Cop Who Punched Black Man In Face In Viral Video Is An IG Famous Dancing Cop Who Mentors Young Black Kids About Making Good Life Choices


A viral video of alleged police brutality in Columbus has made nationwide news this week, after police responded to a call for shots fired, and an aggressive man named Jonathan Robinson stepped towards two police officers in a threatening manner, and refused to back away.

Looks justified to me. The guy hits the cops arm away after refusing to leave.

That’s a crime.

Then, instead of just doing what they ask during a very volatile situation, he elected to square up and clench his fists as if he was about to strike the officer.

On the bright side, at least he found out what “or what” was.

Robinson himself said it wasn’t really a big deal around the 3:30 mark of this video:

“I didn’t hit you with a shotgun, I hit you with my fist. It might’ve felt like a shotgun though.”

“Nice hit.”

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“I appreciate that.”

“Didn’t swell nothing up though.”

Then again at the 17 minute mark:

“Are you hurt?”

“(laughing) Do I look hurt?”

“No you don’t to me.”

Body cam footage from the cop who punched him shows him aggressively RUNNING across the street towards a cop, who is outside of a house where gunshots just went off, and once again closed his fists in a threatening manner.

When you do that, the police are going to consider you a potential threat. Generally squaring up with a police officer responding to calls for shots fired is a bad idea. The cop who hit in was also holding a rifle, so punching him was really his only option to defend himself.

Nevertheless the outrage machine, led by people like “Bishop” Talbert Swan, is out in full force.

Look at what the other cop has his hands on.

Personally I’d prefer being punched over being tased.

They couldn’t have picked a worse target if they were trying to prove that this cop is some sort of menace. AJ Johnson is actually a model for community policing in Columbus.

As it turns out he grew up a troubled youth, as can be seen by the chinstrap.

His IG account “OhNoItsDaPopo” has over 80,000 followers, and almost exclusively shows mentoring young children of color about making good life choices.

He posted this literally an hour before the incident.

He posted this an hour after the incident, reading a Michael Jordan quote about missing shots but never giving up on your dreams.

It’s going to be a tough sell in order to convince the general public that AJ Johnson is the face of racist police brutality.


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