Corrections Officers Blame Criminal Justice Reform Law For Violent Attack On CO’s At Souza-Baranowski Prison In Shirley


According to NBC multiple corrections officers were assaulted on Friday afternoon at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, after one of them was attacked unprovoked by a group of prisoners. Sources tell TB Daily News that one of the CO’s is having surgery for face disfigurement, and another had his nose broken. After one of the officers radioed for help additional officers responded and secured the area. The prison was placed in lockdown during the incident, and six inmates were removed from the unit due to the incidents.

Those aren’t people, they are animals. They’re actually worse than animals, because animals aren’t born with souls or a conscious. These homo sapiens have elected to completely abandon the qualities that differentiate us from animals, unlike actual animals who never had that option and just do what comes naturally.

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Credit to this CO for dodging, hurdling, falling, and then getting punched in the face multiple times trying to come to the rescue of his coworker.

COs don’t carry guns, pepper spray, or batons because of what could happen if a prisoner got ahold of any of those things. It’s just them and their fists, surrounded by hundreds of the most violent offenders in the state with absolutely nothing to lose.

Our sources, who are all corrections officers, tell us morale has never been lower. Many of them are blaming the bogus “criminal justice reform” bill signed in 2018 by Charlie Baker.

(HB 4012). People who participate in recidivism-reduction programs while in prison can earn up to 15 days of sentence-reduction credit (earned-time credit) per month. Upon completion of select programs that are both proven to reduce recidivism and are approved by the department of corrections, people with prison sentences are also eligible to receive up to 80 days of additional earned time as a completion bonus, in addition to the existing 10-day completion credit. HB 4012 also allows people with certain mandatory minimum sentences to accrue earned time toward supervised release prior to their minimum sentence date. Total earned time credits accrued through monthly program participation and completion credits may not exceed 35 percent of a person’s original sentence. Expanded earned time credits will help incentivize positive behavior and enable supervision officers to focus more time and resources on people who are most likely to reoffend.

According to CO’s we spoke with inmates are purposely coming to units like this one to get into these programs to get reduced time. The new law has opened a door for some of the most violent criminals to get packed into one area, and it’s endangering corrections officers even more than they were already endangered working in one of the most dangerous jobs you can work.

Assaulting a corrections officer only adds an average of six months onto a sentence. For someone serving life, what do they care? Here’s what one CO told us about the reality of working in Shirley.

These inmates don’t care they know they can do anything they want in prison and still get out. There is more that goes on that people would have to read more into like the SMI inmates. It’s mandatory to offer them 1.5 hours of programs and 1.5 hours of outside rec. Now if an inmate (which has happened many times) assaults an officer, let’s say on the way to the program, he will still be offered outside rec. There are no consequences for their actions. The reform they lay out to the public is like an outline but there is much more to it.

I know you’re extremely busy with all you news stories. You know how these news media outlets are. Even if you to write a story on it I’m not sure anything could change. They are taking the power of the officers to do their jobs and someone is going to end up dead. I’ve walked around a block with 72 inmates and just me, keys, radio and hand cuffs. It’s the admins against us. It’s frustrating and it keeps getting worse.

Corrections officers I spoke with today sound helpless and desperate. These politicians get to feel good about themselves and pat themselves on the back because they think they’re helping to rehabilitate these animals. But that’s because none of them has ever stepped foot in a prison, lived around these creatures, or had a CO in their social circle. Everyone they know works for a non-profit, and they care more about murderers and rapists than they do about law abiding corrections officers. People like this vote for them:

Dear Emily, shut up forever.

The animals who attacked those officers have no humanity and are well beyond the point of rehabilitation. Your lilly white reality doesn’t understand this because the fantasy world you’re living in teaches that criminals are all victims of circumstance and racism. Probably why you fell for this scam back in 2018.

Spoiler alert – that girl was never separated from her family, as the VERY right wing Washington Post reported.

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The free muh boi patrol support the inmates too.

Jessica, just because half your baby daddy’s are locked up doesn’t mean they’re telling you the whole story about what the CO’s are like.

This law will never get repealed because it’s Massachusetts. But just remember that in November when you go to vote and one of the candidates is talking about “criminal justice reform,” this is what the reality of criminal justice reform looks like. All it has ever been is a way to get and keep violent offenders out of jail.


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