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Corrections Officer Beaten By Mob On Way To Work In Ayanna Pressley’s District While She Whines About Conditions At The Border


President Trump has been called a racist for suggesting that congresswomen like Ayanna Pressley should go back to where they came from (Boston) and fix her home district before complaining about conditions on the Mexican border. But she was a City Councilor in Boston for many years before going to Washington and during that time Meth Mile became Meth Mile – a lawless, drug and disease filled swamp. Never has that been more evident after what happened to a corrections officer on his way to work on Atkinson Street this morning.

NBCA corrections officer was beaten by a group of people as he was arriving to his job at the Suffolk County House of Correction in Boston Thursday morning, officials said. One person is under arrest in connection with the attack, in which a metal pipe was used, according to Boston police. The incident was caught on camera. The officer was not in his uniform at the time of what police suspect was an attempted robbery, according to the county sheriff’s office. The officer received medical treatment after the attack and is out of the hospital, officials said.

That video is shocking. What you see is what happens after decades of failed policies and left wing experiments like safe injection zones, and a never ending safety net. They’ve brought all these people to the same place, given them drugs and free healthcare, and this is the result. Remember this the next time Congresswoman Pressley whines about conditions at the border.

It’s so mind boggling that this is even America. The CO was on his way to work and was met by a human blockade of the street.

How is this even possible? There are parts of Syria that have more law and order than this.

The whole thing must’ve been a setup to rob him because the next thing you know a man was at the guy’s window hitting him.

And then, for some strange reason, the CO elected to get out of his car.

Why? I’m not going to knock the guy here because he’s the victim. But what was he thinking? How did he think this was going to end? Even more remarkable was the fact that he threw the first punch after he got out.

He’s got cojones, I’ll give him that. After that it was Mogadishu madness in the streets, and there were so many people beating him up I couldn’t even tell which one was him.

Of course while this was happening people were rifling through his car to take his belongings like the vulture they are. Then a guy in a wife beater jumped in the car, and another man in an orange shirt called shotgun and they presumably drove away.

This is animalistic behavior that’s been courted by the likes of Marty Walsh and Ayanna Pressley. There are real world consequences for this, and real world victims. Remember them the next time either of them virtue signal about conditions at the border. Go back to your district and clean up this mess first Congresswoman.


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