Concerned Parents Kicked Out Of Franklin School Committee Meeting For “Bullying” Student Representative Who Cried About How She’s Oppressed For Being A Lesbian


Tuesday night in Franklin several parents, likely under surveillance by Merrick Garland and the Justice Department for being potential “domestic terrorists,” spoke out at a School Committee meeting against critical race theory and bizarre sexual books that were being pushed on their children. They read graphic sexual excerpts out loud from books in the library, and they railed against the idea that some students were in “protected” groups but others weren’t. At around the 38:30 mark a student representative named Mackenzie Atwood fired back at these parents to remind them that she is oppressed because she’s a lesbian, but their children are not.

This poor girl has to grow up in an upper middle class community, and will now attend a private four year university instead of getting a job, but she still believes that she is oppressed. I can’t even really blame her either because she’s been brainwashed into believing that victimhood is currency. Either way, when you sit up there as a de facto member of the School Committee, and you’re telling parents that they’re wrong, then you’re fair game for criticism and you don’t get to cry your way out of it. She even acknowledged at the start that responding to citizen concerns wasn’t in the purview of the School Committee:

“I know it’s not OK for School Committee to respond to citizen response, but is it OK if I do?”

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Sure, it’s OK. Just don’t act like the victim when taxpaying citizens give you push back. You’re choosing to enter the adult arena, so they’re going to treat you like they would any other adult who said the insane things you just said.

“We have meetings about what are protected classes at the school.”

Why are their meetings about this at your school? This is not why schools exist. There are no groups of students who need protection more than others. She claims kids are being called “faggots” and “racial slurs” in the hallways. OK, by who? If someone calls you a racial slur then you report it to a teacher and that student gets in trouble. This is how schools have worked since the beginning of time.

This was what got one of the parents in the audience to respond to her:

“Yes, everyone is protected at the school. But being caucasian is not something that you’re being bullied about.”

There it is – white people can’t be the victims of racism. This is a major message of critical race theorists. White people are the oppressors, therefore they can’t be oppressed.

When she made this ridiculous statement she was doing so as a member of the School Committee, and the people in attendance have every right to fire back at her. When one of them did that she began to hysterically cry about what a victim she is:

“Being homosexual, which may I say I am gay, call me what you want about that, I am being personally attacked in school about this.”

No one is less oppressed in this country than the gay community. The gay community is not burdened with a a lack of job opportunities or healthcare. They have a whole month where the most powerful institutions in the country have parades and wave flags for them. We put them on our embassies in other countries. Nevertheless, she is oppressed.

“It is extremely disgusting that you can look me in the eye and say that I am not being oppressed at the school.”

I’ll look you right in the eye and say it – in no way, shape, or form are you oppressed. You live in Franklin in 2021. You have no idea what oppression is because you’ve grown up coddled in the wealthiest and freest society in world history. Gay people in Afghanistan get thrown off buildings. Gay people in America mortgages and Grammys. You’re mad at a parent for suggesting that their kids could be the victims too, because it temporarily took the victimhood spotlight off of you.

“There is no such thing as a gay agenda.”

There certainly is a LGBT agenda. Is that even debatable? What do you think Pride month is? Why do you think we have to use pronouns we don’t agree with? Why do you think boys get to compete against girls in high school sports? Why do you think there are pornographic books in the school library? It’s all part of a much larger communist agenda that seeks to divide Americans and give more power to the ruling class. Everyone knows that. Duh.

But of course the media and the superintendent bought into her imaginary victimhood, blamed the parents for “bullying” her, and kicked the parent out of the meeting:

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Franklin High School Senior Mackenzie Atwood’s outcry against harassment and bullying, captured during a school committee meeting on Tuesday night, prompted school officials to address the issue. The 18-year-old Massachusetts student, who is openly gay, was addressing an audience member about 40 minutes into the meeting, who brought up a question about protective classes and white students earlier that night. Atwood was interrupted a few times by the audience member who began shouting in disagreement, at one point she is heard on the video recording of the meeting saying “this is what they are being taught and it’s unacceptable.”

“This is extremely disgusting that you can look me in the eyes and say that I’m not being oppressed at the school!” Atwood responded.

That audience member was then asked to leave the meeting before the school committee took a break.

“It’s insane but it’s something that I see every single day in the hallways of the school,” Atwood told NBC10 Boston. “Obviously we’re not learning to be hateful in school so where are these kids learning this?”

Atwood wants more to be done to ensure someone like her is not only protected but also accepted.

“The more and more people that come out, the more and more people are just so uncomfortable with it because the change is just so quick… but it’s a change that needs to be happening,” said the senior class treasurer.

Franklin Public Schools Superintendent Sara E. Ahern issued a three-page letter to parents, saying in part:

“It is with a heavy heart and sincere anger that I write regarding the events that transpired at last evening’s school committee meeting… The conduct, tone, and disruption by some members of the audience was appalling and a violation of Franklin Public Schools’ core values of a safe and inclusive environment…”

This is yet another attack by elected officials on the First Amendment rights of concerned parents. They don’t like it when you question their monopoly on power and their control of the institutions like public schools. There’s been a lot of that going around in the last few months which is why there is now a smear campaign to label these parents as dangerous and “bullies.” But if this girl doesn’t know how to act like an adult then she shouldn’t be lecturing adults on matters of public concern that they are clearly passionate about.

This is Franklin Superintendent Sara Ahearn.

Last year she cancelled school and all sports for two weeks after finding out that some kids had a Halloween party! There were no outbreaks from the event, and no athletes attended, but they were punished anyway.

She also investigated “rumors” in January about human beings gathering in groups over Christmas break:

“Since break, and through December and early January, we’ve heard rumors and seen videos that we can’t easily substantiate, but certainly creates fear and appears that there were some additional parties over winter break,” said Ahern. “It’s difficult to tell if high school students were involved, and it’s difficult to know if the videos are current or have been edited, but it does create concern.”

These people view us all as the same. They believe that the parents who spoke at this meeting are ignorant, racist, anti-vaxxer nutjobs who want everyone to die from COVID. They will always paint themselves as the victims and use it as an excuse to silence you. Don’t let them win, no matter how much they cry about oppression. They are the oppressors, not the oppressed.



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