Dad Tosses Around Junior Hoodboogers While Trying To Break Up Fight At Big E 


I don’t go to the Big E unless I’m blogging about the Big E, like I did in 2017 in order to document New England’s biggest cesspool of infomercials, cow shit, men in jorts, and fried dough. But that’s just during the day. Apparently when the sun goes down the Big E gets even more horrible, as can be seen by this ratchet rodeo that went down the other night.


I think we can all agree that the real MVP was the dude in the vest attempting to break up this dindu donnybrook, who just slammed and tossed some of these future teen moms one by one as they attempted to jump in.

Andre Hickson from Springfield gets an A+ job in bouncing, but an F in raising children who don’t end up on Turtleboy.

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The hat. Nuff said.

These welfare wombats can never just fight fair. You got two of them on the ground pulling each other’s hair and instead of just letting them fight Little Red Riding Hoodrat had to start kicking one of them in the chest.

This hoodbooger leprechaun got her kicks in too.

Finally the fight was ended when all parties agreed to disagree on who stole whose food stamps, and the girl who was getting kicked hiked up her pants over her fupa.

The girl getting kicked showed up in the comments to voice her disgust that people were praising

Honey, as ratchet as it was for them to jump you like that, if you’re getting into fights at the Big E then you’re not really in a position to cast judgement on anyone. That’s not a normal position to find yourself in. Keep working on that duckface though.

You’re gonna need it.

Meanwhile poor Dumbo is traumatized.

I’m with Dumbo – never go to the Big E. Ever.



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