COVID No Longer Spreads And Kills Grandma If You Protest Police Brutality, Riot, Loot, And Pretend To Care About George Floyd


Lets talk about the biggest story in the news today.

  • Black man named George Floyd was killed by a white cop in Minneapolis.
  • Partner looks on while two other cops pin him down.
  • Floyd says I can’t breathe several times and is clearly struggling but the cop doesn’t move.
  • Eventually Floyd suffocates and dies on the scene.
  • He was pulled over on suspicion of check fraud and there are no signs of resisting arrest. 
  • All 4 cops were immediately fired.

I have 6 basic takes on this.

  1. This is a crime and the cop will be charged.
  2. There is no evidence so far that this was racially motivated.
  3. No one would know who George Floyd was if he was white.
  4. Nobody is supporting the cops because of COVID.
  5. The protests and looting that have followed prove that no one cares about social distancing.
  6. The people race baiting and rioting don’t care at all about George Floyd.

Allow me to explain.

1. This is a crime and the cop will be charged.

Rightfully so. They’re just figuring out right now what they can charge him with.


2. There is no evidence so far that this was racially motivated. 

Believe it or not it is possible to kill someone who is a member of another race without doing it because of their race. Anyone who says this was racially motivated should be challenged to provide evidence, but they can’t.


3. No one would know who George Floyd was if he was white.

A lot of people are saying, “this wouldn’t happen if he was white.” But there’s no proof of that. To these people I would just ask one question – what is this man’s name?

Daniel Shaver was a completely innocent bystander in a hotel who was mistaken for a man with a gun. He did everything the officers asked him to do after leaving his room to get ice. For that he was shot and killed as he begged for his life, and the cop who murdered him in Mesa was never found guilty.

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Or ask them who this guy is.

Tony Timpa was held down, couldn’t breathe, and died. The Dallas cops who killed him were never held responsible.

The media forgot to give you round the clock coverage for their killings because it didn’t fit the narrative. The media seeks to do one thing – divide people. They are intentionally trying to escalate a race war, which is why they focus on anecdotes involving black people getting killed by white cops, instead of data. If they did they’d point out that more white people are killed every year by cops than any other race.

We all know the names Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, etc. How many white people killed by police can these people name? None. Because the media doesn’t put these victims of police brutality on the news. Instead they do the same thing they’ve done with coronavirus – focus on individual stories about people dying instead of showing data that proves that you have a better chance of being run over by a truck than you do of dying from COVID or being killed by police.

The “he wouldn’t have been killed if he was white” narrative is a completely baseless assertion, and the only people who say things like that are misinformed sheep who allow the media to manipulate their world view.


4. Nobody is supporting the cops because of COVID.

Five years ago when Eric Garner was killed under similar circumstances there were plenty of people supporting the police, despite him also saying “I can’t breathe.” Yet even amongst the most ardent Blue Lives Matter supporters you’re not seeing anyone defend this cop, and that’s because of COVID. When law abiding citizens get arrested for drinking beers in a basement, getting their hair cut, going to church, having a playdate for their kids, or sitting on a beach, you can’t expect these people to try to find a way to defend the cops when something like this happens. A lot of police departments like Warwick stepped up and refused to enforce the orders. Others like Chicopee went out of their way to harass law abiding people. Good luck regaining the public trust once the people see your true colors.


5. The protests and looting that have followed prove that no one cares about social distancing. 

Every time protesters gathered during the pandemic the media immediately ran with the baseless narrative that there would be a huge outbreak as a result. Those outbreaks never came. Yet in Minneapolis tens of thousands of people, many not wearing masks, have congregated together to protest and riot while not maintaining social distancing guidelines. Apparently COVID only spreads and kills Grandma when you’re protesting something besides police brutality.

None of these people are actually spreading COVID, and if they were the odds that any of them would die are less than 0.1%. My point is that no one ever believed protesting would spread COVID. It was just a way for tyrants like the Raleigh Police to crush your civil liberties by using fear of a virus.


6. Race baiters and looters are having a field day, but none of them actually care about George Lloyd. 

Race pimps like fake Springfield Bishop Talbert Swan were busy spreading misinformation like this:

That man in the “Make whites great again” hat is a professional troll who gets off on messing with idiots like Talbert Swan.

Same goes for morons like this who share fake news, find out it’s fake, and then insist that it’s not fake.

People like this don’t care about George Floyd or facts. They just like to get upset, which is why they refuse to back down once confronted with the truth.

And I know that a great way to honor a guy you’re pretending to care about is to loot targets and assault women in wheel chairs.

But when your city elects people like this:

This is what you get.

“Our anger is just” = “It’s OK to riot and loot.”

“Our community needs space to heal” = “Get out of the way and let us destroy private property so that people of color have to drive 20 miles to buy toilet paper.”

“I am heartbroken.”  – No you’re not. No one is heartbroken over this. No one cares about George Floyd. His death was just a useful reason for people to get outraged about something, and something the media could profit off of.


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