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Dedham Anti-Racism Group Works To Remove Defund The Police Truck Parked In Town, Get Rid Of “Racist” Swing At Playground, Cancel Blue Mass At Catholic Church


The Town of Dedham is going full woke and looking to waste taxpayer dollars by creating a position called the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator (whatever that means) for their public schools.

One of these three finalists is Dr. Oneida Fox Roye, who is currently the director of ELL for the Boston Public Schools, and likely would receive more money for this new brand new made up position which would never exist if George Floyd wasn’t killed by a rogue cop 1,500 miles from here.

Dr. Roye recently tweeted out an incredibly racist image depicting her view that all white people see all black people as gun toting crack dealers.

This blatantly racist image which makes the assumption that all white people are racists who view the world the same way should disqualify her, so either the committee is OK with racism or they’ve incompetent and have never heard of Twitter before.

It should be noted that the School Department included a woman named Patricia Sanchez-Connally from a group called the “Anti-Racism Coalition.”

As you will see, the fact that the “Anti-Racism Coalition” is taken seriously by any rational adult is a joke in and of itself. Let’s check out some of the work they’ve done to prevent racism in Dedham.

For starters they’re trying really hard to remove a swing set from a playground because adults are pretending to be offended by a bootleg Easter Island head.

Who is a yellow head offensive to? Asian people? Sponge Bob? The Simpsons? Big Bird? Turns out it’s Native Americans.

Jesse Potts is new to town, doesn’t appear to have any children, and the first thing she wants to do is get rid of a swing on a playground so that other people’s children will have one less fun thing to do. This is the face of a woman who was put on earth to speak for Native American people and decide what they should be offended by.

Jesse also wants to make it clear that you are racist if you describe that yellow head as anything but racist.

Jesse really wanted the group to do something about it, because she can’t due to the fact that she can’t type for long periods of time (while writing long winded Facebook comments) due to a back injury from a car crash.

Ya got that? She’s disabled from a car crash so she can’t type now. Luckily she can yoga.

Because you can’t be in the Basic Becky Mafia if you don’t yoga.

Jesse urged the group to harass town officials and read off a script, because God forbid these people come up with an original thought on their own.

Now the rest of the woke white brigade is petitioning the town to have a swing removed from a playground.

Patricia Sanchez-Connally, who is on the hiring committee for the diversity position, checked the privilege of those who called it anything but an indigenous swing.

A “land acknowledgement stone or plaque.”

We are now building monuments to check our own privilege.

One person attempted to question if this harmless head was actually racist, and she was quickly told to shut up because a woman claiming to be Native American said it was.

When the comment matches the face…..

“We white women are not used to being told bluntly that we are wrong, but if we want to be good allies it’s our job to learn…..”

On a side note, people who claim to be Native American are the absolute worst. If you don’t live on reservation land or actively partake in Native American culture then you are not Native American. I don’t care if your Aunt Bee told you that your Papa had high cheekbones. Your opinions on issues relating to Native Americans and playgrounds are not any more valid because you claim to be 3% Native.

The group obviously accomplished a lot with this so the next thing up on the agenda was addressing the truck they saw parked downtown with a sign saying “Defend the Police,” because their website is “horrifying with fairly over racism.”

“Defend the Police” is a movement begun by a local businessman who got sick of seeing cops being attacked and cities being looted by BLM terrorists and rioters. Their website is completely harmless and represents the views that most people have of the police. Naturally the Becky’s want it removed because “It’s like saying defend freedom of speech.”

Defending free speech is a bad thing. Almost as bad as defending police.

Ironically they immediately called the police to report it.

Next they organized a protest of the truck.

Doing God’s work in Dedham.

Next up on the agenda was making sure kids who got free lunch didn’t have to be traumatized by the sight of a school resource officer.

If a child is afraid to interact with police it’s probably best practice to humanize police officers, rather than prevent them from interacting. Then again, any child who is petrified of the police only thinks this way because they’ve been brainwashed by adults preaching BLM propaganda.

The last thing that needed to be addressed by this very serious group is the fact that St. Mary’s Church is having their annual “Blue” Mass Honoring Police and other Public Safety Agencies. Key Word being annual, since St. Michael is the Patron Saint of Police and the Feast Day is September 29. But Carolyn Russo has decided that you can’t honor cops this year in a church because Breonna Taylor got shot in Kentucky.

This woman gets to decide when a Catholic church gets to hold an annual mass honoring police officers.

Most people seemed to agree that they should get to dictate to a private entity who should and should not be honored at their masses.

Yea, why aren’t they honoring rapists like Jacob Blake? Or drug dealers like Freddie Gray? Or child abusers like Rayshard Brooks? It’s notable that the church is also not having a mass for children dying from cancer, people killed in North Korean concentration camps, or victims of sex trafficking. Everyone should get their own mass or no one should be able to have one, and a group of people who never step foot in a Catholic church should be the ones to make these decisions.

One man attempted to defend the church, but he was quickly told to shut up due to his privilege thanks to an observant white woman named Serena who was gearing up for pumpkin spice season.

You don’t care about black people unless you virtue signal about white silence on Facebook, while doing absolutely nothing to improve the lives of any black people.

Nevertheless, despite being the most basic chick on the planet, Serena still felt it necessary to lecture others about the “black life perspective,” and why it’s OK for black people to riot.

In summation, the Town of Dedham recognizes and elevates a Facebook group that gets a say in hiring a potentially racist woman to a six figure salary position for a job that has no reason to exist, and this group wants to remove playgrounds, crush free speech, villainize the police, and stop people from peacefully practicing their religion.

Because black lives matter.


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