Democratic Debate Live Blog Round 69 Million




10:00 – Good debate. As usual, nothing will change, Trump wins. Good night.

9:59 – Biggest misconception about Pocahontas is that she is in any way, shape or form authentic.

9:56 – Tom Steyer’s biggest misconception is that he only owns one tie,


9:46 – Is Mayor Pete a pitcher or catcher? Big debate going on right now on the live stream, but there seems to be a consensus.


9:42- Bernie Sander IS NOT Jewish.


9:40 – “I wanted to impeach before eveyrone else wanted to impeach.” – Tom Steyer

Shut up Tom.


9:34 – Slay Mayor Pete!! They should just call Bernie a communist all the time, every single day, because he is. It’s a disgrace that a commie is leading this party right now.


9:26 – I see Joe Biden doesnt know where the camera is, but he’s yelling at someone, that’s for sure.


9:20 –  “we can’t cut and run on our allies.” – Pocahontas

This is code for “we are never ever leaving the Middle East. Democrats are war mongerers. Trump promotes peace.


9:18 – They should all ask these candidates if killing that douchebag from Iran was a good thing, because every single person on stage right now predicted World War 3 when we did that.


9:12 – Bernie just said the American prison system is worse than China .Dont tell the millions of people locked up for having opinions or being Muslim.


9:05 – “Black people are systematically excluded from politics.” – Mayor Pete

Dude, youre on a stage with 7 white people.


9:02 – Tom Steyer is a Republican plant. He just says crazy shit like “let’s have reparations for black people” to see who will join him.


9:00 – If the first thing that comes to mind when the moderator mentions black people is “the projects” (Joe Biden) you might be a little bit racist.


8:55 – As a former teacher I can say that not every teacher should start at $60,000 a year. I thought $40K was SO much when I was 22. Because it’s way more than lifeguarding. Deal with it.


8:54 – There is no such thing as a failing school. Only failing parents and failing students.


8:53 – Her secretary of education is going to be vetted by a 12 year old trans kid, so take that for what its worth.


8:51 – Tom Steyer and his bullshit about term limits needs to end. The POTUS does not have the authority or the ability to institute term limits.

8:47 – Literally just called Amy K mentioning her ucle in the deer stand. Same fucking story every single debate.


8:45 Bernie is about to get the corn pop treatment if he doesnt slow his role.

8:44 – Legalized pot is the only thing democrats are good for. That and porn.


8:43 Biden just went full Beto on guns. Never go full Beto.


8:38 – I’m back for real this time. Let’s do it. Sorry about the interruptions. This has been one hell of a debate so far. Let’s go.


8:31 – Joe Biden having a friend named Fritz is the most Joe Biden thing I’ve ever heard.


8:26 – Bernie is a caricature of a real person. It’s amazing he’s winning


8:24 – Pocahontas accusing Bloomberg of forcing a woman to get an abortion is probably the only true thing she’s ever said.








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