Deadbeat Taunton Dad Complains On Brockton Hub About Having To Pay Overdue Child Support For “Bastard” Daughter


This is Thomas Espinosa from Taunton.

He says he owes $12K in child support and doesn’t think he should have to pay, so naturally he did the only thing he could do to remedy this situation – post about it in the cesspool known as the Brockton Hub on the 4th of July.

He went into probate court and then “magically” owed $12K. Hate when that happens. Providing for the children you created is basically the same thing as Nazi Germany.


According to him he can’t make money by getting a job and therefore has no choice but to steal. Plus the debt he owes is imaginary.

Except unfortunately for him it’s court ordered and very real, he just messed up the paperwork.

“Judge told me I had no respect for his courtroom.”

Translation – you barged in there wearing a FUBU shirt and jorts, didn’t come prepared, started calling the judge a Nazi, and then accused the court of extorting you for asking you to take care of your kid.

He really, truly doesn’t seem to understand that when a man creates a human life they do bare some responsibility for raising that child. This concept is completely foreign to him.

Court might not have gone his way, but at least he got the last work with the Bristol County Register of Probate.

“You wanna extort fathers who wanna be fathers.”

Newsflash – you’re already a father, and the extortion you’re speaking of is something called “personal responsibility,” which you aren’t even remotely familiar with.

He seems like a great Dad though, since he refers to his child as “someone’s bastard.”

Other deadbeat Dads had his back at least.

The guy making $100K a year couldn’t afford the gas to get to court and now he has to pay for the human being he created. Life is really unfair.

Then there was this guy:

Glenn Cutler looks like the poster child for overdue child support and is still bitter about the child support he had to pay to his ex while she took the kids to Canada for 3 months every summer and got raw dogged by every stinking Canuck from Winnipeg to Halifax.

He’s now so broke from the child support that he can’t fix his caps lock.

Glenn is really having a tough time getting over the fact that his ex appears to be the village whore.

Except there’s just one problem – his kids didn’t go to Canada every summer because they worked summer jobs.


Back to Chucky Child Support though. Mr. Espinosa failed to mention that he lost custody and was ordered to pay $103 a week after not showing up for a court hearing.

In 2019 he requested that the payments be reduced to $50 because he was “going to shool” and saw his kid once a week. But then both parents forgot to show up for the actual hearing.

Chucky Child Support has the legal courtroom skills of a young Rian Waters, which is why his motions asking to have court orders vacated because he got the dates screwed up, always seem to get denied.

He also forgot to mention that working against him in court is the fact that he has Google trophies and convictions for larceny, warrants, witness intimidation, and drug distribution.


Then he was summonsed to court in May of 2021 for refusing to provide court ordered DNA samples as a result of his prior convictions. He asked the state troopers who requested a DNA sample if they were gonna shoot him, which they declined, then asked them why they weren’t “cleaning up heroin,” which he used to sell.



Of course he didn’t show up for the summons so he was arrested in October.

Those charges are still pending and he faces more time in prison as a result.

Oh, and the $12K he owes is actually $66K.

But it might as well be $66 million, because that kid ain’t seeing a dime until she’s old enough to get her own job.


He might not be winning in probate court, but at least he’s winning in the court of Facebook memes though. Chucky Child Support constantly portrays himself as a victim despite repeatedly breaking the law, missing important court dates, and not paying court ordered child support. He refers to the jails he keeps getting sentenced to as “concentration camps,” because that’s where Nazis put good, law abiding people like him.

He also ironically posts about his disgust with men who don’t raise their kids, and how women who give birth to children are losers, while the men who refuse to pay for them are the real victims.

And in a further twist of irony he’s against abortion, even though nobody benefits from abortion more than deadbeats like him who refuse to raise their spawn.

Mr. Espinosa announced he is going to turn his life around, get a job, and start paying back some of the money he owes in order to attempt to have a relationship with his daughter.

LOL. Just kidding. He’s refusing to pay court ordered fees and continuing to drive without a license so he can get a free jail vacation for a few months while someone else raises his kid.

He does have a backup plan though:

Give Josh Abrams a call, maybe he can help you out.


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