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Dennis Eckersley’s Daughter Arrested For Almost Killing Newborn Baby She Abandoned In Manchester Tent, Mob Blames Police And Judgmental Commenters 


Hall of Fame pitch Dennis Eckersley’s adopted daughter Alexandra (Allie) was arrested by Manchester Police over the weekend after giving birth in the woods and then lying to police about the baby’s location as it suffered from hypothermia.

“Police said that after nearly an hour of searching in bitter cold temperatures, Eckersley revealed the true location of the baby and led officers to a tent. The officers found the baby in the tent, naked, alone and suffering from hypothermia.”

Allie Eckersley was featured in an article in a sympathetic article in the Concord Monitor in 2019, which talks about her plans to go to college and tries to make you feel bad for her because she suffers from mental health issues. But unlike a lot of people she has millionaire parents who would help her out in a heartbeat, she just chooses not to.

It read, in part: “As a family, we have been devoted to her health and wellbeing. We have given her unconditional love, nurturing and support. We have left no stone unturned in seeking the help, resources, programs and professionals she has needed throughout her life Once she became of legal age our ability to intervene on her behalf became far more limited.”

Allie, who said her father lives in Ipswich, Mass., her mother in Sudbury, Mass., disputes the amount of love and support she received at home.

“He found a way to bring my homelessness in every single conversation,” she told me at the Friendly Kitchen. “What I’ve wanted my entire life is to be accepted by my own family. In my own home, I felt like an outsider, an outcast.”

Allie wants her parents to realize that she’s moving forward, bettering herself. That’s what she claims. Her mind rolls over the same subject, that her parents, especially Dennis, never could nudge this homeless thing aside since she left 16 months ago.

Still, Allie added, it wasn’t all bad at home. Dennis and Nancy made an effort to attend their daughter’s events. They felt joy when she went to prom, sorrow when her boyfriend broke her heart.

“Those little things they did do that were good, I want them to outweigh the bad,” Allie said. “But somehow, they haven’t.”

She paused here, at the Friendly Kitchen, to wipe her eyes.

“Sorry” she said, “this is a tough subject for me.”

For everyone, in fact. You can feel it in the family statement.

“Our hearts are broken,” it read. “Unfortunately, in her situation, the issue is less about homelessness and more about mental illness. We continue to hope Allie seeks the mental health treatment she desperately needs so she can get her life back on track.”

Yea, weird that your father would bring up the fact that you’re homeless when he sees you in person. Doesn’t seem like something a father should be concerned about.

She wore out her welcome with the Concord Police so she had to move south to Manchvegas where a pregnant crackhead living in a tent could blend in with the townsfolk more easily.

There are a million and one resources that exist for people like this, including access to abortion AND adoption. She CHOSE to do this. She had 9 months to think about what she was going to do and her solution was to give birth in the middle of a 10 degree night, abandon the naked baby in a tent, and then lie to police when they asked where the baby was. Considering that she herself was adopted she should know that just because your birth parents can’t take care of you doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t be happy to.

The fact that she had an unrelated warrant out on her for endangering the welfare of a child tells me that this isn’t something new for her. She has harmed children in the past, and now she intentionally chose to harm her own child. That baby would’ve died if EMS and police didn’t do everything in their power to find him or her.

But of course there was no shortage of people in the comments treating the Manchester Meth Marsupial like she was the victim, while blaming the Manchester Police and judgmental commenters for talking about it.

“You have a duty to serve and protect.”

They protected the life of an innocent baby by finding them before the baby died from hypothermia.  They “shamed her for not using resources,” because she could’ve killed the baby. It’s her choice to live in a tent in the woods, and we don’t need to mock her for that. But when you try to inflict pain on an innocent person you absolutely deserve to be called out for the shitbag you are.

Others warned people not to judge until we know the facts.

She tried to kill her newborn baby. That is the only fact I need to know before casting judgment. I don’t care about her privileged past and the opportunities she had that millions of other people didn’t. We have “pulled together” to support this woman by having government funded programs that pay for to keep her alive and help her through pregnancy. She chose to collect the cash while doing nothing to better herself or the baby. She is not the victim here.

Then there was this thing.

Ari James blamed it on the lack of access to abortion.

There is a Planned Parenthood in Manchester where she could’ve legally ended the life of her baby before giving birth to it and she wouldn’t have gotten in any trouble. She chose not to. And clearly she didn’t wanna be “sterilized,” although I do agree that she should be.

Jessica Loper blamed it on society.

Your society offers free healthcare, food stamps, and reproductive healthcare services to anyone who needs it. The only person who failed the Manchester Meth Marsupial is her.

A Concord man named Darrell Bousquet says that she has asked for help and was turned down, and that judgmental people need to shut about their concern for attempted baby killers.

Of course it takes a shitbag to know a shitbag:

So it’s not exactly surprising to see Darrell defend her honor.

There was no end to the “maybe this insanely unfortunate situation happened to her, which she had no control over, and made her abandon her baby in a tent in the woods where it was freezing to death before lying to police about it” excuses.

Here’s an idea Lisa Carter – maybe she’s just a scummy person who only cares about herself. Now go pat yourself on the back for being sober for 6 months and saving Ukraine.

The victims here are the baby and the Eckersley parents. It’s gotta be hard to watch your daughter do this not only to herself, but to an innocent child, knowing that there’s nothing you can do to force her to get the help she needs. I don’t know what the solution is, but I know that people who harm children should be called out for their behavior.


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