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Controversial New Jersey Predator Poacher Rents Newton Air B&B With Local Poachers To Catch Pedophiles, End Up Getting Cops Called On Them


Jay from Predator Poachers of Massachusetts has been doing great work lately, not only exposing pedophiles, but working with law enforcement to have them charged with crimes. As he has grown in popularity other poachers have reached out to him to collaborate, and one of them is this gentleman:

His name is Ramy and he runs the New Jersey Predator Poachers YouTube channel. I talked about how he is hurting the quality work done by Jay on last night’s Live Show Podcast.

He basically does the same stuff that Jay does except he’s annoying and not nearly as good at it. Take this recent bust he did with a 31 year old man who was trying to have sex with an underage girl and happened to speak Arabic just like him.

Instead of calling the police he made the guy call his wife and confess. The cops actually show up and he doesn’t tell them what he’s there for, because he has no desire to actually protect kids. This was about him being the hero for the predator’s wife, who even told him that she wouldn’t care if he got arrested or died.

Newsflash – it’s not your job to teach him a lesson. Thirty one year old pedophiles don’t learn lessons. That guy is now free to prey on children once this dies down and he faces no repercussions for it.

Here’s another one he did in Jersey City where he posts the chat logs first.

See that message?

Jay doesn’t do that. That’s the predator trying to back out of it and this creepy Egyptian dude pretending to be a teenage girl begging him for the D. And in douchetacular style he films himself parking in front of a fire hydrant.

Jay has agreed to partner up with this guy, even though he’s doing just fine on his own catching perverts in Chinese takeout parking lots. But Ramy is clearly not liked by the police in New Jersey so he came up to visit Jay and convinced him to rent an Air B&B, in Newton of all places, where they were going to lure predators to.

But why? Things were fine in the Honey Farms parking lot. They were outside and there were people everywhere. Now they’re luring pedophiles inside homes that they’re renting out, they’re not telling the people own the homes what they’re using them for, they’re bringing along attention seeking Jersey Arabs, and they’re not carrying guns with them.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, they did get one guy with veteran’s plates:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the most offensive part about these perverts isn’t that they’re having sex with kids. It’s the outfits they wear when they’re going to have sex with kids. I mean, really? Flannel?

Who did you think you were there to bone? Al Borland’s grandson?

The plan went astray because shockingly Ramy has a lot of people who hate him. In particular there’s another YouTube channel called Murder Merk, run by a guy named Aaron, who follows Ramy on YouTube and calls in false police reports wherever he’s at. In that video above the police were responding to a call for assault when clearly no assault had taken place. Who do you think called that in? Probably the same guy who called the Newton Police after Ramy broadcasted his location and told them that Ramy was there to pick up 14 year old boys.

Legal expert Ramy says the people who made that call are in deep trouble.

“You just committed a felony you dumb mother fucker. You are fucked!!”

His YouTube law degree sure is paying dividends. I’m sure the Newton Police will comply with his demands to speak to a detective.

The person who made the false police call is obviously horrible, but Newton Police were ultimately the losers here. They wasted their time because they were dragged into predator poacher beef due to the strings that come attached to associating with Ramy. Aaron admitted to calling the police on him in this clip.

I want Jay to do well because I think he’s doing good work. Stephen Mannas and Ralph Marino are both facing criminal charges because of him. That in and of itself is a public service. But he doesn’t need some loud mouthed Egyptian dude Jersey bringing him down by getting him involved in this the guy’s extracurricular nonsense. All Ramy will do is bring him down. He provides nothing of value, and clearly isn’t into this for the same reasons Jay is. I think that Jay ultimately wants to protect children, while Ramy is in it for self-promotion. I’ll continue to defend his work against critics because I think he’s learning as he goes along. He just needs to get rid of guys like Ramy.


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