Direnzo’s Truck Hauling Car In Danger Of Falling Off Bed Cuts Off Multiple Drivers On Route 146


Direnzo’s Towing out of Millbury has been in hot water this week after it was revealed that they were charging the family of a deceased competitor $16,342 in storage fees to get his car back three months after he was killed in a car accident. His family was not given the option of taking the car out of storage, and it was a clear ploy to take advantage of an already grieving family. Then today video was sent to us showing what the driver claims to be a Direnzo’s truck on Route 146 (this is the area where they get a lot of business) swerving in and out of traffic with a car hanging on for dear life on the truck’s bed.

The truck was seen hitting a pothole, but rather than pull over and put the car in place, the driver chose to endanger the lives of others while representing the company. How appropriate, all things considered.

As you saw in the video the white car in the right hand lane had to drive partly in the break down lane because the truck driver was so erratic, and the car he was hauling crossed the plan into the right hand lane.

He also cut off the driver in the navy blue vehicle as well.

First of all, if you’re driving a tow truck just stay in the slow lane. You’re getting paid the same no matter what and you’re driving a huge vehicle that gets in the way of real drivers who have places to be.

Secondly, if you must get in the fast lane to pass the guy with the Coexist bumper sticker then just wait your turn and jump into the left hand land when no other cars are coming, especially while you’re hauling the Leaning Tower of Nissan.


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  1. I’ve been cut off by them many times on 146. Call the number to complain and get either rude treatment or hung up on. That company is horrible.

  2. Because of the angle i really cant confirm but assured collision also drives trucks with bright yellow cabs…nonetheless, its also similarly known for the scum bag who runs it and their exploitive billing practices

  3. You are what’s wrong with journalism, you post stories with half truths, little information and twist what you do get. The driver taking the video “claims” it’s Direnzo towing but you can never see the truck yet you publish it and throw his name out there trashing him. The “driver” taking the video on a road where cars go 45-70 mph isn’t endangering one right?! Cause it’s perfectly safe to be on your phone while driving. Get a real job and be a useful member of society.

  4. That’s all on the driver for not properly securing the car and not checking his mirrors. However the quote “driving a huge vehicle that gets in the way of real drivers who have places to be“, cracks me up. 99.9% of truck drivers are responsible. I drive big trucks for work everyday and most of the bad/dangerous drivers out there are young kids on the damn phone. Fact

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