Poor Behavior

Derry, NH Man Celebrates Winning $6K Beauty Pageant Scholarship By Shoving French Fries Down Gullet, Discussing Plans To Take Estrogen

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (1:33:30)

An aspiring model and morbidly obese 19 year old man named Brian Nguyen made history and broke yet another glass ceiling when he was crowned Miss Greater Derry, NH this week.

He looked stunning!

The winner gets $6K in college scholarships, which is supposed to promote women’s education.

Luckily a man was there to deny all those young women of a chance at a college scholarship. The losers of course had no choice but smile and pretend that they had lost to a much more beautiful, talented, and well
“rounded” (in more ways than one) woman, as they posed for photographs with the queen.

I love it when morbidly obese men get to beat women. Reminds me of my favorite video game growing up.

Same energy. Except sometimes E Honda puts on a dress and becomes E Hyundai.

How can anyone deny this beauty?

He is a model for women’s health and fitness, and is doing his part as an ambassador for the male community to normalize the bulge as part of the Biden administration’s push for transgender equity. It’s not enough to just be allowed in these competitions, E Hyundai and other Battle of the Bulge veterans must also win.

Brian plans on using this opportunity to send his comp card to more agencies, in the hopes of landing a lucrative modeling contract.

He is working on what it means to be a woman though, as his “next step in the woman playbook” was to cut his bangs.

No word on when he’ll be cutting off…..ya know. At least the breasts won’t require surgery.

Bold. Brave. Beautiful.

To win these beauty pageants you can’t just look good normalizing the bulge in a bathing suit. You have to have a talent and a social message. Brian’s talent as a “social media influencer” is to victimize himself by reading mean things people said about him on Instagram.

Oh no! Someone on Tik Tok told him she should buy a house with a salad bar, and that he looked like “Kim Jong-Un if he was even fatter in women’s clothes.” I don’t see the resemblance.

At all.

As he pointed out “being a queen is not about being perfect.” However, it is traditionally about being a woman, first and foremost. Luckily even glass ceiling breaking Supreme Court Justices like Kentaji Brown Jackson can’t define what a woman is, so men like Brian Nguyen will no longer be denied scholarships allocated to women any longer. There is nothing we as men can’t do! Suck on that, feminists!

As Brian mentioned, he is a “social media influencer,” in that he has 3K Instagram followers and does a “show” called “Queens Are Everywhere,” in which he interviews other potential beauty queens who haven’t yet reached his level of beauty.

The best part was the forced look of joy on the faces of the girls who lost, and thus will have to pay for college out of their own pockets while Yokozuna goes for free.

As if there was any doubt he would win. He’s dangerously fat, has a cock, and makes this his entire identity. There was no chance in Hell they weren’t going to crown him the queen. This is a culture that insists on telling you that Lizzo is attractive as she displays her rolls for the world to see. If Lizzo only had a dick she’d be President by now.

Does anyone believe that all of those girls were actually excited for Brian though? Of course not. But they’ve been brainwashed into believing that they have to go along with this out of fear of being labeled as a bigot. It’s sad, but women who participate in these charades and don’t speak up are really a huge part of the problem too. All women have to do is collectively refuse to go along with this and it would end. But most young women are liberal, and the orthodoxy they subscribe to has trained them to remain silent. Just look at the comments on this dude’s posts:

“Yasss queen”


They don’t actually believe that. They just want to be seen posting it because it gets them social justice credits that they can cash in later.

Brian voted too.

Although it’s not clear if he was one of the 2,700 people who checked the box for second place Libertarian candidate Karlyn Borysenko.

In fairness, Brian does look better in a dress than Karlyn.

Afterwards Brian celebrated his victory over the girls by doing an Instagram live stream, in which he shoved McDonald’s french fries down his gullet, and brought on Miss Nevada to congratulate him on his crushing defeat over the female competitors.

At the 16:15 mark he tells the viewers that he’s visiting the doctor tomorrow to get on estrogen:

“I get to finally start transitioning.”

So apparently he has done nothing to “become” female, besides calling himself one, putting on women’s clothing and makeup, and normalizing the bulge.

At the 17:20 mark he mentions receiving the $6K scholarship that he plans on using to pay for community college, and says that he has received “a little bit of hate on Facebook.” However, his audience never heard of Facebook before so he had to explain what it was:

“Facebook is like a social media platform, it owns Instagram.”

You’re officially a boomer if you know what Facebook is. If it’s not owned by the Chinese Communist Party then people his age simply don’t use it.

All contestants must explain to the judges what their social impact was. According to Brian the judges tossed him a softball:

“They asked me how would you represent the trans community, and I was like girl this is easy. I felt like I got set up for a good answer there, so I felt like my answer was really good.”

Hillary Clinton faced more challenging debate questions from Donna Brazile. Brian didn’t say what his answer was, but likely he invoked normalizing the bulge.

At 24:30 he is joined by this woman:


Heather Renner is a white biological female, so you might be asking yourself how she became a beauty queen. How exactly is she marginalized? What glass ceilings has she shattered? Turns out she is sexually attracted to women, which means she shattered the glass scissoring ceiling. She told Brian how excited she was about his triumph:

“I have been waiting for a trans woman to win because I wanna push the envelope as far as Miss America can go.”

And there you have it. They just wanna see how far they can push this until someone pushes back. How ridiculous can they get before someone stands up and says the emperor has no clothes?

The most remarkable part about transgenderism is how it kills 2 birds with one stone by completely eliminating homosexuality and feminism at the same time. Brian is obviously just a gay man, but by dressing up as a woman and winning women’s beauty pageants he has established himself as just another straight woman who takes things away from actual women.


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