Danielle Bognanno ID’d By Police Who Recognized Her From Turtleboy Blogs After Running Up $10K Bill On Her John At Encore Casino With Her Friends


Last night was a proud moment in Turtleboy history for me, and I had nothing to do with it. It was all Bristol and her crew, who put together our most widely viewed live episode ever, in which she exposed all the reasons that Cameltoe Truck Girl was arrested on Friday. It’s one of the wildest stories I’ve ever seen, and the amount of time and research the put into it can’t be understated. Also, the production level keeps getting better and better.

Here’s a recap. I will abbreviate Cameltoe Truck Girl as CTG moving forward.

On September 22 CTG filmed herself walking around Encore Casino, showing off her new expensive sunglasses on Abrams’ live stream while he was incarcerated. The video is no longer up, but this one from that same day shows her walking around the casino.

On September 27 a 22 year old man alerted Encore that someone ran up charges on his credit card. He checked into the hotel at 4:19 AM on September 21, and booked a hotel room for one night for $650.

CTG was with him and he only wanted the room so he could fornicate with her. He did not plan on staying long, and left the hotel hours later. However, she is seen on video taking the keys, and when the MSP circulated her image to various police departments she was instantly recognized as a reoccurring character on Turtleboy Sports.

As a commenter pointed out, the mainstream media doesn’t cite our work, but the cops do. No other media outlet consistently puts criminals out of business like Turtleboy.

Thanks to the blogs on these queefs the cops knew that she was Josh Abrams’ girlfriend.

While actively defrauding this “victim” and committing a felony CTG live streamed the whole thing on Josh’s channel while he was in jail getting beat up by Billy Tibbetts.

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The man they defrauded isn’t very smart and left this drug addicted stranger, who he just paid for a few hours with, alone in the room passed out six hours after he checked in.

CTG never checked out and kept running up the bill. She called up her drug dealer Anthony Micelli to help her defraud the “victim” some more. Micelli is basically Stoneham’s version of Jeremy Winslow.


Except instead of beating women he sticks to larceny, drug dealing, and not paying his landlord rent, which is why he was recently evicted form his Peabody apartment.

Micelli wisely broadcasted his participation in the crime spree on his IG.

“Living my best life. #Felony #LarcenyOver250”

That’s when these two north shore fuck puppets started running up the tab.

He called the front desk, pretended to be the “victim”, and extended the room for 2 more nights. In total they ran up a bill of nearly $10,000.

You might be asking yourself, what can you possibly spend $10,000 on in 48 hours? Well, sunglasses mostly.

Along with a 1:30 AM trip to Frattelli’s Restaurant in the casino, where a side of brussel sprouts costs $12. They also invited 4 more friends to come out with them as they ran up the bill of over $1,000 on one meal.

Over 60 hours from when CTG took one for them team they were still running up bills of nearly $2,000 on a pair of sneakers and more sunglasses. Micelli returned to the same store half an hour later and bought his friend some merchandise too.

They’re generous with other people’s money.

And because they’re such incompetent criminals they couldn’t keep a low profile while defrauding the “victim” either. The entire floor reeked of Newport Lights and failure, prompting Encore security to pay them a visit while Micelli acted as conspicous as possibly while trying to hide whatever was going on in the room.

They also ran up nearly a grand on room service and mini bar charges, and there are receipts for everything.

And as Bristol pointed out, perhaps the most egregious and classless thing they did during this entire bender was tip less than 4%.

Think of how low that is. It’s not their money. They were stealing it from someone else and could pay these hard working employees whatever they wanted to. They had no problem spending lavishly on themselves, and all of that money went into the Casino’s pockets. But they shortchanged the working class people who rely on tips for a living.

The only part that confuses me is why they’re only being charged with stealing $1,200.

I can’t even tell you the most impressive part of this story because the Bristol Crew likes to keep a low profile. But let me just say that it would put any other “investigative” news team to shame. All you need to know is that it ended the Squire Lounge strip club with Micelli getting arrested by the MSP and the Bristol Crew was there to take this picture.

This is what Turtleboy justice looks like folks. This is what we do.

You would think that this would be the death blow to Josh Abrams. The Bristol Crew has destroyed him completely. But he came on the show last night (39 minute mark) and said it was the first time he heard about this police report, he denied that his girlfriend is a high end casino hooker, he couldn’t admit that she slept with the man she ripped off, Josh claimed that she was sleeping in her car (lie), he made excuses for her, he said that these were just “allegations” (even though they have undeniable video evidence of all of this happening), and he blamed most of it on Micelli. Finally Bristol dropped the bomb on him that his girlfriend was buying something off of Micelli after selling the stolen sunglasses.

And there are receipts for that in the form of text messages between CTG and Micelli, in which she asks for $800 worth of something in return for $800 worth of hotel services paid for by the “victim.”

Don’t. Poke. Bristol. She bites.


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