Dave Portnoy Cowers To Bob Murchison After The Sherborn Activist Gets Bombas To Stop Advertising On Barstool Over Kirk Minihane Hiring 


Driving Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan off the air wasn’t enough of a victory for Bob Murchison. He’s now going after Minihane’s new employer, Barstool Sports, and successfully got Bombas (which I guess makes socks) to stop advertising on Kirk’s new Barstool podcast by intentionally misrepresenting the things that Kirk says on the radio. This is such a cowardly move by a company that doesn’t deserve your business. If companies like that were run by people like Ely Kaplansky then the Bob Murchison’s of the world would be powerless.

Boom. Problem solved. His emails are meaningless. He has no power. He wasn’t going to buy your socks anyway. Nothing he says or thinks matters. God bless Kaplansky Insurance.

Barstool built its brand on being politically incorrect and not caving to mobs. They’ve been unfairly attacked and misrepresented by the mainstream media and social justice warriors since they started almost 20 years ago. You’d think that they’d have Minihane’s back in this, especially since Murchison just cost Barstool an advertisers. But in one of the most pathetic, gutless performances of all time, Dave Portnoy attempted to explain why he wouldn’t have Minihane’s back in this one.

“This Murchison guy, he sounds like a crazy person. I’m not going to war with someone I’ve literally never said a word to.”

What a coward. You don’t go to war with crazy people? Who exactly do you think works at Deadspin? You go to war with them regularly. Just admit it – you’re afraid of Bob Murchison. He took money out of your pocket and instead of fighting back you gave him exactly what he wanted – encouragement to keep going after your advertisers. Bob Murchison is the closest thing that exists to Hitler. You don’t give Hitler things and expect him to be satisfied Neville Portnoy.

Keep in mind, when Murchison was harassing WEEI’s advertisers he was intentionally misrepresenting an appearance Minihane made with Portnoy on Barstool:

If anything, the only person who said anything remotely offensive was Portnoy. Minihane just commented on it sarcastically with the avocado comment and a pointed jab referencing Portnoy’s ill-advised decision to put a picture of Tom Brady’s naked child on Barstool in 2011. Minihane lost his job because of how Murchison took Portnoy’s words and tied them to Minihane. Now Minihane works for Portnoy and Portnoy isn’t backing him up because he’s afraid of one guy from Sherborn. It’s madness.

“If you lose us money, you’re probably gonna be gone.”

He’s not losing you money – Bob Murchison is. And your response to that is to do exactly what Murchison wants you to do – self-censoring.

“Right now, I can’t blame Murchison….”

Why not? You allegedly care about money over all else right?

Well Bob Murchison just took your lunch money and you said it didn’t matter because Mommy’s gonna give you more lunch money tomorrow. Don’t worry though, I’m sure Murchison will stop with Bombas now. That’s totally his style.

Minihane and Turtleboy might be the last two vestiges of freedom on the Internet. Listen to me rant about it on tonight’s YouTube Live show.





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