus.”

Oh I get it now. They were only a threat to spread COVID because they were at a bar. If they had just gone to Home Depot they’d have virtually no chance of spreading the virus.  Or, if they had just gone into the bar, picked up food and left, then they also could not have gotten or spread the virus. It only spreads when you sit down and drink beer. This is all making sense now.

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They actually believe that their policies are the reasons why Chicopee only has five commie cold deaths.

Chicopee is not some shining star at preventing COVID. They have the same amount of cases as Brookline, which has a similar population and is much closer to the outbreak center of Chelsea. They have double the amount of cases as Pittsfield, and a similar population. Facts don’t lie. But nevertheless, “we are making this an incredible place keeping all of our citizens safe.” They actually believe this.

They also can dismiss anyone concerned about silly things like freedom and liberty because pretty much everyone in Chicopee agrees with their tactics.

They’re keeping you safe guys! Those men in the basement were about to kill us all. Oh wait, nothing happened to them. They just have to pay a fine and spread their disease some more. Looks like we’re probably going to die after all.

I had no idea the CPD was the official Karen Police Department of Massachusetts, but apparently they’ve been doing this for quite some time. In early April they bragged about how Walmart, BJ’s, and Home Depot were preventing customers from buying “non-essential” items.

Don’t worry though – they’ll decide what is and isn’t essential peasants! Hope you’re not trying to buy wipes though, because they hoarded all of it.

Sure, this will just inconvenience people by going to a different store to buy the same stuff and increase the risk of catching the disease, or ordering it online and having the package touched by multiple people who could have the virus along the way, but they’re saving lives nonetheless. They actually believe this.

They’re also encouraging people to call 911 if they see “overcrowding in stores or no masks.”

No one is dying because of overcrowding in stores. This is a nursing home epidemic. But nonetheless, they’re helping.

As usual, Team Lockdown ignores the impact their actions are having on children. Teachers and other mandated reporters who no longer have access to at risk children are on the front lines for reporting child abuse. They account for the vast majority of 51a’s filed because they notice bruising, malnutrition, signs of sexual abuse, and abnormal behavior, and now those advocates are gone because the Chicopee Police are buying into the hysteria that they’re saving grandma. These lockdowns have forced children to live with their abusers and have no voice because the Chicopee Police would rather “protect” us by busting up 4 guys at a bar. I pointed that out and got this response.

“We have 7, 8, 9 year olds sick.”

Let’s see how many 7-9 year olds have died from COVID in Massachusetts, the state Chicopee is located in.

Zero. No one under the age of 30 has died from COVID in this state. The median age is 82, which makes sense because this is a nursing home epidemic. They are the ONLY people who need protection, and our resources are being used to bust up healthy people.

Could 7-9 year olds get it? Yes, and it means nothing when they do because they almost never die! And who cares if they’re sick? Kids get sick, and then they get better. We don’t shut down the world for that.

The NYPD and Warwick Police have joined police departments across the country in stating that they will not be wasting their time enforcing these rules. Guess who the NYPD was mostly arresting before they said they weren’t doing it anymore?

Not white people! One person out of 40 was white to be exact. In other words, they spent years attempting to build relationships with people of color and the next thing you know the government was implementing stop and frisk again. Obviously that’s not happening in Chicopee because it’s not that diverse, but the long term effects this will have on citizens relationships with the police will forever be changed as a result of this.


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