Democratic Debate Round 4 Live Blog

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11:06 – Damn Joe, where the hell has that been? Dude just rose from the dead like Jesus. And that’s the end of the debate finally. Once again the winner was Donald Trump. Have a great night.


11:05 – How is Joe Biden gonna be asked about his most unusual friendship and NOT say Corn Pop? What a let down.


11:04: Bruh, you should’ve run for President or something.


11:03 – I find it hard to believe that Pocahontas’ entire family is Republican.


11:01 – “We need to stop trying to divide Americans based on the color of their skin.” – Bernie.

Also, cops are racist and we should pay reparations to black people.


10:59 – Holy shit, how long is this debate?


10:55 – Yang is the closest thing to Uncle Turtleboy. Tulsi is the closest thing to Bristol.


10:52 – Robert Francis is up here talking about how he drove around the country with another congressman talking about issues. Something they could’ve done sitting at a restaurant. But instead he wasted a bunch of gasoline while lecturing us about climate change. Makes sense.


10:49 – “We need to change the tone in our politics.” – Amy Klobuchar.

Oh, you mean like baselessly accusing a SCOTUS nominee of being a gang rapist and then going through his yearbook and asking what words like boofing means? Yea we could definitely use less of that.


10:45 – Thought for a minute there that Anderson Cooper was going to ask the candidates if they supported Ellen’s right to be friends with George Bush, knowing that their base thinks she shouldn’t. Turns out it was just a softball question about who they were friends with as kids.


10:42 – A commercial keeps running in which a president’s son proudly says that he’s an atheist who isn’t afraid of burning in Hell. This about sums up the state of the democratic party.


10:39 – These debates just aren’t the same without Marianne Williamson. She makes everything more interesting.


10:35 – I hate to say it, but Elizabeth Warren won this debate. They all came at her and not once did she get flustered. She grows in popularity every day. She’s less hatable than Hillary Clinton, which I never thought I’d say. I actually think she’s a bigger threat than Joe Biden now.


10:30 – “I’m the only one here who’s gotten anything done.” – Joe Biden.

It’s true. Just ask Corn Pop. He fucked around on the high dive once. Just once.


10:28 – Packing the court is the same thing as ending the electoral college. It’s changing the rules of the game because you lost. These are the people whining about a “constitutional crisis.” Nothing you see or hear is real.


10:26 – Biden just said he would not hold hearings to confirm a SCOTUS justice. Someone might want to tell him that his part doesn’t control the Senate.


10:24 – I’m glad they brought up the Supreme Court because RBG will not last until 2024. And it will be an all out war when she retires if Trump wins and he gets to pick her replacement. Choosing RBG’s replacement is the most important issue in this election.


10:21 – Spartacus just said he was going to create a Department of Abortion. He gave it a different name, but that’s literally what he just said. Wild stuff.


10:18 – “The best thing we can fight back against big tech is to say our data is our property.” – Andrew Yang.

Amen brotha. Best line of the night so far. Our data is a commodity, an asset that can be bought and sold because it’s valuable. It should belong to us and we should profit off of it.


10:15 – The fact that Kamala Harris believes the government should force Twitter to take down the President’s social media account because she’s arbitrarily deemed his free speech dangerous, is possibly the most fascist thing any politician has ever said. She is truly evil.


10:14 – Kamala Harris is advocating for suspending Trump’s Twitter account and calling Pocahontas out for not doing the same. That’s such a TERRIBLE opinion that almost no one agrees with, and she’s pitting Pocahontas as the sane one. These people are trying to hand her the nomination.


10:12 – The idea that the government should be working to stop the spread of “disinformation” is a road we don’t want to go down. People lie. It’s a fact of life. Politicians all lie, and they have the right to. It’s up to citizens to decide what is real and what isn’t. That’s how freedom works.


10:09 – “We treat social media companies like a platform.” – Beto.

No, we don’t. If we did then they couldn’t deny service to people like me. These people are so out of touch with the reality of social media censorship.


10:08 – “Robert Bork is laughing in his sleep.” – Cory Booker.

Robert Bork died in 2012.


10:07 – Tech companies sell our data to advertisers. That should be our property and we should receive dividends from that.


10:06 – Andrew Yang is right. Breaking up tech companies doesn’t solve the issue. We need platforms where EVERYONE is allowed to congregate. They need to be monopolies, and they need to be owned by the government and the First Amendment must apply there. That’s it. That’s the plan.


10:05 – They’re talking about Facebook. I’m interested now.


10:03 – Honestly, nothing seems to happen in these debates lately. They seem like a huge waste of time in an era of social media. These people can all just tweet this shit out instead. No one is saying anything we didn’t already know they stand for. Not sure if anyone’s gained or lost anything after two hours of this.


10:00 – Pocahontas was just saved by that commercial break. She knows Tulsi came for her tonight.


9:56 – You have to give it to Pocahontas, she’s old as shit but doesn’t look like it. She’s gotta be on Adderrall or something. No one this old should ever have this much energy.


9:53 – Questions that need to be asked but wont:

Do you think biological boys should be allowed to compete against girls in sports?

Do you think platform access is a civil right?


9:52 – Kamala Harris wants to send pharmacists to jail, but also wants to abolish prison and end mass incarceration. Also she built her career sending to people to jail for drugs.


9:50 – Every single Amy Klobuchar story comes back to her father or uncle working two jobs or sitting in a deer stand hunting. I don’t understand how this woman, who has no almost no energy or personality, was able to get elected from a state the size of Minnesota.


9:49 – This is the kind of radical that Julian Castro appeals to. This is the left.


9:44 – And Julian Castro suggests that police violence is the biggest problem plaguing our country right now. Perfectly sane party you’ve got there democrats.


9:38 – Which one should I get?


9:36 – Cory Booker’s obsession with dropping ethnic names like “Sha-had” and bragging about all the people in his hood who get killed is such obvious phony pandering. There is no one less equipped to survive in the hood than Mr. Potato Head.


9:33 – Mayor Pete isn’t fucking around tonight. Although going after Beto seems like a waste of time. Might as well go after me. I have the same odds of being President as Robert Francis.


9:32 – Even Anderson Cooper has had enough of Beto’s bullshit about gun confiscation.


9:28 – Again, I hate Tom Steyer so much. Why is his thumb always on top of his other fingers like it’s holding down his hand?


9:24 – “I promise you if Trump gets re-elected there won’t be a NATO.” – Joe Biden.

Sounds like a solution to me.


9:20 – “Dude gotta go.” – Kamala Harris

Yet another example of how she’s the new Hillary. Tries to use young, hip language and just does it all wrong. No one is buying that she’s anything more than a power hungry bitch who will say and do anything to obtain higher office.


9:17 – Are any of these cowards going to call out the NBA for cowering to the Red Chinese? They’re literally bought and paid for spokespeople for a communist dictatorship. It’s all over the news. None of them have the balls to call them out because the NBA is a left wing organization. If it were the NFL they’d all have something to say.


9:15 – There are like 200 countries in this world. Why are we the only country that’s responsible for policing third world shitholes?


9:12 – Tulsi just called out the New York Times for their hit job on her, said she’s going to end foreign involvement in Syria, and then forced Pocahontas to admit that she would keep American soldiers there. And she looks sexy as hell. This woman is a treasure.


9:10 – Trump’s most amazing accomplishment is his ability to turn the left into warmongering neocons.


9:09 – Hey Joe, would you let your son Hunter die defending the Kurds in Syria? No? Then shut the fuck up.


9:08 – If they don’t ask Tulsi Gabbard about Syria she should just walk out.


9:03 – First commercial break. Hard to tell who’s “winning” here. They’ve all gone after Pocahontas, which means the losers are Kamala and Biden because they’re irrelevant and no one wastes time going after them.


9:00 – It’s an hour into the debate and Tulsi Gabbard has been asked one question. No wonder she wanted to boycott this farce.


8:59 – I hate Elizabeth Warren, but she’s much better at running for President than I thought she would be. In Massachusetts we know she’s full of shit. We’ve seen her. The rest of the country hasn’t. And to them she’s coming across as grandmotherly but still sharp, and she’s not losing her cool despite the fact that everyone is coming at her tonight.


8:57 – Beto just accused Pocahontas of pitting one half of the country against each other. Although this is true, Beto in the last month has threatened to disarm law abiding Americans and said that churches will lose their tax free status if they don’t let gay people get married in their churches. The hypocrisy in this douchebag is off the charts.


8:56 – For a walking corpse Joe Biden is pretty talented. He can debate and tweet at the same time. Maybe he’s not too old after all.


8:53 – Amy Klobuchar is ALL IN on going after Pocahontas tonight. She’s even using words like “cronies.” I had no idea this woman had a personality until now.


8:50 – Look at what being President did to Bush and Obama. They looked 30 years older by the time it was done. Joe Biden would look like Nonnie Scopa’s corpse by 2024 on the small chance that he’d still be alive then.


8:49 – Joe Biden should bring everything back to Corn Pop. “How would you balance the budget?”

“Same way I did with Corn Pop. Get a 6 foot chain and tell them to get it done or I’d hit them over the head.”


8:47 – Tom Steyer literally bought his way onto the stage tonight. He didn’t even enter the race until the mid summer, missed all the first debates, and then decided to spend millions of dollars on cringeworthy ads. Does he not realize he’s a rich old white guy, and the democratic party is way over their quota for that demographic?


8:45 – I hate Beto so much. I just hate him. Everything about his voice, his mannerisms, his pandering, his propensity for standing on tables. He is just the worst.


8:44 – “Unions are under attack in this country.” – Mr. Potato Head.

How are unions “under attack?” Union membership always decreases during a healthy economy because workers have less of a reason to organize.


8:40 – Yang is sharp tonight and they’re actually letting him talk. He’s a more legitimate candidate than Kamala, Beto, and Mayor Pete at this point.


8:37 – Cory Booker is the ultimate gay best friend. What a pandering fool.


8:35 – I get what AndrewYang is saying by trying to pander to working class Ohio voters. But democrats have to give up on the idea that Ohio is up for grabs. It’s not. Ohio is a firmly red state, much like Virginia is now a firmly blue state.


8:32 – “Women will die. Especially women of color.” – Kamala Harris is unbearable. She cannot complete a sentence without making it a race and gender issue. I truly despise her.


8:29 – Amy Klobuchar is showing actual personality tonight. Luckily she’s not a real a candidate because a midwestern liberal like her could actually present a challenge to Trump.


8:27 – Pocahontas has a target on her head tonight. They’re all going after her early. She’s not Kamala Harris though, and she’s not going to get flustered.


8:26 – Amy Klobuchar literally just said my 8:21 comment. Bernie at least says he’s going to tax you for Medicare for All.


8:24 – Some serious mansplaining going on from Mayor Pete right now.


8:22 – Mayor Pete lighting into Pocahontas for not having a healthcare plan. Bet she’s rethinking her virtue signaling at the Pride parade now.


8:21 – Bernie Sanders is at the very least, honest about his intentions. He flat out says he’s going to raise taxes on the middle class to make us pay for healthcare for ratchets. Pocahontas pretends it’s going to come from rich people.


8:20 – “We’re forgetting about the existential threat of climate change.” – Bernie

Remember when climate change was an emergency 3 weeks ago? Good times.


8:16 – The mere fact that Joe Biden has to answer questions about his son is a victory for Donald Trump. This is exactly what he wanted them to do.


8:13 – I hate Tom Steyer with a burning passion. He’s just the most punchable person I’ve ever seen. If these frauds on stage don’t call him out for being a Wall Street billionaire while masquerading as a democrat then they are incompetent.


8:12 – This happened a year ago today. Somehow she’s the front runner.


8:09 – The amount of people who suddenly care about the Kurds is mind boggling. Raise your hand if you’re willing to lose your son or daughter to defend the Kurds. If you’re not willing to sacrifice a child then you have no business demanding American troops go to a foreign country with guns.


8:07 – These people have been trying to get rid of Trump since before he was inaugurated. The idea that they’re capable of being fair and impartial is hilarious. You all saw what fair and impartial looked like during the Kavanaugh hearings. These people are vicious and will do anything to gain power.


8:03 – Anderson Cooper: “Why don’t you just let voters decide if they want Trump in the election instead of impeaching?”

Pocahontas: “I’m smarter than the voters.”


8:01 – Really looking forward to seeing what Tulsi does tonight. The last time they invited her she murdered Kamala’s campaign. Would be great if she did the same thing to Pocahontas tonight.


Tonight is the 4th round of the democratic debates and this time Tulsi Gabbard and billionaire/commercial whore Tom Steyer will be added to the field to make it 12 candidates. I’ll be doing a live blog so keep hitting the refresh button to follow along. I hate so many of them, which is why I find it so entertaining. If I were to rank them right now from least to most hatable it would go as follows:

  1. Tulsi
  2. Yang
  3. Klobuchar
  4. Biden
  5. Bernie
  6. Mayor Pete
  7. Tom Steyer
  8. Mr. Potato Head/Spartacus
  9. Castro
  10. Pocahontas
  11. Kamala
  12. Beto

7-12 is pretty interchangable. I just really hate Beto so much right now. Him and Kamala are so desperate to remain relevant that they’re saying the craziest things I’ve ever heard. See you at 8 PM. There will not be a live show tonight, but I will try to squeeze one in tomorrow to make up for lost time.






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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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