Concrete Cons Part 3: Joe Occhipinti Scams More Customers Despite Warrant For Larceny By Deception After Foxborough Job


This is a multi-part blog series. Read the previous blogs first: Part 1, Part 2.

Joe Occhipinti and Wayne McLaughlin have scammed clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last couple years by collecting payments for concrete jobs and never finishing them. Last year Occhipinti was hired to do a job in Foxborough by a man named Anthony Hallas. Occhipinti was paid $8,000 and agreed to have the job completed by June 27, 2020. As usual, he showed up to start the job, began tearing up the driveway, and then spent weeks not returning phone calls and giving excuses for why the job couldn’t be done. Hallas called the Foxborough Police in October to file a report, but because Occhipinti is a gypsy who moves around between Norton and Taunton so much he is almost impossible to track down.

However, on October 12 Foxoborough Police issued a probable cause statement against Occhipinti, requesting that he be charged with larceny by false pretense.

To date this is the only time he has been criminally charged by a police department. But Occhipinti did not appear at a November court date and had a warrant issued for his arrest.

The warrant is still active.

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Customers find Joe Occhipinti through three main methods – Google, Facebook, and Home Advisor. None of these companies warn customers about his track record, which includes an average Yelp rating of 1.0. One of the customers who left a negative review was Bill Schuchardt, who paid almost $2,000 for a simple job and got nothing but a mess in return.

Bill mentioned a man named CJ Wilson in his review. Wilson is the owner of the company who contracts out the job to his friend Joe. When Home Advisor found out he was doing this they removed Wilson’s company from their website, but it remains up on Facebook.

Another customer Joe Occhipinti screwed over was Jen Anderson from Plymouth. After finding him on Google she hired him in May of 2020 to do a pool deck, and the job was supposed to begin on June 1. She paid him a deposit of $2,500. Two weeks later he hadn’t begun to jackhammer the old deck and wasn’t returning her messages. Finally he got back to her in early July stating that he was in the hospital with a leg injury but would be doing the job the next week.

Two men began showing up with jackhammers once a week, not working a full day or getting much work done. Jen went weeks without hearing from them, and the pool was useless for her family the entire summer. At this point her patience with Joe had worn out.

He kept promising it would get done.

She had paid him $2,500, but had agreed to pay him $8,000 more for the job to get finished. However, he refused to take a check from her and insisted she wire the money to his bank account because checks take too long to clear. The problem was that he had no idea how to do this, so she had to contact his bank and get his information on how to wire the money.

Eventually Joe got his money but stopped showing up. For two Tuesdays in a row he was a no show, no call, and three weeks after paying him the Anderson’s backyard was still covered in rubble. The contract stipulated that the job would be done by late July, which Joe forgot to mention to the person who poured the concrete. When he found out about it at Jen’s house the concrete guy got into a shouting match with Joe before finally doing the job. However, Joe bailed on the project completely and Jen’s family had to pay to have their yard cleaned and install the pool cover, which Joe had agreed to do.

Jen Anderson was one of the lucky ones who actually got concrete poured because her husband was forceful with Joe. Ray Lyons from Attleboro paid Occhipinti $18K and got nothing but aggravation in return.

“I had to give him $9k to start, then $9k after the first pour. The first pour was 1 truck load and about 1/8th of the job, and it ended up cracking all over the place within the first few days. I called them back and he agreed that it was garbage and said he would dig it up and redo it. Never saw him again.”

Ray could’ve taken Occhipinti to court and easily won. Most likely Joe wouldn’t show up like he’s done in previous lawsuits, and had defaults placed against him. Recent court cases show that he owes two individuals nearly $150,000.

If Ray Lyons pursued this he would win in court, but never get the money. Then he’d have to spend more money chasing him down, only to find out that the defendant couldn’t pay. Gypsies like Joe Occhipinti are like cockroaches who can survive with no credit and warrants constantly out for their arrest. They move from one place to another, do business as non-existent companies, and scam one customer after another. Conservative estimates show that he’s stolen at least $200,000 from customers, but that’s nothing compared to what Eli and Nelson Rego have done. Stay tuned for part 4.


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