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Dana “Musty Meatflap” Goldblatt’s Husband Gregory Goff Was Convicted Of Possession Of Child Pornography But Police Are The “Violence Workers” And ICE Is Bad

We first encountered Northampton lawyer Dana Goldblatt, AKA the Musty Meatflap, when she repeatedly referred to police as “violence workers” in a bizarre, soy fueled diatribe about why the cops should reject free ammunition from Walmart.

“The current degree of militarization of the NPD, and also the number and extent of violence workers that we need in Northampton, as opposed to social workers, crisis workers. We fund violence workers and extend ammo at a pretty high rate.”

“Accepting this ammo for violence workers.

“How many violence workers do we want to fund in Northampton?”

“Having violence workers who are implicated in arms deals, those aren’t my values. Having guns and ammunition flowing through this city, those are not my values.”

“I don’t remember being asked if it was OK with me.”

“There’s no citizen review into how violence workers are operating in this city.”

“I don’t feel like anyone here would say we need more violence workers.”

“We should be able to say fewer police, fewer guns, fewer ammo.”


At around the 12 minute mark she reads a text message from her husband Gregory Goff about why he opposes Walmart accepting money from the police. He acts all high and mighty about the police not aligning with the town’s values and blah, blah, blah. Basically just repeating the nonsense his wife was blabbing about.

But here’s one thing that the Musty Meatflap forgot to mention about her husband – he once plead guilty to possession of child pornography and was placed on probation for five years.

Luckily for him this happened in 2003, right before the time when everything was put on the Internet, so this newspaper archive screenshot was the only thing you could find on him.

But just think of that for a minute. A guy who was in possession of kiddie porn, and was so sloppy about it that it came to the attention of Massachusetts State Police detectives, now feels that he is in a position to lecture other people about the evils of Walmart, the police, and guns. His wife calls police “violence workers,” yet the only guy she could find to procreate with was a man who was looking at and keeping images of children being forced into sexual positions, likely under the threat of violence since children are incapable of consent.

Gregory Goff attended Williams College, a radical, far left institution that certainly helps shape the minds of professional social justice warriors. While there he studied……

Clinical Child Psychology. Ya got that? A guy who collects kiddie porn majors in child psychology. Wonder why?

Normally when someone has a conviction like this they must register as a Level 2 sex offender. However, thanks to a court ruling in 2013, “the online database for sex offenders only has information for Level 2 offenders classified after July 12, 2013, and Level 3 offenders. For a complete list of Level 2 offenders, contact your local police department.”

So because he committed his disgusting crime before this court ruling, if he was still a registered sex offender we would not be able to find out online. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t. He once collected kiddie porn. He is a monster. End of discussion.

His hatred of the police at least makes sense now. They ruined his perverted fantasies and arrested him for something he was doing in the privacy of his own home. That’s possibly why he wants “the whole justice system, every police department, and every officer abolished.”

After all, if it wasn’t for them he never would’ve gotten caught with child pornography.

His wife also represented the career criminal DCF dad who chained himself to the front of City Hall, and was recently arrested again for battery on a cop.

She mentioned how her “values” did not align with those of the police while lecturing the City Council about “violence workers.” I guess her values include deadbeat parents, assaulting the cops, and marrying people who collect kiddie porn.

Ironically he posts stuff like this too:

Yes, that’s right. The guy who once collected pictures of children in sexual positions against their will is worried about “rape culture” for his daughter. Does kiddie porn count as rape culture, or does it just apply to horny adults who get drunk and make decisions together? Asking for a friend.

I guess it’s not surprising then that he would champion a bunch of men dressed as women coming into his daughter’s school to read books in drag.

Yay progress!

Oh, and this:

The guy who once collected child pornography draws the line at Al Franken grabbing titties. It’s hard when he watches fellow lefties he “admires,” do horrible things. Greg has never done anything “horrible,” and is definitely in a position to judge. Definitely.

Him and the Musty Meatflap led the charge last year to keep surveillance cameras out of downtown Northampton, which would’ve greatly assisted the police in solving crimes.

But at the same time he’s an outspoken advocate for sanctuary cities, and believes that employers who help law enforcement should be arrested.

Of course he does. Sanctuary cities give harbor to people who break the law, something he’s all too familiar with. And video surveillance makes it easier for the police to identify and arrest criminals like him.

He says that he supports anything that makes it more difficult for ICE to do their job.

Keep in mind, the primary function of ICE is to identify and save victims of sex trafficking, many of who are children that have been smuggled across the border illegally. Many of these children are often forced to have sex on camera with adults, because there is a market out there for that sort of thing. Just ask Gregory Goff.

It looks like he hates feminist women too.

Christina Hoff-Sommers is a widely respected and very bright feminist scholar who used to teach at Clark University. But because she hasn’t bought into the radicalism of modern day feminism (she’s more old school) she’s now labeled as a racist by SJWs. Naturally Greg was happy when a mob showed up to her speaking even at Williams and acted like savages towards her.

Oh, and he seems to be a supporter of Antifa as well.

As if there wasn’t enough thing that make him terrible.

One more thing. These people are allegedly “progressive,” and care about the poor and downtrodden. Well, a couple years ago MassLive did a puff piece about a guy named Nicholas Southwick-Hall, who was a recovering addict who started his own landscaping company. Mr. and Mrs. Musty Meatflap apparently hired this guy to do some work, he never completed it, and instead of being good and compassionate liberals, they brought him to court, got a judgement of over $95,000 against him, and it’s now in bankruptcy court.

tbs.goff settlement
tbs.goff case superior court

According to his LinkedIn he now is the owner of Happy Valley Auto Brokerage in Northampton where they “get the best deal for the best price and don’t stop until you are happy.” Of course he can’t become a cop because, ya know, he’s an ex-con who once got caught with child pornography. 

So yea, these are the people in Northampton who have made it their goal to attack the police, label them as “violence workers,” and lecture other people about morality. A convicted pervert and the Musty Meatflap. I guess when you’re this much of a scumbag the only place you can move to is Northampton, where as long as you actively say “orange man bad,” they’ll forgive you for collecting kiddie porn.



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