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Dalton Man In Jordans Looking To Sell $200 Worth Of Food Stamps On Facebook Yard Sale Group Surprised To See Lack Of Support From Community


This is Jamal “Molly Mal” from Dalton (next to Pittsfield).

The Fiend Mile woke up yesterday and said to himself, “I’m going to sell $200 worth of food stamps for half price on a heavily trafficked western Mass Facebook yard sale group.”

And he thought this would go over well.

Pro tip – if you’re an able bodied male trying to sell your unearned welfare on Facebook to strangers, try not to wear your $200 Jordans.  The most amazing part about posts like this is the lack of self-awareness that makes them believe that this well thought out plan would be well received. Unfortunately for him the opposite happened, and now he’s on TB.

Don’t worry though, “big daddy” has plenty of cash for romantic nights out at Applebees with his “wife.”

Wedding bands.

Transportation to get his dog from one part of the state to the other.

New dogs to play with that dog when it finally arrives.

Nice cars.

96 inch TVs.

Fireball, Heineken and Natty Light.

And side junkies who only take payments in food stamps and crack.


He’s a real romantic at heart though. Last month he got married at City Hall and for the honeymoon he pissed in a cup for his probation officer.

That’s going to be the plot line if Nicholas Sparks ever starts making crackhead protagonists.

Like many great con-artists before him, Gorge Foreman has mastered the art of using his non-custodial children for sympathy in order to raise cash for himself. He’s even smart enough to use stock photos that clearly show a real Dad who actually takes care of his child in order to make it look like he’s some sort of functional human being.

He also started a Facebook group called “Jamal,” which is just him and one other person, where he makes up lies about his daughter in order solicit sympathy donations.

Stick to the yard sale groups dude.

But I think we all know where the money is really going….

Case studies show that 99% of people who use the #NeverGiveUp hashtag relapsed within the last 48 hours, and should probably just give up.

I’ve been doing blogs on people selling their food stamps on Facebook for years now, and I can tell you from experience that the market rate is about 60-75% face value. $200 worth of stamps should go for at least $120. The fact that he’s selling for $100 means the Fiend Mile knows that Diego got some new product this week and that stuff is going to go fast! So he needs cash now. Sure, he could just sell some of his Jordan’s, or get a job, but it’s easier to lie about being a single Dad working 2 jobs whose baby momma OD’d for sympathy.

Poor little girl is suffering from heart disease.

Sorry kid, but if your healthcare is in the hands of your this man:

Then you ain’t gonna live to see 12. Luckily it’s not, and your old man, who you likely haven’t seen or heard from in months, is just using you to raise money to fund his habits.

He also wanted to clarify that it’s not begging for money if you’re selling something.

Because he earned those food stamps. They’re his to sell in the first place, and he really needs them.

He did have his defenders though.

I for one am shocked that a woman who is attracted to men from Holyoke who wear flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats would believe that reporting welfare fraud is a form of snitching that is somehow beneath her.

It’s also racist to point out that a grown man selling food stamps on Facebook while wearing Jordans is problematic.

Terri Rough. You couldn’t possibly have a more appropriate last name to describe this woman.

That is brisk son. That woman right there has seen some shit. That’ll happen when you’re a 4th string booty call Newport Light chimney.

If the Fiend Mile wants to come on the live show this weekend to tell his side of the story he’s more than welcomed. Send me a DM on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or Terrance Collie.


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