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Canton Cover-Up Part 1: Corrupt State Trooper Helps Boston Cop Coverup Murder Of Fellow Officer, Frame Innocent Girlfriend


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On the morning of January 29, 2022, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe was found dead outside of the Canton home of Boston Police Officer Brian Albert on 34 Fairview Road. O’Keefe’s girlfriend Karen Read was charged with manslaughter, after reportedly backing over O’Keefe with her car after she got into a fight with him and dropped him off at Albert’s house after a night of drinking. She was castigated widely as a cop killing villain, set to face decades in prison. But as it would turn out at least a dozen people likely witnessed O’Keefe being violently beaten to death, before hatching an elaborate plot to frame Read for killing him. The coverup was aided and abetted by members of the Massachusetts State Police, Canton Police Department, and Norfolk County DA’s Office. This is the story of one woman, alone, facing down some of the most powerful, well-protected people in the state who sought to destroy her life, and exonerate herself.

This is Karen Read and John O’Keefe.

Karen is an intelligent, successful accountant and college professor with not even a hint of a criminal record. She had been dating O’Keefe for several years, and loved his niece and nephew (who he adopted) like family. She owned a house in Mansfield that she rented out, but lived with O’Keefe and his niece and nephew at his home on 1 Meadows Avenue in Canton. O’Keefe was a well liked 16 year veteran of the BPD.

On February 2 Read was charged with killing O’Keefe, and she may have actually believed she was responsible.

State Trooper Michael Proctor wrote the criminal complaint for her arrest, noting his 10 years of experience on the MSP Detective Unit at the Norfolk County DA’s Office.

The charging documents state that Canton Officers Saraf and Mullaney were dispatched at 6:04 AM on January 29 to 34 Fairview Road where they found 3 females – Karen Read, Jennifer McCabe, and Kerry Roberts – next to the body of O’Keefe. Read was performing CPR.

Jennifer McCabe is pictured in this photo on the right.

On the left is her sister Nicole Albert, the wife of well-connected Boston Police Sergeant Brian Albert. Albert is on the Fugitive Apprehension Team, is a trained MMA fighter, and was featured on the cop show Boston’s Finest.

At 11:30 AM on January 29, Trooper Proctor interviewed Jennifer McCabe and her husband Matthew McCabe. They told him that they were out at the Waterfall Bar in Canton where Jennifer McCabe met up with her friend John O’Keefe and his girlfriend Karen Read, whom she did not know well. Jennifer told Trooper Proctor that she saw Read enter the bar carrying a vodka soda drink in a glass, which most bars would not allow. The three grown adults in their 40’s left shortly after midnight to go to an after party at Brian Albert’s house. According to Jennifer she got there first, and at 12:30 witnessed Karen Read drive up in her black Lexus SUV. Since O’Keefe only knew McCabe at this house he texted her to make sure she was there. Jennifer claimed that O’Keefe never entered the house, so she texted him “Hello?” at 12:45 AM, before witnessing Karen drive away in her black SUV.

She told Proctor that she assumed he and Read decided to go home.

Jennifer received a phone call from a distraught Karen at 4:53 AM, looking for O’Keefe. Jennifer, who for some reason was still up at 4:53 AM after a night of drinking, told Trooper Proctor that she offered to help Karen look for O’Keefe, along with O’Keefe’s friend Kerry Roberts, who was not at the house that night.

Karen was hysterical and could not drive in her condition so Kerry drove both of them. Jennifer claims that during the ride Karen said “could I have hit him? Did I hit him?” She also told MSP that Karen’s SUV had a cracked tail light. The two of them then jumped in Kerry Roberts’ car and they drove back to 34 Fairview Road. When they got there Karen immediately noticed O’Keefe’s body outside, but the other two did not.

This was part of the reason she was charged – Trooper Proctor believed that Karen knew exactly where the body would be because she knew that she ran him over and left him to die during the middle of a snowstorm.

O’Keefe’s arm had six bloodied lacerations and his eyes were swollen shut and black and blue. His eyelid had a cut on it, and his clothes were covered in blood and vomit.  A medical examiner said that he had two swollen black eyes, a cut on the left side of his nose, a two inch laceration in the back of the head, and multiple skull fractures.

There is no possible way he could have these kind of injuries from being backed into by his girlfriend’s car, especially since the snow would’ve comforted his fall.

Kerry Roberts told Trooper Proctor that Karen Read was drunk and hysterical when she saw her at 5 AM, and stated that she was so drunk she didn’t even remember going there. Kerry repeated the same story as Jennifer that Karen made statements suggesting that she may have accidentally hit him, or that he had gotten hit by a plow.

At 4:30 PM Trooper Proctor CLAIMED that he went to the home of Karen Read’s parents in Dighton and CLAIMED to have observed Karen’s SUV parked in the driveway with a shattered tail light. Proctor interviewed her and Karen denied bringing a drink into the Waterfall Bar. She said that she dropped O’Keefe off at the after party at 12:15, but since she didn’t know anyone there very well, she was feeling sick, and she was a grown ass woman in her 40’s who doesn’t go to “after parties,” she elected not to stay. She lived with O’Keefe less than three miles away, so getting home wouldn’t be a problem for him. Proctor CLAIMED Karen told him that she never saw O’Keefe go inside the house and had no idea how she had a broken tail light. Both of these statements made her look guilty. When she found O’Keefe’s body later his eyes were swollen and he was still bleeding from the nose and mouth.

Karen attempted to call and text O’Keefe multiple times after dropping him off. He would never not come home, knowing his niece and nephew needed him in the morning. Trooper Proctor asked her leading questions, designed to incriminate her, about whether or not she had ever been in an argument with O’Keefe. There isn’t a couple on earth that hasn’t been in a fight before, so Karen felt it was a normal response to tell Proctor that they had an argument over breakfast. This is why you should NEVER talk to police without a lawyer if you are a suspect in a crime. They are not there to be your friend, they are there to get you to say something that will lead to you being charged with a crime.

A Canton firefighter who responded to the scene of the crime told Proctor that Karen said to her friend, “I hit him,” several times, further incriminating herself.

Proctor’s report also states that two red pieces of a tail light were next to O’Keefe’s body, which was the final piece of evidence needed to charge her with manslaughter.

Except in the original report it never stated what time the glass was found. This document above is a slightly altered second version of the report. In the original a picture from the crime scene does not show any fragments from a tail light.

But Trooper Proctor never once mentioned that he was close personal friends with the McCabe and Albert family, which was a very prominent name in Canton. Here is a picture from Proctor’s sister’s Facebook page showing Trooper Proctor with Jennifer McCabe’s children.

Here is a picture from Proctor’s sister’s Facebook page showing her at a family party with Chris Albert, the brother of Brian Albert, directly behind her.

Chris Albert was at the bar with O’Keefe the night he was killed, but it’s unknown if he was inside his brother’s house that night because Proctor has been deliberately preventing Google from sharing that information. Chris Albert lives at 7 Meadows Avenue in Canton, two doors down from O’Keefe who lives at 1 Meadows Ave. His son Colin Albert, who was an 18 year old senior at Canton High School at the time of the incident, is confirmed to have been in the house at 34 Fairview Avenue that night.

Colin was a star football player at CHS and notorious hothead. Two days after O’Keefe died the Canton High School Twitter account announced that he would be playing football at BSU next year.


Colin is an out of control meathead who frequently was confrontational towards his much older adult neighbor John O’Keefe. He is the prototypical jock who thinks Shakespeare was a huge loser, and infamously poses for pictures sticking up his middle finger while drinking Dylan Mulvaney-light.

He has anger issues, and gets off on knowing that he comes from a well connected family in town. Colin’s uncle Brian is a Boston Police Sergeant.

His Uncle Kevin Albert is a Canton Police Officer.

His father Chris was recently elected to the Board of Selectmen. Here he is on the left pictured with his father, and his uncle Brian on the far right.

The man in the middle is his other uncle Tim Albert, the family moron who takes pride in being from a well connected family despite providing nothing of value to contribute to the family’s brand name.

Trooper Proctor’s family knew Colin Albert since he was a little boy.

Here’s a picture Proctor’s sister posted on Facebook from her wedding in 2012, showing Trooper Proctor on the far left, and Colin Albert on the right.

Not once did it ever occur to Proctor to mention that he was a close friend to a well connected Canton family of cops and politicians, and was investigating the death of a Boston Police Officer at one of their homes. He was in possession of all evidence related to this crime, and decided who would and wouldn’t be investigated.

Colin Albert likes to get in fights and boast about it. A picture he posted on VSCO shortly after the death of John O’Keefe shows his right knuckles covered in abrasions, indicating he had punched someone or something recently.

None of this has been made public and the Norfolk County DA’s Office hasn’t sent a mountain of exculpatory evidence to Karen Read’s defense attorney until recently. This evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had nothing to do with O’Keefe’s death, but suggests that Colin Albert, Brian Albert, Brian Albert’s German shepherd, Jennifer McCabe, and every other person in the house that night witnessed the murder of of John O’Keefe and conspired to frame Read for it after the fact.

Unfortunately for them Karen Read is an extremely intelligent and well-resourced woman who can afford world class legal representation. Her attorneys filed a motion demanding a forensic audit of Jennifer McCabe and Brian Albert’s cellphones for all communications before and after O’Keefe’s death.

When they received the information last week they were shocked to discover that the Norfolk County DA’s Office intentionally hid evidence showing that McCabe had searched “Hos (sic) long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM on the night O’Keefe died.

Brian Albert was never questioned at his house, only McCabe’s house.

Canton Deputy Police Chief Tom Keleher lives across the street from Brian Albert on Fairview Road.

Keleher’s Ring camera would’ve picked up video of O’Keefe’s body that night.

However, he told police that conveniently did not capture anything of value. It was not subpoenaed.

Jennifer McCabe not only searched “how long to die in cold,” she also deleted all communications from her phone between herself and Brian Albert.

If Jennifer McCabe didn’t think it was unusual for John O’Keefe to leave like that then why did she stay up until 5 AM, awaiting Karen Read’s phone call about O’Keefe being missing?

If Jennifer McCabe had nothing to hide then why was she destroying critical evidence?

Why was Jennifer McCabe more committed to protecting Brian Robert than her sister Nicole, who was married to Brian?

After O’Keefe got to Albert’s home he began texting McCabe to make sure she was there, since she was the only person there he knew well. When he entered he was surprised to see 18 year old Colin Albert was there, who confronted him at some point and hit him. Our sources believe that Brian Albert joined in on the beating, alarming his loyal German shepherd, which immediately began to tear into O’Keefe’s arm. Despite being their family dog Brian Albert got rid of her and never explained where the dog went.

Definitely in the house that night were Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Caitlin Albert, Jennifer and Matthew McCabe, two friends of Albert Jr named Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson, and ATF agent Brian Higgins, who has an office inside the Canton Police Department. O’Keefe would make 12 at a minimum.


Here is Higgins pictured with O’Keefe.

This means that all of them witnessed the murder, or are aware of it, and have said nothing. Most of them were not questioned by Trooper Proctor.

One witness named Ryan Nagel went to the home to pick up his sister Julie, who ended up staying there. He was the only witness who had no familial ties to the Alberts, and thus no reason to frame Karen Read. He witnessed Read drop O’Keefe off and told police that he did not see any damage to her vehicle, hear any screams, or witness her operating the vehicle erratically. Nagel witnessed Karen Read alone in the SUV, which directly conflicts with Brian Albert and the McCabe’s story that O’Keefe never entered the house.

Additionally, O’Keefe’s phone tracked him walking up and down the stairs inside Albert’s house from 12:20 to 12:32 AM. Obviously it would not show this sort of up and down motion if he was inside Karen Read’s car or lying on the ground outside the house.

State Police and the DA’s Office deliberately kept all of this information from the defense, including Jennifer McCabe’s incriminating Google search.

Jennifer McCabe’s cell phone analysis shows that she left Albert’s house at 1:47 AM, and intentionally chose to drop off two people who lived close to O’Keefe in the middle of a snowstorm so that she could drive by his house and see if Karen Read was there.

At 2:23 AM her Apple Watch recorded her going to her bedroom and immediately Googling “how long to die in the cold,” despite previously telling police that she assumed O’Keefe had gone home with Read.

Why would she Google that if she thought he was home sleeping?

A normal person would go to sleep at 2:30 in the morning after a night of partying, but McCabe elected to pace around her house nervously, waiting for Karen Read to contact her and ask where O’Keefe was.

Somehow she anticipated this happening despite having no idea that O’Keefe was missing. McCabe waited up for Read because:

  1. She needed to be with her when Read discovered the body so that she could control the narrative with police.
  2. She needed to put the idea in Read’s head that she might have accidentally hit and killed O’Keefe while driving drunk, and had no recollection of it. Read truly believed she might have done this and was distraught. His body was staged at the exact place where she was seen doing a three point turn on her way out in order to make her believe this.

Despite barely knowing Karen Read, McCabe gleefully jumped in the car with her and Kerry Roberts. This intentional delay guaranteed that O’Keefe would be dead by the time anyone found him, and he would be unable to tell the real story about what happened.

Remember, that Jennifer McCabe initially told investigators that Karen Read brought in a drink from another bar to the Waterfall Bar, which only a drunken low class individual would do.

Karen Read was well off and classy, and would never do such a thing. Nevertheless, McCabe successfully planted the seed in Read’s brain that she may have accidentally killed O’Keefe.

Jennifer McCabe called her sister Nicole Albert at 6:07 AM, then deleted those call logs. Someone answered the phone. This proved that McCabe had made them aware that there was a dead body outside of their house. Yet Brian Robert, a veteran Boston Police Officer and trained first responder, didn’t even come outside despite the fact that a crime scene was unfolding on his property.

A broken cocktail glass was next to O’Keefe’s body which Canton Police initially said was the murder weapon.

O’Keefe’s body was clearly visible, as not much snow had accumulated. Yet McCabe and Roberts didn’t see it. Only Karen Read did.

After notifying the Albert’s about the dead Boston cop on their property Jennifer McCabe Googled “How long does it take to digest food.” The presence of food particles in a dead person’s stomach help pathologists determine time of death.

At this point Jennifer McCabe was panicking because she knew how suspicious the “how long to die in cold” Google search would be. She decided to search for that same thing again after discovering O’Keefe’s body, hoping that it would make it look less suspicious, as this is something a person might search after finding a body outside. In doing so she hoped that it would make the first search disappear, and it might have. Unfortunately she spelt the words wrong the second time she searched.

She later told law enforcement that it was Karen Read who told her to Google that.

Luckily for McCabe, Brian Albert’s brother is a Canton cop, his other brother is a a Selectman, his neighbor is the deputy chief, and the Trooper in charge of the investigation was a close family friend who helped cover up the murder. It was going to be covered up regardless.

When you thought that Jennifer McCabe couldn’t get any lower, she also has been sharing fundraisers for O’Keefe, despite helping to cover up his murder.

Obviously Jennifer McCabe did not kill John O’Keefe, since she’s not physically capable of that. Brian Albert, Colin Albert, and the dog were more than capable of that, and Colin Albert had the motive. McCabe was just the quarterback of the coverup, and seemed to want to protect Brian Albert more than his own wife. Take from that what you will.

Jennifer McCabe would never have been able to cover up this murder without the assistance of law enforcement, despite the fact that it was one of their own who was killed. According to Read’s defense attorneys the original Canton Police Department report had been altered. In the altered report it never stated that the SERT team found them at 6 PM – after Trooper Proctor had taken possession of Read’s vehicle. The altered report also had a different cell phone number that McCabe called after finding the body, indicating that police were taking steps to make sure that Brian Albert was not in any way a suspect.

New evidence also has shown that Albert re-homed the dog that attacked O’Keefe.

In September 2022 Read’s lawyers publicly accused the Albert family in open court of being implicated in O’Keefe’s murder, and ordered them not to delete anything from their phones. Two weeks later Tim Albert posted this meme on his Facebook page, stating that “you don’t fuck with my family” and that he won’t hesitate to make you miserable if you do.

Tim is the loser of the family who seeks their approval by virtue signaling about how loyal he is so that he can enjoy the fruits of their success while contributing nothing himself. This post is clearly a direct attempt to intimidate Karen Read, her attorneys, and reporters like me who expose them for being dirtbags.

After being accused in September by Read’s attorneys, Brian Albert immediately decided to sell his childhood home, which had been in the family for generations. It sold quickly, and as a result was never searched by police despite the fact that a Boston cop was probably murdered inside of it.

The person most responsible for the coverup was Trooper Proctor, who failed to speak to key witnesses, protected his close friends, and never applied for geofence data that would show the identities of every person in the house that night.

However, Brian Albert didn’t mention until April in front of a grand jury that his dog was aggressive and not great with strangers that night.

Despite being an after party, everyone at 34 Fairview Avenue fled the home within an hour after O’Keefe arrived.

Remember, they allegedly had no idea he was dead, so why would they all leave the scene of the crime?

Canton Police used red solo cups to store blood evidence at the scene of the crime, but did not discover any pieces of a broken tail light in their first search.

So then how did she break her tail light? Surveillance video from Read’s home show her backing into O’Keefe’s car slightly on the way to search for him.

How did they find the pieces of the tail light later, after the Canton Police did not find any in their first report? Conveniently they appeared hours after Proctor took Read’s vehicle and State Police, perhaps on a hunch, decided to search it again. Luckily they found it this time. Even more remarkably Canton Chief Ken Berkowitz also decided to go to the scene of the crime on a hunch and noticed more pieces of the tail light form his moving vehicle.

Berkowitz had been called by ATF Agent Brian Higgins, who was in the house when O’Keefe was murdered, immediately after the killing.

Trooper Proctor also went out of his way to make sure that Google didn’t send him all the Geofence data that the defense had requested.

Karen Read is a completely innocent woman, wrongly charged by corrupt cops who would see her rot in prison in order to cover up a murder of a fellow officer. If she didn’t have the resources then none of this would’ve come out. Trooper Proctor and the DA’s Office went out of their way to make sure evidence that they knew would exonerate her, was never given to her defense team. As a result O’Keefe’s niece and nephew, whom she loved as her own, believe she killed their father.

Trooper Proctor, Brian Albert, Colin Albert, and Jennifer McCabe should all spend significant amount of time in jail, and two of them should be charged with murder.

The Canton Police Chief and Deputy Chief should be fired.

Karen Read should sue them all for millions and millions of dollars.

Every other person in that house should be charged with obstruction of justice, as they witnessed a crime and never reported it. Do you understand how difficult and remarkable it is for at least 11 people to keep their mouths shut for over a year after witnessing the murder of a cop? That’s the kind of fear that the Albert family put into these people.


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