Danielson Sex Offender Can’t Stop Getting Arrested For Choking The Chicken In Connecticut Laundromats


In today’s episode of WINY Radio ratchets, we bring you a man named Danzel Cross from Danielson, who has a really bad habit he can’t kick.

If only he had done it on a Zoom call, then he could work at CNN.

I understand that these people are deviants, so it’s hard to get into their heads, but why the laundromats? Does the smell of dryer sheets in the morning get him aroused? Or is it the fact that there’s tube socks widely available? Or is he into soiled panties? Hard to tell. But this guy is going on a tour of northeastern Connecticut laundromats cranking the cream machine when there are plenty of public library available for him to hang out at, so I still have questions.

The Danielson Donkey Schlong is also a registered sex offender who has done this in other states (Georgia), was previously arrested for having sex with a minor, violated probation, and was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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At one point does a judge realize that this guy isn’t gonna stop if he keeps getting chances? He could pump the pickle in his own home, or under a bridge like a normal sex addict, but this guy just can’t resist laundromats, and he won’t be stopping any time soon.



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