Direnzo Towing Gave Vehicle Back To Family Of Deceased Competitor After Public Pressure But Have Donated $40,000 To Connected Politicians 


Last night we published a blog about Direnzo’s Towing charing over $14,000 in storage fees to a competitor after the owner was killed by a drunk driver, and their car was held there per orders of the police for three months.

It’s now the most widely read story in the history of TB Daily News, and as a result there was a lot of public pressure on Direnzo’s to do the right thing, which they did.

This is why we wake up every day and publish blogs. Because we all see these problems, and we know who is responsible for them. But until companies like Direnzo’s get publicly exposed for their behavior they think they can get away with it. There’s no more hiding anymore, and if you do something deplorable like this we will write about it, and whatever blowback you get is your problem. We know that our methods worked here, even though the Turtlegram and Gazette made no reference to TBDN, and said it was all due to “social media.” However, everyone in the Turtlegram’s comments knows exactly why this happened.

According to Central Mass Towing the T&G also wrongly reported that it was a “misunderstanding” between John Direnzo Jr (who attempted to have us not write the blog last night) and Central Mass Towing.

In reality Direnzo decided to give them back the vehicle for no charge because it was bad PR to extort money from the family of a dead man.

But how many times has this happened to people whose stories didn’t go viral? Why is this company getting preference from Captain Robert Johnson of the State Police? Probably because Johnson and Direnzo are good friends.

It also doesn’t hurt when your tow trucks are filled with supporters for the Mayor, State Reps, and Congressman Jim McGovern at the Worcester St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

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I wonder what Mayor Joe Petty, State Reps Dan Donahue and Jim O’Day, as well as Congressman McGovern think about their association with a company that conducts business like this.

They’re not the only ones that Direnzo has in their back pockets though. They’ve donated almost $40,000 to various political campaigns.

Check out the OCPF website to see all the people they’ve given cash to.

City Councillors, Lt Governor Karyn Polito, DA Joe Early, State Senator Michael Moore, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, Former Lt Governor Tim Murray, State Treasurer Deb Goldberg, Former Senate President Stan Rosenberg, Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, various state reps, and many more.

Do you think their competitors have this kind of cash lying around to donate to everyone in power from Springfield to 495?

Some people were saying we should start a boycott of Direnzo’s. My response to that is, no. Just no.

  1. Boycotts are tools of the left to suppress free speech and destroy private enterprise by using mobs to attack people they don’t like. Sure, what Direnzo did was unethical and scummy, but too often these “boycotts” turn into harassment campaigns, and there’s just no need for that.
  2. The best way to boycott Direnzo towing is to park your car legally. I boycott them every day in the same way that I boycott criminal defense attorneys and cash bail.

The best way to fight back against companies like this isn’t to boycott them, it’s to expose them. Remind people of that the next time they complain that we’re bad for writing unflattering adjectives about the antagonists featured in our blogs.


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