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Clark University Severs Ties With Worcester Police After 4 Students Were Arrested For Participating In Violent Riot That Injured Several Cops


Several Worcester Police officers were attacked and injured by rock throwing rioter Monday night as police pushed the mob down Main Street towards Clark University. According to WHDH, Masslive, and several other witnesses reporting, the crowd began throwing rocks, bricks, flairs, and lit several fires.

The crowd on Main Street later would start to set off fireworks and throw rocks toward the officers dressed in riot gear. Glass bottles were thrown at police cruisers. At one point, the bumper of a Worcester police cruiser caught on fire. A person was seen lighting a fire in. 

According to the WPD the rioters blockaded traffic and injured police officers who told them to go home.

Individuals in this group had thrown glass bottles at police cruisers, and they walked to Main St. and began to block traffic. The mood was violent and chaotic. Officers followed the group and blocked off Main St. traffic to keep vehicles from driving into the crowd as it walked south on Main St.

Police said the group began to crowd around a cruiser parked at the intersection of Main and Hammond streets. The officer inside called for help and ran from the cruiser. The department’s Tactical Patrol Force was called in.

“Officers with megaphones ordered the crowd many times to disperse,” police said. “Members of the crowd began throwing objects at the police. One officer was struck in the head with a piece of concrete, and others were struck with rocks. Other individuals starting shooting fireworks and Roman candles at the officers. An officer was struck in the chest by fireworks, which burned his uniform and skin.”

The neighborhood was filled with smoke from fires intentionally set by members of the crowd. A police cruiser caught on fire after being hit with a Roman candle, and others were damaged by various items thrown. Several buildings were vandalized and numerous cars drove at the officers assembled in the street. Dumpsters were lit on fire and pushed toward officers in an attempt to injure them. Residents came out of their houses and asked officers to get the riotous crowd under control.

Officials said one person, 18-year-old Vincent Eovarious, a city resident, was on the roof of the PennyWise Market armed with several Molotov cocktails.

The 18 year old on the roof with the molotov cocktail was an anarchist.

Another peaceful protest in the books.

The police had no choice but to disperse the crowd, and since they don’t move when asked nicely they had to use non-lethal force to get them to comply. Nineteen ended up being arrested, including four Clark students, prompting the University to issue a statement announcing their support for the students, and condemnation of the Worcester Police.

and those who don’t won’t enjoy the experience and will probably end up in jail. That’s exactly what happened to four Clark students, and instead of expelling these lawless rioters Clark is cutting ties with the Worcester Police for protecting the community.

Just to review, they’re going to do an investigation and wait for the facts to come out, but at the same time they’ve already decided it’s the police’s fault and their criminal students were the victims. This according to the very highly paid current president David Angel, and the man who is replacing him, David Fithian. 

These two men know that their overpaid salaries come from the insane amount that their students pay for tuition in order to get useless degrees in gender studies. They’re siding with the students because the students’ parents pay their salaries, and the students “demanded” they do so.

In a sane world the adults would laugh at “demands” from overprivileged pukes who put their gender pronouns in their bio.

But Clark University has gone full “f*** the po-lease,” so they let students call the shots now.

This is a hostile action taken against the people who protect and serve their students in the most dangerous neighborhood in Worcester. Clark is saying that they will provide “unequivocal support” for students, even when they commit crimes. Keep in mind, they’ve been receiving taxpayer funded police services this entire time, despite hardly paying anything in taxes considering the amount of land they own.

One of the Clark students who was arrested is Olivia Crum from Kansas. She’s your run of the mill virtue signaling white girl with gender pronouns in her bio who desperately wants to prove to black people who aren’t in her social circle that she’s one of the “good ones.”

According to several commenters she had video from the riots that were “horrifying,” and proved that the cops were in the wrong for arresting her.

She believes it was OK to participate in a riot because Clark told them to with their motto, “challenge convention, change our world.” In Main South that’s translated to – “throw bricks at cops and yell f*** 12.”

Here’s the video of what they considered to be terrifying police brutality, which clearly shows that they were not standing in front of their homes as they claimed.

Oh look, a bunch of Clark students saw a riot, and instead of saying home they joined it and ended up getting arrested. If you want a good laugh then listen to the hysteria they’re experiencing while watching this by clicking here

Some other “reporter” with an iPhone, who was really just a part of the mob, documented a lot of what he saw. According to him the rioters were mad because only three Worcester cops would take a knee for them.

And pretty much everyone who was arrested got in the cops’ faces and refused to leave a riot scene.

When cops threw smoke grenades at the crowd they still would not disperse.

And the rioters threw flairs back at them.

This was a violent, chaotic riot in which cops were injured and property was destroyed. City officials have expressed their full support for WPD, since they did everything by the book, and avoided killing anyone even though several in the crowd took actions that could’ve easily killed a cop. Everyone except School Committee member Tracy Novick, who has chosen to side with the rioters instead of the police who protect her in her West Tatnuck home that is exempt from paying property taxes.

Clark students wanted to live dangerously and joined the riot, and then cried and screamed when they were arrested for being a part of it. Clark sided with the rioters and is no longer going to use the Worcester Police. Good luck with that and let me know how it goes the next time one of your students gets assaulted or robbed by a Main South vagrant.


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