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Childless West Springfield Mayor Will Reichelt Dismisses Legitimate Concerns Of Working Parent Struggling With Remote Learning 


William Reichelt is the Mayor of West Springfield.

The West Springfield Public Schools, like many in this state, are closed. My inbox right now is filled with horror stories from parents across the state, and it’s hard reading about the psychological, financial, and emotional effects this is having on children and their parents. I’ve seen videos and pictures that are hard to watch of young children crying and struggling with “remote learning.” If you a story you’d like to tell please email me at [email protected], as I’m planning on doing a blog it.

It’s more clear than ever that remote learning not only isn’t education, it’s child abuse. And we need to start calling out the people who are doing this to our children and calling them exactly what they are – child abusers. Mayor Reichelt is one of these child abusers.

A parent emailed the Mayor and School Committee with their concerns yesterday about her struggles playing the role of parent, breadwinner, and unpaid teacher’s aide.

Her concerns are perfectly valid. It is not reasonable to ask parents to take hours off in their day to sit with their children and do the teacher’s job for them. More importantly the kids are being deprived of a quality education they deserve, in order to stop the spread of a virus that has not killed a single child in this state.

Here was his response.

On top of being unable to spell existent, he completely glossed over all of her valid concerns and chose to focus on one sentence where she accurately pointed out that the risk for children is non-existent. Schools are supposed to be about the kids, not the adults. If adults do not feel safe in school they are easily replaceable. However, if given the choice between losing their livelihood (as parents are given) or returning to work, almost every one of these cowards would choose to return to work. The fact that we are putting the irrational fears of adults over the needs of children shows you how morally bankrupt our society has become.

It should be noted that Mayor Reichelt has no children. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a working parent with multiple children. He also doesn’t care. He thinks your concerns about your children’s emotional and psychological well being are silly, and pale in comparison to the threat of a virus that has almost no chance of killing or hospitalizing healthy people below the age of 75. And while parents and children in the district suffer he’s doing push-ups on Facebook because his fitness guru girlfriend Paige Lussier nominated him to raise awareness for anxiety and depression.

Ironically he is promoting policies that will and have directly lead to anxiety, depression, and suicide. He just doesn’t care about your problems.

Feel free to let this child abuser know your feelings on his Facebook page. If they’re doing this in your town write emails to your superintendent, school committee, and principal. Do not accept this.


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