Communist Boston City Councillor Who Wants To Abolish Police Leads Charge To Hire Ex-Cons To Replace Cops At Traffic Details


This is newly elected communist Boston City Councillor Kendra Hicks Lara.

She’s an avowed socialist who didn’t hide the fact that she hated the police while campaigning, and not only wanted them defunded but abolished altogether.


Here’s a video of Kendra urging a mob of communists to push back against police during a protest.


So as you can imagine she was quite popular with mainstream Democrats, and was backed by white progressives and race baiting grifters like Monica Cannon-Grant, Ayanna Pressley, and Tito Jackson.


Her opponent, Mary Tamer, was criticized and called a racist for pointing this out in her campaign.

District 6 includes West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. The former is the Alamo for sane people in Boston who don’t wanna abandon the city, but also don’t wanna be ruled by communists. The latter is arguably the most liberal part of Boston, filled with gentrified white hipsters who have displaced people of color they pretend to care about. Hicks won JP, and Tamer won West Roxbury, but ultimately Hicks finished with 54% of the vote.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that one of the first things Kendra wants to do is get rid of police on construction details and replace them with ex-cons who just got out of jail:

Civilian Construction Details Program

The rationale is simple – the police are racist killers who only arrest black people, therefore everyone in jail is a victim of racism so we must give all the construction detail jobs to convicts instead of cops because they’re the people best suited to direct traffic and ensure safety.


It might sound like a crazy idea, but we need more gender and racial justice equity, and the only way to do that is to employ convicted criminals who have been “harmed by over policing and mass incarceration.”

Ya got that? The guy who raped a bunch of people (not necessarily Andrea Campbell’s brother, but people like him) only got sent to jail because of racist over-policing. If we got rid of the police then Petey Penetration, the friendly neighborhood rapist, would be able to rape without consequence. Boom – over incarceration solved.

She’s also worried that people’s CORI background searches prevent them from getting jobs because convicts are the victims of discrimination in the labor market, and that the problem with construction details is that they’re not diverse enough.

Because a huge problem we have right now with traffic in Boston is the people directing traffic aren’t equitable enough. The purpose of construction details isn’t to make sure workers are protected and traffic flows through construction zones, it’s to ensure racial and gender justice. It’s unclear how employing convicted felons will help achieve gender justice, since the vast majority of incarcerated people are men, but just shut up and plug in the buzzwords without asking questions and you’ll be good.

Getting rid of cops at construction details and replacing them with felons is also reparations, and the only way to honor St. George Floyd. Plus the Federal Reserve says we should do this because….equity.

When people tell you who they are, believe them. Just like Michelle Wu, Kendra Hicks is doing exactly what she said she would do. Some may so that we should vote people like this out, but if you believe that’s the solution then you’re not living in reality. Kendra Hicks Lara won because she represents the views and beliefs of the majority of the people she represents. This is why the Founding Fathers were hesitant about democracy – they know that people are stupid and can’t be trusted to choose who should run the government.

The solution isn’t to run for office in a communist stronghold like Boston. The solution is to leave Boston and make a red area redder. Tactical retreat is not the same thing as surrender. Let Boston burn itself to the ground with their ex-con traffic directors as you enjoy a comfortable life in a community where people haven’t lost their minds.


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