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Creepy Hyannis Night Club Manager Calls Black Guy N Word For Calling Cops On Him For Driving Drunk, Takes Leak On Main Street, May Have Got Drugged By Hookers And/Or Made 2 Women Walk The Plank


This is John Shea, the manager of Trader Ed’s nightclub in Hyannis.

He’s a notoriously creepy old dude who gets good looking young women to go to his bar by offering drink specials and bikini contests.

I’m as confused as you are.

Over the weekend a black man named Millyan Phillips, who left his bar because it was lame, saw John leaving his own bar because it was so lame, get into his vehicle, and start driving erratically drunk in downtown Hyannis. Naturally Millyan called the police on him, which John found out about and decided to confront him over. He apparently called Millyan the n word prior to filming, so his friends took out their phones and started to record. Despite the fact that he was well aware of the fact that he was now being filmed, and that everything he was about to say would likely go viral, John Shea elected to threaten to shoot Millyan in the back of the head, stepped on his foot, and said the one word you’re definitely not allowed to say to black people.

And this is why I go to Truro. If you choose to vacation in the Cape you need to keep going east until you get past Dennis, because this is the kind of trash you can expect to find in Brockton By The Sea.

There’s subtle racism, and then there’s old school, in your face, 1950’s Birmingham style racism. Put a couple Truly’s in Segregation Steve and he’ll get old school on yo ass. He could’ve just denied saying the n word because they didn’t get it on tape the first time, but instead once the cameras started rolling he clarified that he was going for full social cancellation, just in case there was any doubt:

“I just called you the n word.”

“I don’t want any heroin or drugs, get out of my town.”

“My family don’t look like you.”

“Go f*** yourself f***ing monkey. You’re a f***ing monkey!”

“You’re a f***ing n***er.”

You don’t want heroin or drugs in your town? My man, you run a skanky nightclub in the drug capital of Cape Cod. If it weren’t for drugs you’d be out of business.

“You don’t f***ing know who I am. Get the f*** out of my town. Use my name again, you’ll end up in a grave. You and all your friends.”

At ease, soldier. Who does this guy think he is? Brian Albert?

It goes without saying that he’s getting completely destroyed and rightfully so. He used the Trader Ed’s Facebook and IG accounts to try to talk his way out of it, and presented himself as the victim, but as you can imagine that failed spectacularly. He’s since been fired as manager according to his friend Wayne who owns the join, which is 100% deserved.


The stupidity factor alone is grounds for termination. If you represent your business in town, and you’re dumb enough to use that word in public, WHILE ON VIDEO, then Darwin was gonna get you eventually. There is absolutely no way this is the first time he’s called a black person that either. This guy drops n bombs in casual conversations with more ease than former State Trooper Leigha Genduso.


An Instagram account called WTWMass posted the video and it got a lot of attention. Segregation Steve attempted to defend his honor in the comments by claiming that the black guy called him a pedo earlier for looking at pictures of his 6 year old daughter. He had no choice:

“What would any Dad do?”

I dunno, maybe just like, not called him the n word? Or been like, “that’s my daughter, actually.” Anything except unleashing a 90 second racist rant, capped off with death threats and shoe stomping. It doesn’t really matter because I’m pretty sure that never actually happened to begin with. I trust Millyan a lot more than I do Segregation Steve, and he completely denies that.

It’s OK though, because he can’t be racist due to the fact that he went to Jamaica, took some pictures with the locals, and drank a case of Red Stripe to the dome.

Later in the evening he celebrated his impending viral fame by taking a leak directly on a sidewalk on Main Street.

This wasn’t the first time a John Shea made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Thirty years ago a man around the same age, with the same name, made an even more spectacular dumpster fire of a headline.

Play with my crank or walk the plank!

I cannot confirm with absolute certainty that this is the same John Shea, but it’s oddly consistent with his behavior patterns. Dude went full Captain Hook when two women he just met wouldn’t have sex with him on his boat. The best part is the name of the boat.

Wet Dreams. You can’t make this stuff up.

The poor women were left to die in the middle of the ocean before they saved their own lives by swimming miles to a sailboat.

Again, I cannot confirm with 100% certainty that Captain Crank My Wank is Segregation Steve, but there are a whole bunch of other women coming forward in the comments making allegations about him. Here’s a small sample:

It just makes absolutely no sense why this guy is constantly surrounded by good looking women.

Unless of course he’s paying for it with money, drugs, or alcohol. As fate would have it in December two good looking young women escorted an older gentleman back to an apartment in Florida for some late night drinks. Except he was the one who ended up getting Cosby’d when he woke up and they had taken his credit card and $25K watch.

Gee whiz, that watch sure does look familiar. Where have I seen it before?

Leaving with a $25K watch sure sounds a lot better than walking the plank at least.

Anyway, I have a feeling this guy isn’t actually done with Trader Ed’s. I have a hard time believing his creepy crew of old timers is gonna cut him off for getting caught using a word that he probably uses all the time around them.


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  1. When people mention racism, it’s pure trash like this that makes the other 99.999% of us look terrible. The man that called the police on the drunken asshole is my hero. Because IMO, it’s attempted murder to drive that drunk even if you don’t crash. Throw this POS to the wolves.

    1. Oh look everybody, it’s Saint Kevin of the Lily Whites. How honorable it is to have such a pure being in our midst. Hallelujah!!

      1. If you’re white and feel comfortable saying the N word, you’re trash. I really don’t know what you’re whining about but you sound like an Albert. Or is it McCabe?

      2. “Don’t care” has a lot of defensive comments? Maybe, you care.
        You just love racism, I guess. You don’t have to be in the KKK to commit a hate crime, you sociopath. KKK is for people who are proud of it. You’re almost there!

  2. I don’t condone what this guy said but just about everybody has called somebody something. There’s a shit ton of real problems going on in the world and this is the sh¡t that makes headlines? Poor word choice but unless this club owner is a member of the KKK or a fan of David Duke, I don’t wanna hear newspapers and bloggers cheap efforts at getting more attention for themselves and advertisers.

    1. Letting something stupid slip is one thing. This guy repeatedly said this stuff and he didn’t just say n*****, he used monkey and everything else. That shit is for dumb fucks that have a limited vocabulary and is about uncreative as you can get.

    2. As soon as I got to “but” I stopped reading. You are literally condoning his racism. Did you win his bikini contest or something?

  3. The article regarding throwing women off a boat is not John. His middle name begind with a C, he is also not from Hull. Every girl in these photos are employees or friends.

    1. I forgot to add that he is not a Jr.
      John C. Shea
      stop spreading this around. like “dont care” said, yes his choice of words are indefensible, unforgivable, wrong .. the list could go on. Everyone has been called something. Does not make his choice of words acceptable. All I am saying is that the false information needs to stop. Do some research.

      1. Could he have changed it after the fact? Do you have the article of the other individual? Complete your own research. People want facts. So, cough them up.

        “Everyone has been called something.”
        When you’re confused about white privileged and ignorance… that’s what people mean. This is hateful and racist. It’s not just an argument. He’s a racist to his mushy, wet-brained core.
        Wear a life vest, anyway, Eleanor.

  4. Of course this started in Hull! Must be a CLOSE personal friend of the criminal enterprise lead by Chief Russo. It was a huge loss for them when that “rat pharmacist bitch” called about his buddy’s suspicious narcotics prescriptions being purchased on the Engine. No minorities or women on that department. Old school idiots.

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