Danvers Math Teacher Says You Should “Absolutely Be Thankful And Express Your Gratitude” For Him Even Though He Refuses To Go Work 


Tofer Carlson is a math teacher and playwright at Danvers High School.

He wrote a Facebook post the other day explaining not only why he refuses to return to work to do his job, but why thanking him for being a teacher isn’t sufficient.

This man right here is a Goddamn American hero.

He’s basically being asked to storm the beaches at Normandy by himself, and a thank you simply will not cut it. Sure, he has a better chance of dying from a heart attack or getting turned into a pancake by a tractor trailer. Sure, the idea that he would “kill one of my students” is silly because not a single person under the age of 20 has died from COVID in Massachusetts. And sure, every other job has returned to work and is dealing with it, but the mere thought of stepping into a classroom with other human beings is nothing less than pure terror for Tofer.

Tofer doesn’t have the option to say “no” if he’s forced to go back to work either. Yes, he could quit, but the problem with that idea is that he really likes to get paid and you can’t collect unemployment if you quit. Plus, if he were to find another job they’d probably make him (gasp) go to work in order to get paid too!

And how dare taxpaying citizens with kids in the schools ask teachers to teach their children! We should be paying more in taxes so American heroes like Tofer can sit around all day crying about how hard their life is!

This was my personal favorite quote.

“You absolutely should be thankful, and express your gratitude.”

Bow down before your King!!!

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Just to be clear, if and when I thank teachers it has nothing to do with having any sort of guilt for sending them to sit in your math class. I will always support teachers and thank them when they do a good job because I was one and I did appreciate hearing that from supportive parents. I will always have their back if my kid isn’t doing something he’s supposed to be doing in school and they need my help at home to make sure he or she is doing their homework. I will almost always take the word of a teacher over the word of my kid if he gets in trouble because my kid has a reason to lie but the teacher does not. Up until recently I would even vote yes on Prop 2.5 overrides because I believe in adequately funding public education.

But under no circumstances will I ever thank you for showing up to do your job after missing out on work and still getting paid for it for the last 5 months. Get over yourself, you pathetic beta male cuck.

I’d also like to point out that this pathetic coward teaches at the same school where another math teacher named Colleen Ritzer was murdered in 2013. And this baby has the audacity to cry about how he’s worried about being killed by a virus. Statistically at Danvers High School you have a better shot at being murdered by one of your students than you do dying from COVID.

In a sane society we’d laugh at a post like this, but we’re living in a society where victimization is currency, so this post got a bunch of shares and tons of positive comments.

“Support labor and (non-police) unions.”

They always look the same don’t they? I’ve never seen someone quite as obsessed with commie cold as this chick is on her Facebook page.

Catherine’s quote sums up the values of these troglodytes. Multiple cops in this state have died from COVID, but you don’t hear anything from the union about not going to work or not responding to house calls because they might catch the virus. Because to them cops aren’t people and they shouldn’t be allowed to unionize and collectively bargain for working conditions.

After thinking it over I’ve decided not to thank you Tofer. Instead I’m going to tell you to get back to work and do the job my tax dollars pay you to do, because you’re very replaceable. There are no shortage of people applying every time a teaching position opens up. Don’t worry, even someone as slovenly as you will not die if they contract COVID, because you’re under the age of 80 and the data tells us that you have very little to worry about.


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